2010 Volkswagen Eos Exclusive

Last year, Volkswagen brought out a black and white schemed White Night package for the Volkswagen Eos that focused more on the aesthetics of the vehicle as opposed to the actual operation. This year, Volkswagen did more of the same by unveiling the Exclusive Package for the Eos convertible. The new Exclusive Package will be available in Europe for all the engine variants and will go on sale for prices starting at 34,350€.

The new Eos Exclusive will be distinguished by chrome radiator grille ribs and a "Volkswagen Exclusive" badge. The vehicle is dropped 15mm thanks to the sports suspension and is finished off with a set of 18-inch alloy wheels and "Samarkand" and "Veracruz" both in sterling silver finish.

On the interior it will get a two-tone sports seat system covered in nappa leather. The black is contrasted with the customer’s choice of either cinnamon or corn silk beige in the center sections and side panels.

This package doesn’t add much to the Volkswagen Eos, but then again, the car doesn’t need much added. The Eos is a nice looking car with just enough of a luxury look to it to make anyone feel comfortable and stylish while cruising around in this convertible.

Press release after the jump.

Press release

The Eos can now be ordered with an exclusive equipment package. Known as “Volkswagen Exclusive”, it includes two-tone nappa leather combinations, elegant alloy wheels and black “piano lacquer” trim inlays.

Volkswagen Eos Exclusive

The equipment on the new Eos Exclusive meets the highest standards in terms of comfort and design. The highlight is the two-tone sports seat system: covered in nappa leather, black is contrasted with the customer’s choice of either cinnamon or corn silk beige in the centre sections and side panels. Black "piano lacquer" trim inlays with coloured seams and piping round off the distinguished appearance of the interior.

Defining features of the special model’s exterior include chrome radiator grille ribs, a sports suspension that lowers the body 15 mm and the "Volkswagen Exclusive" badge. In addition, 18-inch alloy wheels lend the Eos Exclusive a sporty elegance – design options "Samarkand" and "Veracruz" both in sterling silver finish as well as "Chicago" in anthracite and finished with gloss are available at no extra charge.

Volkswagen Eos Exclusive

The Eos Exclusive is available with all engine variants as of calendar week 103 and with the powerful 1.41 TSI starting with week 118 from 34,350 €.


Well, what else to say but I’m really impressed with the figure performance of the car as well as its styling. The convertible version is simply perfect.

The low cost version is not possible since market wants an affordable and yet reliable vehicle. And if not mistaken, there’s a cheap pricing VW vehicle.

Well, I guess the production of this vehicle is already inactive for I have checked its last update and it was dated last year. The convertible version look so clean but the speed performance is kind of less powerful for me.

Spyder is a decent and beautiful production version. IMO, Volkswagen doesn’t offer a high speed performing vehicle but we could expect that the vehicle would quite elegant and luxurious.

I want to read on how the car will perform. The price tag is kind of high though I can sense that the styling of the car can justify it.

I’m not really used to see this car in a convertible version! Though I have to say that it looks like a hatchback with the remove rooftop! The look is still the same.

If they are going to use a cheap materials to attain a low cost version then I think its not a VW anymore.

Convertible would be the best version I would see for a car. So, i think it adds to the classy look of the VW! I do love it aesthetically and I don’t want to see using a leather material for to come up with low-cost version.

I don’t think that VW would actually release a "low-cost version" just like what you want it kim_tatel! VW always maintain its classy and luxurious design. They are using carbon fiber in the exterior that has a high cost and those aluminum alloy wheel..i bet its blurry if they come up with low cost budget car not unless if they use cheap materials of course!

Why to customize it? Aren’t you satisfied with its original looks?

The Eos looks somehow cool with this black roof. I think a retractable hard top roof looking like a soft top may soon be a trend.

You can custom everything with it but you can never touch the front air vents and grill, this is the signature of the AUdi and VW.

I think this marks a significant upgrade to the standard features of the car, also the driver’s seat and armrests are really nice, as well as semi-automatic climate control, which are now standard on all but the lowest-cost version

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