2012 Volkswagen Golf VI GTI "Leitgolf" by CFC StylingStation

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CFC StylingStation, based in Neuss, Germany, has once again offered a tuning package for the Volkswagen Golf VI GTI . The once vinyl body specialists branched out in 2010 and tried their tuning skills on the 2010 Volkswagen Golf GTI , and now they’ve outdone themselves with the 2012 Volkswagen Golf GTI package. They call the finished product the Leitgolf. For 22,900 Euro, or about $30,000 USD, CFC StylingStation will not only upgrade the performance, but will also totally change the look of your 2012 Golf GTI.

After adding a Kerscher front bumper and widening the fenders by 2.5 cm, CFC gets to their area of expertise and wraps the body with matte grey vinyl. The Leitgolf’s roof gets high gloss carbon fiber vinyl, while the emblems, passenger’s side front fender, fuel door, and the inner part of the front bumper grille get covered with an awesome looking comic book style collage that CFC calls "Sticker Bombing." Vinyl lettering on the rear passenger glass simply reads "I Love Haters." CFC then adds a carbon fiber kit that includes a front lip spoiler, side sills, mirror caps, rear diffuser, and an engine cover.

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There are quite a few performance and handling upgrades for the Leitgolf. CFC uses their ECU chip and the MR Car Design turbo upgrade, which includes the downpipe and a black tail pipe, to push the 2.0L four cylinder to 266hp and 295 lb-ft of torque. These are pretty impressive figures, considering that the engine starts with 207hp and 207 lb-ft of torque. The Leitgolf’s suspension gets APX AP coilovers in combination with H&R stabilizers to further enhance driving dynamics. The new high performance braking system includes 4-piston calipers, carbon-steel two-piece grooved brake discs, and features an ultra light floating aluminum hub. There are two sets of wheels to choose from on the Leitgolf: ASA GT1 8.5x19 inch wheels in pink, or red ASA GT3 wheels in the same size. Both options come wrapped in Hankook EvoS1 225/35R19 tires.

Volkswagen Golf VI GTI "Leitgolf" by CFC StylingStation

Other upgrades on the Leitgolf include anthracitic colored tinted glass, pink-tinted fog lights, and a high-end MK SoundStyle audio system. At 10,000 Euro, or around $13,000 USD, the audio system makes up for almost half of the total package cost and includes a Pioneer head unit, Mosconi amplifiers, AIV cables, Rainbow speakers, and the super-cool Jehnert custom doorboards.

Let us know what you think of CFC’s Volkswagen Golf VI GTI Leitgolf in the comments section below.

Volkswagen Golf VI GTI "Leitgolf" by CFC StylingStation


I have no idea what StylingStation was up to, but this actually looked unfinished.

Is it pink rims on the wheels and not in the interior, why not? This reminds me of Lamborghini, which has pink interior. I can’t accept the fact that guys are also liking the Pink thing. 

It’s an eye-capture ’cause it looks weird. In fact, I couldn’t find the reason why VW approved this design.

I have no idea what comes to the mind of these stylists. Either they’re kidding, or they have no sense of general fashion.

I’ll be honest and say that this is downright awkward-looking to me. It’s almost as bland as a blank canvass.

I think this tuning by CFC StylingStation is a novelty; even if it has a classy aspect, the modern influence is undeniable.

Aaaaand I’ve got another addition to my do-not-want list. First that Lamborghini car, and now this. What’s with this choice of color, seriously?

I don’t quite get the detail of the design because of the matte gray color and bright-red rims of this car. Did this car really get a decent tuning?

I don’t understand why some people think that pink looks good with dark colors. Anyway, I don’t like anything about this except the twin exhaust pipes.

LOL this actually seems funky. If it isn’t for its classy built, I’d say this one is most suitable for party, and the likes.

anyone who gets the exact copy of this is plain dumb. Why would anyone not want to customize their on vdub with 30 grand to their own style??....thats what this car is all about, originality.

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