Volkswagen Touareg

Volkswagen Touareg

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Volkswagen has launched a new FREE app for the iPhone that highlights the Volkswagen Touareg and its capabilities on the road. The “Volkswagen Touareg Challenge” offers a choice of two Touareg models: the Touareg V6 TDI BlueMotion Technology and the Touareg Hybrid . These two models can be taken on six different tracks, road or terrain. Take the Touareg over soil, mud, gravel, or snow to see if you can beat the timed trials or succeed in the rally mode. The Touareg of choice can also be customized with a new paint job and rims. The further the gamer gets on the road, the more choices can be unlocked for customizing pleasure. Additional options provided by Volkswagen makes it easy to find a dealer in your area, give feedback to VW, get a brochure emailed to you, or even schedule a test drive.

The rally starts off at La Marina de Chile where the player must beat the preset time in order to advance to the next rally. The next rallies are set in Vina del Mar in Chile, La Cruz in Venezuela, and Calera in Peru, among others.

We did spend some time playing this game and it was actually some good old fashioned fun. The background music was catchy and we discovered that it was provided by three artists from the VW Sound Foundation: Tonbandgerat, jona:S, and Jupiter Jones. We thought that was pretty cool.

The only tip we feel we should give the player is this; if you are going to speed through the instructions like we did and happen to get stuck in a corner, make sure you notice the little pedal in the lower left hand corner. That allows you to reverse. It came in handy…a lot.

Talk about a delayed reaction! Its true, Volkswagen has just unveiled the new generation Touareg , but the German tuner CoverEFX has just now prepared a new tuning package for the old versions. Either they really love the old version or they are not quick on the draw. Called the W12 Sport Edition, their tuning package will be limited to only 500 units and will be priced at €140,500 (car included).

The W12 Touareg is covered in CFC film in "gun-metal mat/black gloss" while all the other hang-on parts, like air inlets, front grille, and mirrors, as well as chrome molding, are also lacquered in black. The car sits on 22" RS-L light alloy rims from Kahn with black powder coating and red pinstripes to further demonstrate the car’s new sporty look.

Also, thanks to a software optimization system, which includes removal of the speed limiter, a sports air filter, and a high-grade steel Cargraphic exhaust silencer, the engine has been tuned to deliver an impressive 500 hp. The body has been electronically lowered to maintain stability for the power upgrade.

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Over in Europe, customers can already order their new Volkswagen Touareg, and if you happen to be one of the first to avail of VW’s new SUV, you’ll get the opportunity to opt for select options of the Volkswagen Exclusive product brand.

Among the features included in the interior Touareg package includes an interior option for seat covers in a two-tone leather combination in "Nappa" Cool Leather: a Pepper Beige – Titan Black combination or a Dark Burgundy – Titan Black option. What’s more: customers can also get heated front seats with electric 12-way adjustment, electro-pneumatically adjustable lateral seat supports and head restraints with longitudinal and height adjustment, leather door inserts, elegant tread plates and a black roofliner. The package is finished by machine-polished 19-inch "Girona" alloy wheels.

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The second generation of Volkswagen’s full sized SUV, the VW Touareg has made its first appearance on the internet, before we actually see the new car in flesh this March at the Geneva Motor Show. Aside from the revised exterior styling, the new Touareg will be the first and only off road capable vehicle in Europe built by a German car maker to be offered as a hybrid when it goes on sale this April.

The new Touareg is a much more elegant SUV thanks to the addition Volkswagen’s new "design DNA" that includes touches like a leaner more athletic body featuring more horizontal lines on the front end as well as distinctive headlights that give the new Touareg an unmistakable appearance at night; and will be offered with a choice of FSI V6, TDI V6 and V8 as well as a hybrid version that replaces the old gas burning V8 mill for most markets. The hybrid versions combines a high voltage electric motor with a direct injected gas burning supercharged TSI V6 cranking out 333 HP, like in the S4, and an 8 speed automatic transmission that gets nearly 29 MPG and is able to operate under battery power alone as a Zero Emissions Vehicle up to 31 MPH.

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While the other day the future Renault Twingo CC was revealed as a die cast version, today the same thing happened with the next generation Volkswagen Touareg that is set to be revealed on March 2nd.

The second generation Touareg will feature a new front fascia, with a wide horizontal grill that connects the headlights. The car will be much lighter than its predecessor, allowing it to reduce fuel consumption and C02 emissions.

Volkswagen will offer the standard six and eight cylinder engines, both burning petrol or diesel, but a hybrid version is also in the works.

Source: Telegraaf

The tuning shop Hofele Design has revealed a special edition of Volkswagen’s full size SUV called the Touareg Dakar.20.10. Named after the infamous Dakar Rally , a 31 year old transcontinental off road race being run across the Pampas of Argentine, across the Atacama Desert and over the Andes Mountains pushing both man and machine to their ultimate limits of concentration and endurance. Simply put, the Dakar makes Baja look like they are playing in a sandbox.

It just so happens that the people’s car maker is heavily invested in the Dakar with their own series of race prepped Touareg s. Something that this special edition "Dakar 20.10" body kit from Hofele Design hopes to imitate with items like its "Range-Look" front grill, stainless steel skid plate to protect the under body, stainless steel side steps as well as the appropriate "Dakar.20.10" and "Hofele" graphics. However the Pièce de résistance are the "Prado" designer style alloys sized 9x20 inches in diameter and finished in silver with a stainless steel lip. Perfect for tackling the the Atacama.

Hofele has revealed a wide-body kit for the Volkswagen Touareg. The new kit can be adapted for any Touareg model, except the R50.

Hofele Royster GT 460 wide body kit

The kit includes: front bumper, four additional lights - 2x LED day driving light and 2x fog lamps, rear apron with integrated tailpipes, tailpipe adapters, rear roof spoiler, rear door panel, bonnet / hood scoop "Power Dome", "Royster" wide body that includes side skirts and wheel arch extensions for front & rear axle and wheel spacers "Wide-Body Royster".

The wheel spacers "Royster" are made for the use of the extension kit in combination with wheels in the size 9Jx20" and 10Jx22".

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When a small car like Tesla Roadster is put face to face to a huge Volkswagen Touareg, you can pretty much imagine that the Roadster has small chances to survive. And here’s the proof! This accident happened somewhere in Denmark.

According to Tesla spokeswoman Rachel Konrad who commented the crash, the Roadster was stopped at a red light behind a truck and was hit from behind by a Volkswagen Touareg driving at 80km/hour at the time of impact. The Roadster driver walked away with minor bruises.

Another theory say that the third car involved in the accident, a Toyota Prius, hit the Roadster, pushing it under the Touareg. As you can see from the pictures there is indeed a a piece of the Roadster jammed under the rear bumper of the Touareg.

Source: Autopia
Hofele Touareg Silk Way Rally

The aftermarket tuning firm Hofele has revealed a special edition Volkswagen Touareg which will be used at the Silk Way Rally 2009. The tuners have added a few off road specialty items like a front ram and stainless steel side steps as well as some stylish "Reverso" wheels. Aside from the body modifications, Hofele has added an electronic lowering module and bumped the output up to 380 HP for the 4.2 Liter V8 powered Touareg.

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The next generation of the poeple’s SUV, the Volkswagen Touareg will make its official debut sometime next spring for the European market and will follow in the U.S. sometime in early 2011. The goal of the Volkswagen Volkswagen engineers is to focus on a more efficient power train to move a vehicle that is lighter overall than its predecessor. This means that traditional werar items like brake pads and tires will also see less stress and trips to your local mechanic will be fewer and further between.

The design of the next generation Touareg is inspired by the new Golf VI, with a front end distinctly characterized by a large grill sitting between a pair of oblong headlamps. However the biggest change comes under the hood, just like it’s Audi cousins, the V8 engine will be replaced by a supercharged 3.0 Liter V6 that makes a potent 290 HP and 310 lb-ft of torque. Expect a Blue version as well as a hybrid to be available when the new full size SUV becomes available for purchase.

Source: MotorTrend

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