2010 Volkswagen Golf R by Mcchip DKR

The Golf R is the most powerful Golf in Volkswagen’s line-up, but even the most powerful vehicle can be improved, right? Take Mcchip DKR’s package for example. This package allows the quick little hatchback to get a 45hp jump thanks to a little reprogramming.

The program includes a software optimization kit and the results in an impressive output of 315 HP and 440 Nm of torque instead of the 270 HP and 350 Nm that came standard. Not only did the engine get a boost, but the tuner also provided a set of H&R lowering springs. Mcchip did not reveal any details on how these changes affected the car’s performances, but we expect to get a removal of the top speed limiter and a sprint from 0 to 60 mph in less than 5.7 seconds.

The car comes painted in an amazing white and sits on 19 inch OZ Ultraleggera alloys wrapped in high-performance Michelin Pilot Sport Cup tires.

The price for the whole package is 4440 euro.


Is this a hybrid car? Anyway, I love the hygienic body paint that they used on this car, but I’m just wondering if this one is only a company car? Anyway, 315 horsepower can give only a poor performance on it.

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