Volkswagen Scirocco

Volkswagen Scirocco

Volkswagen revealed at the Bologna motor show the Scirocco Study R, a street version of the GT24 race car. This likely a preview of the rumored R20T ultra-fast version that will be the top of the line for the Scirocco.

The biggest news for the car is the engine, which should be a turbocharged four cylinder unit that makes about 266 horsepower in this show car (the GT24 racer had 320 hp). It also takes advantage of three large air inlets on the front bumper, front splitter, engine hood with its auxiliary air vents, an integrated rear wing, new side skirts and polished 19-inch alloy wheels with five sets of triple spokes.

While the red and green door mirrors may make you think this would be a great Christmas present, there are a few things to remember. First, the car is only painted that way to celebrate the Italian heritage at Bologna. Second, the R20T isn’t likely going to be available until 2010. Finally, and most importantly, The VW Scirocco isn’t sold in the U.S.

Full details in the press release after the jump.

Germany’s biggest tuning show its opening its gates today and Volkswagen will be there with two special editions, painted in shiny white and featuring the most exclusive equipments and best technologies.

First of them is the Eos "White Night", a study that surprises with the elegant contrast between black and white. The body is painted in "Candy White" and the roof, the grille and mirror caps in "Deep Black Perle Effect".

Same contrast in the interior: black Nappa leather, whit "Campanella white" ornaments. The study is powered by a 3,2 liter V6 engine that delivers 250 Hp.

Second one is the special edition Scirocco "Collectors Edition." This will go on sale at the beginning of 2009 and will be limited to only 100 units.

"Collectors Edition" is painted in "Oryx White", and on the interior the leather is "Berry White". The new Scirocco will feature xenon headlights, 19" wheels, an electronic panoramic sunroof, RNS 510 navigation-system.

It will be powered by a 2,9 litri TSI engine that delivers 200 hp.

Oh Volkswagen, why must you tease us with cars that aren’t available in the U.S.? Ok so we don’t buy hatchback cars in big numbers, but we swear this time if us send us a race-inspired turbocharged version of the Scirocco , we’ll buy a few.

It seems VW is adding more boost to the Scirocco’s range topping current 2.0-liter engine. Volkswagen is borrowing a step from its corporate cousin and tuning the Scirocco to make the same 265 hp as currently in the Audi S3 (the Scirocco range currently tops out at 200 hp.)

VW Scirocco R20T on sale in 2010... Just not in the U.S. yet

The car is rumored to be called the R20T (reflecting the 2.0-liter turbo four-cylinder). The new range topper should take some add-on design cues from the Scirocco GT24 racer, but that will likely not include the huge rear wing or low air diffusers.

If all goes well this car could be on the streets by 2010 at a price of around £25,000. At current exchange rates, that puts the car over $38,000. This means even if VW absorbed some of the price, it would still be a hard sell in the U.S. We’ve already got cars with similar horsepower and more features, like the $25K, 265 hp Subaru WRX .

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The latest addition from the German tuner Prior-Design is the new body kit for the Vw Scirocco . As you know, the car didn’t reach yet the U.S. market, although Vw assures us it will, but we can still get a preview of the tuning programs for the stylish coupe.

Vw Scirocco by Prior-Design

The new kit includes a re-designed front bumper, new side sills, a new rear roof spoiler, a new rear bumper with integrated air diffuser as well as a new exhaust system. The new kit is completed by the new multi-spoke alloy wheels painted in black in order to give the vehicle a new look.

It’s hard to have cool police cruiser in the U.S. We arrest so many people that we need full-size cars with full-size back seats. The big V8s may make the cars fast, but the big sedans always have a somewhat Grandmamobile look to them. In fact, the last cool cruiser belonged to Jake and Ellwood.

That’s why European cops are cooler. Last month we saw Italy get a Gallardo LP560-4 as a Police car , and now here’s the Volkswagen Scirocco dressed up in "blues and twos" form for the Essen Motor Show.

Scirocco Police Edition

The Scirocco Police Edition was built as part of a program called "Tune it! Safe!" The program seems to be an awareness project between the German Government and the tuner parts manufacturers to make sure all parts the go into tuner cars work properly. The manufacturer Hella helped outfit the Scirocco Police Edition enough lighting technology to scare off the baddies.

We’ve received no information about if there’s been any tuning to the engine. If its stock, then the car would only have about 200 hp, so at least our Crown Vics are faster in a straight line. All we have to do is keep the crooks from turning...

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If life can imitate art, why can’t a car imitate a video game?

A company called Individual that is VW’s domestic division for customization and accessorization, bolted together a Scirocco in a theme for the Need for Speed (NFS):Undercover video game.

VW Scirocco Need For Speed Edition coming to Essen

The base is the standard Scirocco with the 200 hp 2.0-liter. Outside the car gets a custom two-tone paint job with plenty of race-fan graphics. VW Individual also outfitted the Scirocco with a body kit and set of contrasting black 19-inch alloy wheels. Like a SEMA-style car, the rear seats were removed in order to accommodate two 32-inch and two 19-inch Samsung monitors. because this is video game related, the big screens are linked to three X-Box 360 video consoles.

If you just have to see this car in person, you’re going to need to hop a plane. The car will debut at Essen Moto Show in Germany at the end of this month.

Unlike the Mustang from Midnight Club LA there are not any announced plans to give this car away.

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Just because Volkswagen doesn’t sell the Scirocco in the U.S., doesn’t mean we don’t like to see high-performance versions. Mcchip released today details of a customization program for the new VW it plans to show at the 2008 Essen Motor Show.

VW Scirocco by Mcchip

Mcchip tweaked the ECU which boosts the 2.0-liter TSI engine from 200 to 246 hp. Also added was a new stainless-steel sport exhaust system, a new H&R coilover suspension kit, and a new set of 19 inch OZ alloy wheels wrapped in Michelin PS 235/35-19er Cup tires. Price of the kit: $3,230.

If this kit is not your flavor, there is also the VW Scirocco by Oettinger or customized by MTM .

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The latest addition from MTM is the customization programme for the brand new 2008 Vw Scirocco ! This new programme includes an ECU tweak which boosts the power to an astonishing 380 hp, a new set of 19 and 20 inch Bimoto alloy wheels, a new stainless steel exhaust system and a new braking system featuring 380mm brake discs. More details when the vehicle will be officially unveiled!

Back in March, Volkswagen announced that Scirocco will not be offered on the US market . The company feared it would take sales from the Golf GTI. The strong euro also was a factor. But today Automotive news reports that Scirocco may be exported to the US after all.

But prodding from enthusiasts and the Scirocco’s popularity in Europe has VW executives rethinking that decision, said Steve Keyes, a company spokesman. The dollar’s gain also doesn’t hurt.

"People are looking at: ’Would it make sense? What are the volumes?’ and all that," Keyes said at a press event here last week. "There’s no real decision yet," he added. Keyes also said the car may be positioned "a little bit differently."

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The new VW Scirocco is one of those great looking Euro-only cars that we wish we had. But for those who can get their hands on one, it can still be improved. Eibach has now released its new suspension components it says is specially designed for the Scirocco (even though the Scirocco shares its suspension basics with the Golf.) This includes the Eibach Pro-Kit, which lowers the center of gravity with up to 30 millimeters, the Pro-Spacer kit and the Pro-Street-S kit, which lowers the car with up to 70 millimeters.

Press release after the jump.

Also check VW Scirocco by Oettinger or ABT Sportsline .

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