Volkswagen Scirocco

Volkswagen Scirocco

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The Volkswagen Scirocco has been on sale in Europe for only about a month, but that didn’t stop Oettinger from making a tuner kit. The new kit consists in a front lip spoiler, new side sills and a new rear air diffuser featuring a 4-pipe stainless steel exhaust system and 20 inch Oettinger type RXX alloy wheels.

VW Scirocco by Oettinger

Because the Scirocco is based on Golf parts, engine improvements are easily obtainable. The 1.4 TSI engine has been boosted from 170 to 200 hp while the 2.0 FSI engine now develops 240 HP. There is also a new kit is currently under development, which will boost the 2.0 FSI engine to 350 hp. No words about the price yet.

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Although the new compact coupé Vw Scirocco represents the dream of every driver, according to KW, even the sportier vehicles get through its automotive´s suspension programme. Their new spring set lowers the coupe by 20 mm but who wants even more can choose one of the three variants of the KW coilover suspensions. Their first version lowers the suspension and creates an optimized balance of sportiness, while the second variant is ideal for sporty drivers. The third version permits a higher level of customization for the suspension providing the perfect solution for the pro drivers. All three variants permit a customised lowering between 15 and 45 mm. Of course, all KW products are shipped with TÜV parts certificate!

The Volkswagen Scirocco seems to be a real success, everyone was impressed when the car was launched. We will see if the success goes on when the car will go on sale. But Volkswagen will not stop here, an even more powerful version is in the work, and here’s the first teaser image.

The Scirocco R32 will be powered by the Volkswagen new supercharged 3.0 TFSI, same that will be used for the Audi S4.

Stay tuned, more details will follow soon!

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Volkswagen Scirocco

The Scirocco coupe from Volkswagen, when unveiled earlier this year, created waves for its design and the advanced technology that went into making it. It is a car with something for everyone. A range of powertrain options justifies that but the company isn’t planning to take a break anytime soon.

Instead VW has gone ahead working on more variants which will appeal to customers looking for power or fuel economy. VW has confirmed that the coupe will be released in an AWD format which will use a high-performance engine, which is likely to be the turbocharged 4-cylinder engine found in Audi S3 at present.

For the cost-conscious customer, VW might in the near future release a special “BlueMotion” version of the Scirocco which is aerodynamically more efficient with mechanical tweaks to help lessen C02 emissions and fuel consumption. At present, the base model employs a 1.4L TSI but the BlueMotion will probably work in tandem with a diesel engine generating fewer horses.

The Scirocco will not come stateside though it would find so many interested buyers. The collapse of the dollar against the euro is the only reason VW has for the curious American needing urgent answers.

The countdown is running for the new era Scirocco : the third generation of the sports car will already be arriving on the European market in August. Volkswagen is staging the comeback of a legend with the debut of the two-door car – Scirocco generations I and II wrote history as the most successful Volkswagen coupe of all time with about 800,000 units sold. Prices will start at €27,490 for the 1.4L TSI petrol variant with 120hp.

The engine line-up will be as follow: gas - 1.4L TSI, 160hp TSI and 200hp TSI and diesel: 140hp TDI, and a new 122hp TDI early next year.

For full details and new image gallery of the Scirocco, go here . Three new video are also available.

For one of the three finalists from the Heidi Klum’s TV show a dream came true: she won the title of Germany’s next Topmodel and a brand new Volkswagen Scirocco .

The Volkswagen Scirocco will go on sale this summer at a price of 21,750 Euros.

Enjoy the car next to some very hot German girls!

The fourth model revealed by Volkswagen at the annual GTI meeting at Wörther Lake in Austria was the the Scirocco "Collector’s Edition". The other three models unveiled were: Volkswagen Scirocco GT24 , Volkswagen Golf GTI Performance and the Passat R36 Styling Study . Also Audi unveiled theA3 TDI clubsport quattro .

Scirocco "Collector’s Edition" receive new front spoiler, side skirts and a rear diffuser, 20 inches wheels and a bi-color interior.

The car will be available for order by the end of the year.

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Volkswagen announced that the official world premiere of the 325 hp Scirocco GT24 will be today at the the legendary GTI Meet at Worthier Lake. The vehicle will be driven in the 24-hour Nürburgring endurance race by the world champion Carlos Sainz and Hans-Joachim Stuck, three-time winner of the German race.

Volswagen Scirocco GT24 to be revealed today

For those who don’t know, the first Scirocco was born in early 70s and the success of this vehicle continued for over 20 years. Now, the German manufacturer is preparing tha launch of the new Volkswagen Scirocco, which was unveiled this year at the Geneva Auto Show. More details after the jump!

Volkswagen will unveil the racing version of the Scirocco at the 24-Hour Race at the Nurburgring (23 -25 May).

Hans-Joachim Stuck, Dieter Depping, Francois Verbist and Thomas Mutsch have completed a comprehensive endurance test with the 300 hp Volkswagen Scirocco racing version at the Motorsport Arena at Oschersleben.

The racing version of the new Scirocco is based on last year’s successful technology and, like its predecessor, is powered by a 300-hp 2-liter TFSI engine. It also features direct-shift transmission with DSG technology that comes with shifting paddles on the steering wheel.

"The new Scirocco’s entry in what is arguably the world’s toughest auto race is a demanding as well as an exciting project," states Dr Ulrich Hackenberg. "The objective should be for one of the three Scirocco teams to repeat the 2007 class victory of the Golf GTI. This would be an excellent way to support the market launch of the production model in autumn."

Volkswagen launched two new promotional videos for the 2009 Scirocco: a 3D animation and a real life action sequence.

The three TSI (gasoline direct-injection) output 122 hp, 160 hp and 200 hp. The Scirocco’s common rail engine (TDI) develops a power of 140 hp. The 122 hp TSI takes the car to a top speed of 200 km/h. This 160 hp TSI takes the Scirocco from rest to 100 km/h in 8.0 seconds; its top speed is 217 km/h. With the 200 hp engine, the Scirocco makes the 0 to 60 mph in 7.2 seconds and hits a top speed of 235 km/h.


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