2001 Volkswagen Lupo FSI

The Volkswagen group was the first to take the path to the future of direct injection combustion engines in 1989. The first direct injection diesel engine, the TDI, and following generations - up to the current pump-jet technology - has shown the potential of this engine technology.

The main advantages of direct injection – high output yield and low fuel consumption – can be transferred to petrol engines. Once more, Volkswagen was the pioneer in this field when at the end of 2000 the first Volkswagen with direct petrol injection was unveiled. The Lupo FSI was the first recipient of Volkswagen’s direct petrol injection engine. With an average consumption of 4.9 litres per 100 kilometres, the Lupo FSI became the first five-litre automobile with a petrol engine. In contrast to a conventional petrol engine of similar output level the Lupo FSI attains a 30 per cent lower petrol consumption.
FSI stands for Fuel Stratified Injection, which describes the stratified petrol direct injection attained by this engine designed by Volkswagen. In the meanwhile, the FSI Technology is also being used in the Golf, Bora, Polo and Touran models.

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