2028 Volkswagen concepts

Curious what the future will bring for the automotive industry? Take a look at the www.volkswagen2028.com and you shall have your answer!

Volkswagen revealed today three concept car that are a glimpse at the future: the"one", "ego" and "room". What the 2028 year will bring fo us? Apparently traffic lights and cars talking to each other, driving just for the fun with emission-free cars.


Ha ha... It’s a weird concept, but I like their idea about this car. I wonder if they
are serious in building this concept and pushing it into production.

The vehicle has an amazing innovative visionary look. I wonder what material would be use in making the car’s platform.

I wonder why car companies have to create concept years before. I think there will be lots of changes in this concept car as the years pass by. This is very futuristic, but I can’t appreciate it right now.

Are they really serious about this or they just pulling my leg? Well, if they are going to apply their concept as well as the designs with it, I’m pretty cure it would trend in all of the social-networking media. Well, maybe the whole world would make this the most talked about car.

i agree with you

i would like to see them build that car sooner, until 2028 they will change their minds

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