2014 Volkswagen Passat

In March at the Geneva Motor Show Volkswagen Group will be unveiled the new generation Audi A3 - the first model from the company that will use the new and flexible MQB platform. After it the same platform will also be used for the seventh generation Golf , but also for the next generation Passat. And the latest one has been caught outside, testing for the first time.

What you see in these pictures is a mule of the next Passat, a mule that reveals wider fenders showing that the new Passat probably will have a slightly wider track and probably will offer more interior space, especially at the rear seat. Also, an interior shot show the instrument cluster and parts of the dash covered up, so expect some major changes in here too.

As for the engine line-up there are no details at this point, but for sure Volkswagen will be offering both more powerful and more fuel efficient powertrains.

Expect to see the new Volkswagen Passat launched sometime in 2014.


Isn’t it great? The exterior is classy, the interior is roomy, the performance is good and it’s fuel efficient. What else could be better?

This next generation Passat has a lot to offer. The mule seems daring for me. The changes made with this Volkswagen has offered great for our expectations. I hope to see more as the launching time goes at present.

I love this Passat. It has a wider platform that provides more space. It is great to have this SUV, especially now it has fuel efficiency and powerful. 

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