2009 Volkswagen Golf GTI Street

The people’s car maker, Volkswagen, has just unveiled the Golf GTI Street Study at the Worthersee GTI meet. The concept is the result of a collaboration between the German automaker and a group of youthful German Volkswagen enthusiasts: Stefan Becker, 22, Mehmet Cosgun, 20, Saskia Müller, 20 and Michael Riefenberg, 19.

The GTI Street is a two-tone black and white Golf with a pair of white rally stripes running the length of the vehicle, the exterior has been modified with a new front bumper and rear spoiler. The Street Study is powered by a 2.0 Liter TFSI engine that makes an impressive 301 HP. The tuned VW comes equipped with a coilover suspension that features a hydraulic lift. The exhaust has been swapped out for a sport version terminating in two oval shaped tips. Finishing off the street edition is a set of blacked out 19 inch wheels wrapped in the lowest profile tires that I have ever seen.

If Volkswagen is trying to win the hearts of hot hatch fans everywhere with the GTI Street Study, they are off to an excellent start.

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