2010 Volkswagen Golf VI GTI by Weitec

How many times do you have the chance to see a Golf GTI with lambo-doors? Not often, you can be sure of that, but WEITEC decided this was a look that would mesh well with the most powerful Golf in Volkswagen’s line-up.

The tuner added new sports springs, the sport suspension and coilovers that reduce the GTI’s ride by 10 to 40 millimeters. With the certified adjustment range, the driver can adjust the look and the drive dynamics to precisely suit his requirements.

Aside from the Lambo doors, the Golf seems to have also been given an extensive body kit that further defines the visual lowering of the vehicle. The bonnet of the vehicle has also been modified to a crisp black with a few small vents scattered throughout.

Just for the record, we in no way think this makes the Golf look like the esteemed Lamborghini, but we applaud WEITEC’s creativity and forthright in providing the compact car with a little flair.

Press release after the jump.

Press release

WEITEC has increased the new Golf VI GTI’s penchant for curves even further. With the sports springs, the sport suspension and coilovers the subsidiary trademark of KW, WEITEC, the powerful VW not only has a sportier look now, but also benefits from improved drive dynamics, and all that at a modest price.

The dynamic look comes from the WEITEC SPORT F-springs, which bring the GTI 20 millimetres closer to the surface of the road. The entire set is available for just 179 Euro inclusive of value added tax. The complete sports suspension ULTRA GT caters to sporty driving for just 525 Euro. The stronger springs and the GT-dampeners are optimally matched with the GTI.

Individual lower suspension setting is possible with the WEITEC-coilovers that reduce the height of the VW by 10 to 40 millimetres. With the certified adjustment range, the driver can adjust the look and the drive dynamics to precisely suit his requirements.

The HICON GT suspension comes with a dampening characteristic that has been perfected for the Golf VI GTI. The galvanised casings are protected against corrosion through extra sealing. WEITEC offers the HICON GT for just 749 Euro including value added taxes.

The WEITEC-coilover HICON TX “plus” is particularly well suited for drivers with especially high sporting ambitions. This allows the driver to adjust the dampener characteristics in the installed state in terms of its hardness. Thus, the setup can be adapted to suit different requirements as and when necessary. The coilover kit is available for 999 Euro including value added tax.

WEITEC offers all suspension solutions for the GTI including all stopping elements and dust guard systems. A TÜV-expert evaluation for smooth entry is of course always part of the scope of delivery.

WEITEC is the high-end alternative to cheap no-name suspensions. The subsidiary brand of the globally successful suspension specialist KW offers the best price to performance ratio for uncompromising top notch technology made by KW.


Impressive sporty appearance, and with its gull wing. I just wonder on the speculations of this even the figure performance of this sports car.

Agreed. It has a great styling and the gullwing makes the car more sporty. BTW, does the car affects the speed performance of the car?

The styling of the car is quite impressive and its quite affordable. However, I wonder on what will be the speed performance of the car?

I like original concept of this car, simple but powerful. If I could remember this VW Golf won as the most affordable hatchback. Well, I don’t have nay doubt about itsmiley

hmm. What are they thinking? Putting a Lamborghini door in this car.. Well, I just hope that it would affect the speed performance of the car. Those gull wing weight too much, why does VW doesn’t used a regular door for this hatchback?

Surprisingly, it was really a sporting ambition. You can clearly described how it was being modified upon reading the press release coming from Volkswagen. Hopefully, we can test it off roads and experience its high end features.

This car is an splendid host to challenge and completely with different exterior styling.

I agreed, it seems as if they think they are inherently better and need not to actually be better than their competition.

There are several things to remember, while this may be a mock up of the 2012 Golf VII, most car manufacturers create several clay full scale models to look at how it will be in the flesh. This could be one of a few or the first of a few mock ups. Can’t wait to see though the final result.

I agree.. focus is also one of the hot hatches.. Golf GTI’s competitor is the mazdaspeed3.

I doubt that adrian. Focus is also a performer and it’s reputation as a street tuner car and rally car is way beyond Golf.

The engine can produce 70 horsepower to 270. It features a front bumper’s LED Daylight Driving Light and the adjustable front splitter.

I bet ford RS would be jealous with it. Look at his front fin. It nearly touches the ground. For sure it’s air drag are enhanced and the suspension are more stiffer.

lovely plus the costs of the custom suspension is very cheap...

Impressive custom body kits! Specially, the Scissor door.

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