2013 Volkswagen Beetle Beach Battle-Cruiser by European Car Magazine

A multitude of Volkswagen Beetles will be on hand at the 2012 SEMA Auto Show to show off a variety of custom programs for the iconic vehicle.

One of these models is called the Beetle "Beach Battle-Cruiser" by European Car Magazine. The surf-inspired Beetle has everything you need to make your day at the beach run as smoothly as possible. It comes with all the amenities for weekend runs in the sand, including a roof rack where you can place surfboards and other beach paraphernalia.

The California-looking Bug also gets a slew of exterior updates, including a unique body kit by FMS Automotive that has a deployable shower system. You read that right: this Beetle has its own shower. Moving into more salient upgrades, the Beetle Beach Battle-Cruiser also received a new set of 19" CustomFuchs Performance wheels wrapped in Continental Extreme Contact DW tires and a revamped interior with Katzkin leather seats featuring a midnight black color with matching military green suede inserts.

The Beetle Beach Battle-Cruiser also comes with a performance upgrade, which isn’t all that surprising considering the nature of the event it’s going to. Revo Technik took the lead in this front, adding its own turbocharger into the Beetle’s 2.5-liter, five-cylinder engine. With the turbocharger, as well as the addition of a new intake and exhaust system, as well as the cursory software upgrade, the Beetle Beach Battle-Cruiser is now capable of producing a mouth-watering 400 horsepower.

400 ponies on a Beetle? Sign us up!


dave, maybe it’s a surfers emergency car. get to the beach as soon as you hear "waves| on the weather forecast.

i think the car is a bit over the top. 400 HP? does it really need them?

i think this car is a bit too low for my taste. it is a beach car, but if it will get on the sand, that’s where it will stay because it will get easily stuck.

if they will sell it with the board and the luggage matching the car’s color, that would be great.

how much will a car like this cost? will they make more of them?

with those 400 HP you can attach a surf board to the car and drag it along the shore-line. that would be a good extra for a beach-destined car.

400 HP is a lot. for any car, let alone this one.

otto, you may be right. but, on the other hand, it may have been too much.

i think it is a good car for the beach, because you can carry your surf board easily.

it’s not like it doesn’t pop out like this. it still is a pretty nice car.

am i the only one who thinks this car should have had brighter colors, considering it is meant for beach and california?

i think this car has something of a hippie look to it. maybe it’s just me.

something i can’t understand: what do they mean by "own shower"? sounds interesting...

well, yes, karla. about the color i think that you are right. a more colorful paint would fit better.

to me, this idea is very absurd. why to choose this colors and this car for such use?!

"California-looking Bug" indeed. it’s style makes me think of some kind of contemporary hippie carsmiley

this-is-so-cuuute! if i lived nearby seaside, this car would definetly be mine

woow...such a great design and so many functional ideas, all in one car!!!

i really love that this car has such an useful roof rack for surfboards and other beach stuff.

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