2007 Volkswagen Passat R36

In a world premiere Volkswagen will be presenting the new Passat R36 at the Essen Motor Show on November 30. A 220 kW / 300 hp 3.6 liter six cylinder direct injection gasoline engine will power to the most powerful Passat of all time. As part of standard equipment power transmission is handled by a direct shift gearbox (DSG) and permanent four-wheel drive (4MOTION). The top speed of the sedan is an electronically regulated 155 mph. In terms of speed, the Passat R36 outstrips every other Volkswagen in accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h: the sedan reaches the 100 km/h mark in 5.6 seconds (5.8 seconds for the Variant).

The new Passat R36 was conceived by Volkswagen Individual, the specialist team for very fast and/or special models. Following the Golf R32, the Passat R36 will be the second series version to be debuting under the "R" sports label. The "R32" label already represents a top-selling model; the first Golf R32 (177 kW / 241 hp) based on the fourth Golf generation and introduced in midsummer 2002, took off better than expected in every way; 14,000 cars were sold.

Volkswagen Passat R36

On the foundation of this success the idea arose to develop a whole series of R models in the future. In Autumn 2005 the second Golf R32, 184 kW / 250 hp, equipped with 4MOTION four-wheel drive as standard equipment, was introduced. It was also a terrific seller. And it continues to sell well today. Starting in Summer 2007 the "R36" will show how sporty a Passat Sedan and a Passat Variant can be.

Visually, with a whole range of specific features the new Passat R36 shows that it is the most dynamic model of the globally successful series. Special features of the front section: an R-specific bumper and a crest radiator grill in matte chrome finish. Other R exclusives are the dual fins of the upper radiator grill designed in aluminum look and the radiator air inlets in slatted look.

The rear of the Passat R36 sedan features a newly designed spoiler on the luggage compartment lid; in the case of the Passat Variant R36 a new roof edge spoiler provides additional downward force to the rear axle. Identical for both body versions: the chrome dual exhaust pipes. On the sides it is, among other things, the newly designed 18-inch "Omanyt" alloy wheels and wheel arch extensions in the car color that were specially developed for the Passat R36.

An overview (partial) of R36 exterior details:

Volkswagen Passat R36
  • Chrome exhaust pipe ends
  • Bi-xenon headlights
  • Disk brake calipers painted black
  • Roof edge spoiler (Variant)
  • Trunk lid spoiler (Sedan)
  • Radiator grill in matte chrome, fins in aluminum look and "R36" lettering
  • Air grille in slatted look
  • R-specific bumpers front and back
  • Rear LED tinted lights
  • Wheel arch extensions in car color
  • Chrome protective trim on sides and back
  • Door sill extensions in car color
  • Door closing trim in car color
  • 18 inch "Omanyt" alloy wheels (tires: 235/40)

Similar to the Golf R32, Volkswagen Individual designed interior equipment especially for the sportiest Passat. The instruments and middle console are finished in "Engine Spin" décor. The leather steering wheel in R design is especially slip-proof; it features an R36 logo in the lower spokes. The pedals have a stainless steel finish. In addition, as standard equipment the Passat R36 will be delivered with a sport seating system together with electric 12-way adjustment, R36 door sill trims, new instrument lights (white illumination) and an automatic transmission selector lever in aluminum look. A special highlight is the optionally available 14-way leather seating system with seats that are electrically adjustable on the sides, affording optimal side support for drivers and passengers of different sizes.

An overview (partial) of R36 exterior details:

Volkswagen Passat R36
  • Automatic transmission selector lever in aluminum look
  • Engine Spin décor inlays, light-colored
  • Door sill trims with R36 lettering in front
  • Instrument cluster with R logo and white illumination
  • R design pedal caps
  • R-specific multifunctional steering wheel
  • Seat covers and door coverings in flat woven fabric "Monte Carlo" design
  • Sport seats in front, 12-way electric, R logo on backrest
  • Sport seating system in back, separately folding backrests with middle armrest
  • Heatable front and outer rear seats

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