2012 Volkswagen E-Bugster Speedster Concept

Volkswagen is expanding on its E-Bugster Coupe shown at the 2012 North American International Auto Show in early 2012 by bringing a similar model to the Beijing Auto Show. The new model is called the E-Bugster Speedster Concept and shares many of the styling cues as that of its coupe counterpart.

Stylistically, we love this version of the concept because of its drop-top configuration. Nothing evokes images of breathless freedom than driving down the highway in a Beetle with the top down and the wind blowing your hair. The E-Bugster Speedster Concept may still be a concept in every sense of the word, but trust us when we tell you that this is one car that we won’t mind seeing inside Volkswagen dealerships soon.

Will it happen? We don’t know. But rest assured, you can expect a lot of people to clamor Volkswagen to send this one to production.

Find out more about the Volkswagen E-Bugster Cabriolet Concept after the jump.


Volkswagen E-Bugster Speedster Concept

The front end of the Volkswagen E-Bugster Speedster Concept lends plenty of distinctive styling cues, none more so than the swept-back and wide windscreen with its glass extending laterally to a point above the A-pillars. The E-Bugster also carries highly customized bumpers that have been integrated with daytime running lights to the left and right of the central air intake. This particular styling cue also appears as reflectors in the rear bumper while the rear windscreen of the concept is wide enough to not restrict visibility for the driver.

Over on the side, the E-Bugster Speedster Concept features swept-back windows and a low roof, accentuating its speedster quality. Design angles, particularly the contour line just above the door handle gives the car a more streamlined look while the chrome strip on the lower window border runs once around the car, from A-pillar to A-pillar.

The E-Bugster Speedster Concept also has a hard top that can be retractable at no added stress to the driver, and finally a new set of wheels, measuring 20", are versions of the Beetle "Twister" wheels and are wrapped in 235/35 R 20 tires.


Volkswagen E-Bugster Speedster Concept

In designing the interior of the E-Bugster Speedster Concept, Volkswagen paid careful attention in combining high-tech equipment and dynamic performance. Highlighting the overall sportiness of the concept are sport seats and a continuous center tunnel that’s been finished in the body color of the concept. Likewise, aluminum was used as the material for the door handles and belt guides while the lightweight construction styling of the steering wheel also produce a direct connection between the exterior and interior of the concept vehicle.

Another unique feature inside the E-Bugster Speedster Concept is the Start button, which when pressed, not only activates the drive system, but also immerses the interior in a white light before it turns to a hue of blue, providing a unique visual stimulation to the driver and passengers of the car.


Volkswagen E-Bugster Speedster Concept

The Volkswagen E-Bugster Speedster Concept is powered by an electric motor, featuring a lithium-ion battery that produces 114 horsepower, allowing the car to hit 0-62 mph in 10.8 seconds. With a capacity of 28.3 kWh, the battery can be recharged either by standard or ultra-fast DC charging methods while also making use of a kinetic energy recovery system (KERS), a technology that is widely used in Formula 1.


Volkswagen E-Bugster Speedster Concept

It’s still a concept so no pricing has been given on the car.

Will We See It Make Production?

Volkswagen E-Bugster Speedster Concept

No word yet on whether Volkswagen will give the green light for production for the E-Bugster Speedster Concept. But if the concept gets some favorable reviews in Beijing - as we expect it would - a production model isn’t totally out of the question.

Volkswagen E-Bugster Speedster Concept
  • Love the way it looks
  • Ambient lighting on the interior looks cool
  • KERS system on the powertrain
  • Still a concept
  • Electric motor takes away some power
  • Will it see production?


I know it’ll remain a concept. They don’t have any plans on producing it. I can’t see any reason why this concept has no specific date for its production.

I know it’ll remain a concept. They don’t have any plans on producing it. I can’t see any reason why this concept has no specific date for its production.

Simplicity might be the reason why this concept received great positive responses. It may be plain for you, but knowing it’s a high-tech car with very dynamic performance might change your mind.

I like its interior because it resonates a safe cabin.

The fresh design of its interior overall exudes this tranquil ambiance somehow. On the other hand, it is packed with innovative features too.

It’s so calming to look at! Furthermore, you’ll get entertained with its innovative interior package.

Everyone would like the way it looks, especially its interior, which includes high-tech equipment. Though it may not look as nice as others, you can still be contented by the peace-of-mind it delivers by just looking at it.

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