2011 Volkswagen Nils Concept

No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you; Volkswagen’s Nils Concept is eerily similar to the Audi E-Tron Urban Concept . The design is different based on the one rendering Volkswagen released of the Nils Concept, but the overall set-up of a study for a future urban city car makes these two cousins of the first degree.

As far as the Nils Concept goes, the concept is the result of hours upon hours of time spent researching and developing a city car for the future. The whole scope of information regarding the vehicle won’t be revealed until the Frankfurt Motor Show, but some pertinent characteristics of the Nils Concept’s powertrain have been released.

Word is that the car will carry an electric motor that produces an output of 34 horsepower with a 5.3kWh battery that takes less than two hours to fully charge. These figures translate to a 0-62 mph time of 11 seconds with a top speed of just 81 mph. The numbers aren’t overwhelming by any stretch of the imagination, but you really couldn’t have expected anything more given the whole point of it being an eco-friendly city car.

As it stands, Volkswagen has no plans of pushing the car for production anytime soon, but the Nils Concept could very well end up being a peg for a possible production version in the future.


Just when I thought the Citroen Tubik was nonsensical-looking enough, this concept came up to beat it.

This is still somewhat better than the Citroen Tubik; it appears more decent and neat.

At least, it doesn’t look half as creepy as the Citroen Tubik. We can say that it’s just like those mini compact cars with a totally different styling.

It is indeed a unique concept. I could say that it was actually an alien’s automotive. Whoever designed this has a wild imagination, and will surely get an extra credit for making it environmental friendly.

Very creatively designed concept. This car looks like a space craft for me. smiley
Anyway, I am not satisfied with their color choices for this one, and I think Evan was right,
Volkswagen are not planning to put into production.

I think Volkswagen really didn’t have any plan to put it on the market, and if ever they did, I must say that this kind of vehicle is so unreliable on the road. Moreover, I don’t truly believe with electric cars.

It is a very futuristic car indeed because on its unique platform, and I also noticed that its wheels, is only adds more appeal on it. Anyway, I’m so impressed on how the doors of it opened.

Nils concept had a unique platform and even a futuristic design, well I just also hope that they really had any plan to put this one on the market. Anyway, I don’t think that the engine that it has is just enough for it.

Just keep on hoping that Volkswagen will really put this concept on market production, smiley because I either can’t wait to see this in person and try to drive this on my own. Well, it is such an impressive concept.

A very futuristic concept! Well, I must say that it is really nice and impressive platform design, but I just wish that Volkswagen really had the plan to put this one on market production or even on its debut because I will surely wait for this.

It’s like alien and movie like car. hehe. Nice concept futuristic urban car. What a detailed car, from its color combination and accessories have consistency even like the power-train concept.

I don’t think that this kind of concept is so reliable nowadays even on the next years but surely, Volkswagen had an impressive concept. This Nils is very unique.

I wish it for more spacious and more sleek in design, although its unique but i like it much better if Volkswagen produce much E-tron cars in the future.

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