2014 Volkswagen Golf Variant Youngster 5000

As the focal point of the Worthersee car show, Volkswagen has a huge presence at the show. But for all the years that it’s been attending the event, VW has never brought a Golf Variant to the show. That all changed in 2014, as the Volkswagen Golf Variant made an appearance with the "Youngster 5000."

VW developed this showpiece as part of its talent program and the wagon itself was built with the help of six young apprentices. That’s making a real statement that the design pool inside Volkswagen isn’t drying up.

The "Youngster 5000" features a unique Arancio Argos Pearl finish that is complemented by transplanted components from the VW’s R GmbH range. The front and rear bumpers, the door sill package, and the seat system were all added to the Golf Variant, creating a more aesthetically pleasing appearance that fits in with all the other concepts and prototypes at Worthersee.

By the way, the "Youngster 5000" title of the Golf Variant takes its name from a unique addition to the cabin of the vehicle, a 5,000-watt sound system that Volkswagen mounted on skids in the rear that passengers can control using a customized iPad.

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Volkswagen Golf Variant Youngster 5000 in detail

Volkswagen Golf Variant Youngster 5000

The Volkswagen Golf Variant Youngster 5000 also comes with an impressive engine upgrade, as Volkswagen installed a GTI engine and cranked it up to 320 PS (316 horsepower) from the stock 220 PS (217 horsepower). As a final treat, the Youngster 5000 also comes with an integrated Bilstein suspension that can also be controlled by an Apple device (iPhone).

Volkswagen Golf VII Variant

Volkswagen Golf VII Variant

The VW Golf VII Variant comes in various states of tune, depending on the market and the options selected. The gasoline engines range from 85 to 140 PS (84 to 138 horsepower), while the diesel engines go from 90 to 150 PS (89 to 148 horsepower).

Press Release

For the first time, a Golf Variant is being presented at the W├Ârthersee meeting. This Volkswagen model is only produced at the vehicle plant in Saxony. The "Youngster 5000" show car was developed at Zwickau as part of a talent program together with six apprentices. The unique model is painted in Arancio argos pearl and is powered by a modified 320 PS (235 kW) four-cylinder GTI engine with Performance1 package. The integrated Bilstein suspension can be controlled via an iPhone. The bumpers, the door sill package and the seat system are taken from the range of Volkswagen R GmbH. The "Youngster 5000" takes its name from the sound system with an output of about 5000 W mounted on skids in the rear of the vehicle, which can be controlled using a special iPad.

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