2015 Volkswagen Golf CC

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While Volkswagen is famous for building simple-looking cars that offer great practicality, it never really brought much eye candy to the table. That was the case until the Passat CC was born in 2009. Bringing coupe-like design features in a less expensive package, the Passat CC was a stunner in its heyday and in its current generation, it still is.

Now we might soon witness the Golf sporting the CC badge, if the recent reports are true. This Golf CC, like its bigger brother, will be designed along the sweeping lines of a coupe and have a much sportier stance. It will most likely look like a sensible VW Jetta with style and charisma injected to its design.

Like the Jetta , the Golf CC will sit on an extended version of the MQB platform that will underpin most of the small cars in the Volkswagen Group.

For the car to perform well in the market, looking sporty isn’t enough. So, expect more-powerful engines like the 120-horsepower 1.4-liter turbo or the 148-horsepower 2.0-liter turbo-diesel in the Golf CC’s engine lineup. If that isn’t powerful enough, then VW will later launch a GTi version of the Golf CC powered by the 2.0-liter TFSI four-cylinder engine that develops 220 horsepower, befitting the sporty image.

The cars to fear this move will be the new svelte Mercedes-Benz CLA and its cousin, the Audi A3 sedan .

The VW Golf CC would clearly win in the price category against its rivals, but we will have to wait to find out if it also beats them in other categories as well. Nevertheless the Volkswagen Golf CC looks promising as it will bring style and sportiness in less expensive package.

Updated 01/21/2013: Today we have prepared a TopSpeed rendering of the upcoming Golf CC. The rendering combines design elements from the Passat CC with elements from the new generation Golf. We hope you like it!

Image Note: The above image is a TopSpeed rendering and is not an official image of the Golf CC.

Source: Auto Express


It’s true, starting with Passat, around 2008-2009, VW created more beautiful cars, with better design

What do they mean by it will bring style and sportiness in less expensive package?

I don’t really seem to undestand very well what happens, so this is only an idea?A project that might take placE?

Maybe, if thy would reveal a 3D projection of this new car, would satisfy us much better..

Oh..that pic represent a 2012 Jetta, now I understand...

Aravind, thank you for making it clear for us..

So...we have to wait until 2015 to know the cost of such beauty?That’s a shame...

Guys, the project is still under consideration. It’s not official.

This isn’t the design of the Golf CC. It’s of a Jetta GLi which it will be based upon.

Style and charisma?I definitely doubt that!!
Its design is poor, but at least technically seems to be working pretty well..

Where will this VW be release?
And more important, where??

This is definetly not a coupe car!
Better said it is a sport one, even though it does not seem to be very sporty..

This Golf shouldn’t be very expensive, I think..

It’s quite disapointing .
This car looks rather cheap, it’s design reminds me of Renault..

I guess the competitors: Mercedes-Benz CLA and its cousin, the Audi A3 sedan, are better cars then this one.I don’t see such bright future for this car

I want to see some more pictures of this Volkswagen? Does anybody know where I can find other ones?

Humm, this Wolksvagen does not impress me at all.And it’s design ain’t great...

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