Volkswagen Phaeton

Volkswagen Phaeton

Volkswagen will unveil the next generation Phaeton in 2010. Comparing to the current generation it will be smaller with a total length just below 5m. This will mean that it will be placed between the Audi A6 Audi A6 and the Audi A8. Modules from the longitudinal engine component system will be used from Audi in order to obtain a favorable price and better net yield at the same time.
Source: Autozeitung
Volkswagen unveiled the new Phaeton in Geneva last week adding a new V6 TDI with 223 horsepower. But the new TDI engine is not the only big news about the Phaeton, Volkswagen has decided to bring the Phaeton back to the US market. Adrian Hallmark, who runs the Volkswagen brand’s North American unit, said in January that his division will break even by 2009, while sales in 2007 will be "flat" as the company prepares model introductions. The company expects to reintroduce the Phaeton luxury (...)
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At the Geneva Motor Show Volkswagen is presenting a generation of the Phaeton that is equipped with numerous technical innovations. Modifications and new equipment details will already f low into ongoing production starting at the end of May.

I was surfing the internet today and i foundd one of the most amazing ads ever. The ad called Volkswagen Phaeton Shadowplays was realised by Grabarz & Partner Werbeagentur agency from Germany. I found it quite interesting, so enjoy!
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Despite a still hesitant start, winter is here. This means of course we can brace ourselves for those strenuous drives at sub-zero temperatures. Faced with ice, snow and generally unpredictable road conditions, a growing number of motorists would like four-wheel drive. However, by no means do all carmakers offer four-wheel drive in their high-volume models. Not so at Volkswagen, where four-wheel drive has now been available in the Golf for 20 years. Besides this current example, Volkswagen also supplies four-wheel drive (4MOTION) in the Passat, Sharan, Touareg and Phaeton, plus the Multivan, Caravelle and Transporter.

Every history comes to an end. So is with the car’s life. And 2006 brought with it the demise of a slew of auto models, cars, and trucks that won’t be back on dealers’ lots in 2007, including vehicles of every stripe from exotic supercars to plebeian sedans. Farewell to: Ford GT Ford GT - Many consider the GT the greatest American supercar ever—a product from Ford no less. Reception of the concept version of the vehicle at the 2002 Paris Auto Show convinced Ford to produce the car on a limited basis. (...)
Source: Businessweek
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The “i" logo will be indicating the most exclusive Individual models.
A new logo: The most exclusive cars of Volkswagen Individual GmbH can now be recognized by its own logo: the “i” for the “Individual” product brand.

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Volkswagen plans to present a new model of its Phaeton luxury car in 2009,but until the new generation,Volkswagen is planning to introduce a slight facelift for next year.
The facelift is just to tie in with the rest of the VW family , until its complete replacement comes.

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