2010 Volkswagen Golf VI GTI by Neuss

Tuning a Volkswagen Golf GTI is not something that is rare and unusual. In fact, you’ll probably be able to catch at least one tuning kit a week for the sporty hatchback. But instead of an onslaught of mediocre kits for the GTI, we usually just present the amazing programs here on TopSpeed. Hey, that’s what we’re here for, right? And to be true to our word, here is the new tuning kit from Neuss that includes both styling and power upgrades.

Obviously, we are going to start with the most important upgrade in our books: the engine. In its standard version, the GTI delivers a total of 207 HP, but Neuss has changed that by adding a new exhaust system by Eisenmann and an ap-X screw thread. These little changes add up to a power boost that brings the Volkswagen Golf GTI to a total of 265 HP with a maximum torque of 390 Nm.

If the package was just left with the power increase, we would be happy. However, Neuss has taken it just a step further by adding ASA GT2 wheels, which are 8x19 inches in size and sold with rubber tires in 225/35 R19. The Golf GTI also receives a Car HiFi Entertainment System with a full assembly of speakers from Rainbow. This set includes High speakers CAL 27 SILK VOF, Midrange Speakers 100 Vanadium, and a Woofer 165 Vanadium Phase Plug.

Yes, the Volkswagen Golf GTI is no Ferrari, but a lot of us can’t afford a Ferrari anyway so that really doesn’t make a difference. What a lot of us can afford is a Golf GTI, and it’s nice knowing the tuning firms haven’t forgotten about that.

Press release after the jump.

Press release

The task of turning a VW Golf VI GTI into a driving sound machine and making it look excessively great at the same time is probably not for everyone. The company CFC StylingStation, Neuss has gladly taken up thischallenge. The result is worth a few words of admiration.

It takes a good portion of courage as well as confidence to opt for the kind of presentation seen on the newest generation Golf GTI – it is a matte, metallic silver coloured coating (1.500 Euro). The result, however, only reaffirms what experts from CFC knew all along.

Volkswagen Golf VI GTI by Neuss

With the right clothing, the rest of the car’s sporty yet robust appearance is now on the agenda. An ap-X (749 Euro) screw thread that can be adjusted according to height and hardness has been incorporated into the car especially for this purpose. There is an exhaust system by Eisenmann (1.238 Euro), complete with stainless steel finish and two 100er tail pipes (1.000 Euro) and a down pipe by MR CarDesign. The 265 HP performance and the maximum torque of 390 Nm (799 Euro) can be attributed to XBM Tuning. The GTI now stands on ASA GT2 wheels, which are 8x19 inches in size and soled with rubber tyres in 225/35 R19 (1.999Euro).

MK-SoundStyle – a company, which also calls Neuss home – is responsible for the Car HiFi Entertainment System. The radio DEX-P99RS (999 Euro) comes from Pioneer. Four output stages from Pioneer (PRS-D2000SPL) powerthe Pioneer Subwoofer (TS-W8102SPL) in Master/Slave Mode.

Volkswagen Golf VI GTI by Neuss

The fully active front system was assembled with speakers from Rainbow: High speakers CAL 27 SILK VOF, Midrange Speakers 100 Vanadium, Woofer 165 Vanadium Phase Plug. These are powered by two output stages (iPaul 4300).

All high end cables are from the AIV’s product line and the spare batteries bear the name Stinger.

In conclusion: Renewed confirmation of the old saying “No risk, no gain!”


Yes, I agree. On the other side, this car comes in cheaper price though quality of it is elegant and the exterior seems to be sporty! BTW, those wheels are gorgeous I want to test on how reliable it is.

If I would buy a hatchback I’d rather choose the VW Golf for we all know on how good is this car when it comes to the performance and detailing no wonder it was called the most affordable hathback!

That was a good quote. We all knew that we cannot afford to buy a Ferrari. Perhaps, a good marketing strategy is being practiced here.

Cool rims, this gti is really cool. Specially the models. Hehe.

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