Volkswagen Lupo

Volkswagen Lupo

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The Volkswagen Golf W12 650 is not the only VW hatch to be powered by 12 cylinders. Inspired by the Volkswagen W12 concept car, Petar Biocic, the Croation VW fanatic transformed his Lupo compact car into a 5.2 liter 48 valve twin VR6 powered machine. Taking more than two years to complete the Lupo now has its own version of 4-motion, with a VW 24 valve V6 poking through the hood and another V6 sourced from a Seat Leon in the trunk this lightweight Lupo can move.

Pics, more video, and link with more information after the jump.

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Tuning a car means usually to change wheels,go for a body kit,maybe increase the power of the engine.But what if you got in mind to put another engine to a car that already has an engine.What do you get?In these pictures you will see that someone actually succeeded in adding 2 engines to his car.In this case a Vw Lupo.It sure needs some brakes to be stopped and the owner new that,he added Porsche brakes. The pictures speak for (...)
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When your at a car show things get broken all the time but not as drastic as this: a smached window by a Nintendo Wii remote from an over-enthusiastic german player named Klaus Mueller. Poor VW Lupo. After the incident , the player appologized and stated in German : "”grobe Fahrlaessigkeit” or in other words gross negligence! At this point, this story is only speculation- but time will tell if it really happened.

With the launch of the Lupo, Volkswagen burst onto the supermini scene with a bang, thanks partly to it unusual headlight configuration, giving it an irresistibly cheeky ’smile’. Surprisingly spacious, the Lupo is great for those looking for a second family car, or a first car for a younger driver heading off to college.

With the body lowered by 20 millimetres, flared wheel arches, side skirts and a voluminous bumper with spoiler and three dramatic air inlets, this power package in concentrated form clearly reveals its performance potential, for instance acceleration from 0 to 60 mph in 8.1 seconds. The powerful engine and systematic weight-saving body design make all the difference. Standard equipment on the Lupo GTI are a six-speed manual-shift gearbox and alloy wheels shod with tyres of equally sporting dimensions: 205/45 R 15.

The Volkswagen group was the first to take the path to the future of direct injection combustion engines in 1989. The first direct injection diesel engine, the TDI, and following generations - up to the current pump-jet technology - has shown the potential of this engine technology.

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