2012 Volkswagen E-Bugster Concept

The launch of the New Beetle has given Volkswagen the opportunity to open its doors with new concept iterations for the car. At the 2012 NAIAS, we’re getting a look at the first of these concepts in the form of the E-Bugster Concept.

The E-Bugster is based on the New Beetle, albeit dressed in a far more aggressive manner than that of the production model. The profile features a lower roofline, wider C-pillars, blacked-out A-pillars, and a new set of fancy 19" alloy wheels.

If you recall back in 2005, Volkswagen introduced a similar-looking concept in the Ragster . That car also came with a low and flat roofline and was being pegged as a pre-cursor to the eventual production model. In the case of the E-Bugster, the German automaker is introducing the concept as a way of showing a new powertrain system that could eventually translate to future production models.

That propulsion system features an lithium-ion battery pack-powered electric motor that will be mounted just under the boot and rear bench of the car. The motor is capable of producing 114 horsepower (85W) with a range of 100 miles while also producing zero emissions. The pack can be charged through a plug that can be found just under the Volkswagen logo with an 80-percent charge being achieved in just 30 minutes.

So while it’s unlikely that we’ll see the E-Bugster Concept past this stage, we could very well see this new "Blue-e-motion" propulsion system in future Volkswagen models.

UPDATE 01/20/2012: Turns out, all of this concept stuff isn’t for show. Volkswagen has announced that the E-Bugster was specifically built to judge the auto world’s reaction and if it’s positive, then V-Dub may be adding a third version to its Beetle lineup: a Speedster model.

"This is a serious proposal for a speedster Beetle and I am sure it will come for production", says designer Mark Lichter, "we just need to find the business case. A Beetle Speedster is the perfect car for the US."

Yep, our morning just got better! Hit us up with your thoughts on a future Speedster Beetle!


I like how they put up striking wheels with this model. I’m so excited to see this car in the market sales. I wonder how much is the production cost of this car?

The concept is exciting. It shows awesome details of the exterior as well as the interior. It’s doing great in a 114hp. I hope I could buy these after three years.

The Volkswagen E-Bugster will be the fresh face of future Volkswagen in new generation. It’s silver color make the car more futuristic it’s a great concept.

Volkswagen created this E-bugster. Its super-nature friendly due to its one of a kind abilities like reaching the speed of 100mph without having any emission. The bug design remains improved with a lower roof-line.

Just a concept for now and soon will be produced. Haha. I am too eager to watch this car running on the streets of every country. This E-Bugster is really amazing!

This E-bugster must be produce, its now or never! Haha. I really adore the looks of it and the fact that the old beetle look has been preserved on it. I would really love to have this, in every color. Haha.

It seems like the concept of Chevrolet. On the other hand, I like how they put up very striking wheels with this model. I’m so excited to see this car in the market. I’m wondering how much this will cost.

I can’t imagine the image of this car,the concept of front and back is not really impressive for me. But I like the wheels it’s very striking.

This concept must be seen in the market soon! I am sure that many will be fond of this like I do. The design is really stunning along with its catchy wheels. I wonder how much will it cost, maybe around $50,000 and above, or more than that.

This Volkswagen E-Bugster Concept is really beautiful. A cool concept from them. I like how they put those simple yet astonishing wheels on it, it really suits its design. I am so excited to see this car on market.

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