2008 Volkswagen Golf R36

Like the old VW Golf R32, this new version has 4Motion all-wheel drive. The 3.2-liter V-6 in the R32 makes 247 hp and is mated to either a six-speed manual transmission or a DSG dual-clutch manu-matic. VW claims a top speed of 155 mph, and a 0-to-62-mph time of 6.5 seconds for the manual and 6.2 seconds for the DSG-equipped car.

Test drivers are evaluating a final flagship for the hatchback range, badged the R36. Powered by the 3.6-litre V6 that debuted in the Passat, the car will offer between 280 and 300bhp. Due on sale early next year, it will hit the road 12 months ahead of the March 2008 debut of the new-look Golf.

The model is based on the four-wheel-drive R32, but the increased performance means changes will be made to the suspension and brakes. Extra cooling will also be required to feed cold air to the bigger engine.

Thanks to the revised suspension settings and larger wheels, the car will be more driver-focused and less refined than the R32, which was praised for its ability to cover ground quickly, but criticised for its lack of character. With an additional 50bhp, the new car is expected to be able to sprint from 0-60mph in only 6.0 seconds, while the maximum speed will be limited to 155mph. However, in-gear performance is likely to give the R36 its greatest appeal, although the engineers’ biggest challenge will be retaining the light, direct steering and supple ride of the brilliant Golf GTI.

Since VW sold 5000 of the previous generation R32s with little or no marketing effort, the company is keen to bring the updated version to the U.S. in 2007 as an ’08 model, and the price is expected to be 2500$ more than the R32, that wil be somewhere arround 44-45000$.


U cant compare the r36 to the sti! its a diff category! the VW r32-r36 is more a GT car than a sports car! anyway i like it more, its more confortbale and get a class as well, looking forward for the r36 it will be a hell of a good car

Mark V G.T.I.The best Golf ever made and will probbably be the only one ever to recieve 5 Stars.I drive a 2007 200bhp Golf G.T.I.I have driven the R32 and no way is the R32 in the same league as the G.T.I.

got mine 2 months back R32,great car very refine,bang for the bucks,great gas 680km per tank average @ consistent speed 0f 120-130 km/h.sad that r36 is coming out but put extra 20K hpa twin turbo walla 0-60 super car peformance eat R46 buttt...,3.5 sec 0-60 mph.hows that? better upgrade option than buy the r36 u say!!!

Just sold 2006 gti which I was trully delighted with to buy an R32 but am nervous if they bring out the R36 it will destroy its appeal and its resale value ! Benny

I have a VW Golf mark 4 R32 i cant wait till the new R36 comes out but with 3.6 litre 300bhp u have to compare that to the Bmw M3 which is3.2 and gives out 343bhp VW have to give that little extra to compare with them. But i love the R32 and will give a deposit to buy the R36

I have VW Golf V R32 HGP DSG 440 h.p. 585 nm. Acceleration till 100 km/h - 3.97 sec., maximum speed 295 km/h!!! That’s really incredible!!! And i am going to continue to work with HGP company (Germany, Omhden) and to increase power till 600 h.p!!!

I have a mark IV R32. It is a great car but as it is now just over 3 years old I am looking at what to replace it with. I am considering the Mark V R32 but if the R36 comes along then that will be my perferred choice as it should be more of a drivers car than the Mark V R32.
I live in the Uk ansd wile you can never get the car up to the top speed you can benifit from faster acceleration to 60 an better performance through the gears

R32 is great but the 36 isnt coming out for a bit. I own an 06 GTI and 93 VR6. Didnt jump on the 32 but ill definately jmup on th 36.

You can’t compare the VW R36 or R32 for that matter to an STi. Compare apples to apples and oranges to oranges. It it wasn’t for project 337, you wouldn’t have half of the vehicles today, do some research. VW has done it again, by giving us (VW enthusiasts) what we want. Kudos to you VW, kudos! Just one suggestion, get it to the States a little quicker. It bums us out over here across the pond that we have to wait to experience what other in the world are enjoying!

I have a new r 32 with an enhanst boost thats incredible !!!!!!

300 horse and it still cant break the 5’s that beat sti beats it up in 4.5 seconds 0-60

i have a 1.8 1977 GTI, 0-60mph in 4.5


even the R36 won’t have a chance

i really love my R32, with DSG, leather and satNav a superb fast, comfortable civilised travelling machine that’s sensible enough for everyday use but, in the crowded South of England, there is nowhere that a sane driver could extend that car to its full performance.
So sorry guys, for real-world purposes i just don’t need another 50bhp especially as the car will probably get even more heavy and thirsty. It’ll be lovely, but the 3.2 is OK for me.

the style is perfect. jsut what is should be !
what are they waiting for to bring it to the USA ????

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