2012 Volkswagen Up!

The Volkswagen Up! makes no bones about what it is and what it isn’t. What it isn’t is a thoroughbred car that will satisfy all your speed thrills. What it is, however, is a smiling, fun-loving, economical city car that will net you plenty of mileage and provide state-of-the-art technology for compact vehicles.

Built in numerous concept forms over the past couple of years, the Volkswagen Up! has finally been given the production green light, and its getting ready to debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show next month.

For the production version, Volkswagen will be offering the Up! in three different trim versions with "take up!" being the entry level version, "move up!" being the comfort-oriented version, and "high up" being the top-of-the-line version with two special edition models of the "high up!" - "up! black" and "up! white" - scheduled to be introduced when the car officially makes its official launch at the end of the year.

UPDATE 10/10/11: Volkswagen has finally revealed the pricing details for the Up!, which you can check out after the jump!

Find out more about the Volkswagen Up! after the jump.

Exterior and Interior

Volkswagen Up!

For a small compact car, the Volkswagen Up! is remarkably long, measuring 3.54 meters long, 1.64 meters wide, 1.48 meters high, and a wheelbase of 2.42 meters.

The whole idea behind the Up! was to build a small compact car that maximizes space while not compromising on the car’s design and not opting for just a bland rectangular box shape. The Up! manages to come across as a heavily designed compact car that takes elements from traditional Volkswagen styling while also crafting a personality all its own.

The front end of the car is a lot similar to that of the Volkswagen E-Up! Concept from the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show with design elements that include the connection of the grille and the headlights to form a band, accented by small angles and combined with VW-signature headlights. The smiling fascia of the Up! pretty much says what the car is all about: a fun-loving city-car for the urban jungles of the future.


Volkswagen Up!

The Volkswagen Up!’s interior is what separates it from other cars of its segment, thanks to the long wheelbase that, in turn, results in plenty of cabin space for the driver and the passengers. Despite being a small car in every definition of the word, the Up! still has 251 liters in boot space and when the rear seat is folded, the cargo space increases to an unbelievable 951 liters. More than the spacious nature of the interior, the Up! also carries a clean and well-organized layout that includes the Dash Pad, an instrument pad that extends crosswise in the front of the driver and front passenger.

The Up! will also be offered with Volkswagen’s new maps + more system, a tool designed in collaboration with Navigon that uses a touchscreen and effectively manages all of the car’s infotainment systems.


Volkswagen Up!

The Volkswagen Up! will be offered with a number of engine options, including a new 1.0-liter three-cylinder gas engine that produces an output of either 60 or 75 horsepower while a natural gas engine delivers 68 horsepower.

Since the car is more about fuel efficiency than it is about performance, the Up!, when equipped with Volkswagen Volkswagen ’s BlueMotion Technology, will return a combined fuel consumption of 55.6 mpg for the 60-horsepower version and 54.7 mpg for the 75-horsepower model. Also, according to Volkswagen, both these models are capable of emitting less than 100 g/km CO2.

Another unique technology that will come with the Up! is the optional City Emergency Braking. As a new safety technology system, the CEB is automatically active at speeds of under 30 kmh (18.6 mph) and uses a laser sensor to detect the risk of any imminent collisions. In these instances, the City Emergency Braking system initiates automatic brake interventions to significantly reduce accident severity, or even better, avoid it altogether.


Volkswagen Up!

The price details of the Volkswagen Up! vary depending on the trim of the car. Check out the table below how the numbers all break down:

TrimEnginePrice ($)
Take up!1.0-liter 5-speed manual£7,995 ($12,500)
Move up!1.0-liter 5-speed manual£8,970 ($14,000)
Move up!1.0-liter BlueMotion Technology 5-speed manual£9,330 ($14,600)High up!1.0-liter 5-speed manual£10,390 ($16,200)
up! black1.0-liter 5-speed manual£11,180 ($17,500)
up! white1.0-liter 5-speed manual£11,180 ($17,500)


Volkswagen Up!

In the name of fuel economy, the Volkswagen Up! will try to compete against other city cars that include the Fiat 500 and the Scion iQ . None of these cars will offer a high-level output to satisfy your thrill-seeking ways, but if you still want the numbers, the 2011 Scion iQ’s 1.3-liter four-cylinder produces a grand output total of 90 horsepower, which, compared to what the Up! is capable of, makes it a through and through "powerhouse." As for the 500, it gets even better, thanks to its 1.4-liter, in-line four-cylinder engine with state-of-the-art MultiAir Technology, netting an output of 101 horsepower.

But where the Up! lacks in ponies, it more than makes up for in its top-of-the-segment cabin space and excellent fuel efficiency ratings. Plus, it looks about as cute as any Volkswagen model we’ve seen in a while.

The big question now is how much the Volkswagen Up! is going to cost. At the end of the day, that’s still the biggest factor in all of this.

Volkswagen Up!
  • Spacious interior
  • New technologies offer plenty of potential
  • Great fuel efficiency rating
  • Not as powerful as its competitors
  • No price yet
  • First generation model still has questions


Cool! I love its spacious interior and new technology features. I prefer the red
color for this vehicle. It looks classier and appealing on its cherry exterior.

Impressive platform design. The new technologies that this car offered had a plenty of potential and the spacious interior really sounds amazing and great.

It looks so great with its spacious and comfortable interior! Even the aesthetic design on its exterior also looks very awesome on this. However, I wonder if what’s the engine specification of it?

It looks so cute on its platform, and I have to agree that it is one of the most attractive vehicles of Volkswagen. Moreover, I love the fact that it has lots of interesting technology, which is really very appealing on it.

The design of its wheel is really looking very cool, and it looks classy for me on its sleek body paint. However, I’m not so impressed with its interior. It didn’t match the sophisticated looks on its exterior.

This Volkswagen Up is absolutely a very satisfying vehicle! Its spacious interior is what I really noticed on it and its classy and cool exterior, which is very appealing on its simplicity.

75 horsepower is quite a disappointment on this one, but I must say that it is definitely looks so awesome and classy because on its sleek body paint, and I also noticed that it had a cozy interior which impressed me a lot.

The platform of this Up may be so simple and very common, but I can still see that this car is one of the luxurious cars of Volkswagen, and I must say that it didn’t disappoint me even on its figure performance.

The look of this Volkswagen Up is definitely a fabulous and sophisticated one. The competition will surely become tough, but I just wonder if what will be the market price of this one.

The interior is what I really love the most in this Volkswagen up, it seems so cozy and comfortable even the simplicity of its exterior appearance is already stunning for me but I hope that the engine of this one can give a better or quite good enough for it.

1.0-liter three-cylinder gas engine with 75 horsepower? Hmmm, I don’t think that it can give a better performance on it. Anyway, I love the simplicity of this Volkswagen Up, it looks so cute on its platform.

The interior of this Volkswagen up is really so impressive, it seems so cozy and comfortable with that. As for the appearance of this car, well I can say that it is very appealing and satisfying.

The spacious interior seems so great, and I love the new technologies that this Up offered, but I must say that it is not so powerful as its competitors and I’m hoping that the price of this one is just reasonable.

Very modern and techno type car. This motor car version are all differently beautiful and stunning. For me white Volkswagen are the best color.

It’s almost perfect on me, from its glossy exterior to its cozy and relaxing interior are very impressive. It really had lots of potential.

I love the glossy black that they used on the exterior of this Up! Well, it seems so classy and sophisticated on its color. Seeing cars like this on the road seems so refreshing.

Well, I have to say that I’m grateful that VW has come up with an awesome production like this one. The styling of body is quite similar with smaller car that we can already see in the market. However, when I got to see its interior it makes me forgot about that thing. I like the character of this vehicle.

Hey, that’s quite a great offer! Although, I find the car kind of longer for a compact car, I have to say that I’m impressed with its styling and performance. Knowing that this was made by VW, i guess there’s no reason to doubt its reliability.

I notice that the interior of this Volkswagen is very cozy and relaxing which I really love on a car and the exterior design is quite impressive tho’ it had a simple platform.

Impressive platform design. The new technologies that this car offered had a plenty of potential and the spacious interior really sounds amazing and great.

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