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Volkswagen Passat Alltrack

In November 2011, Volkswagen displayed a concept called the Passat Alltrack at the Tokyo Motor Show with no plans of it coming to the U.S. In the auto industry, things tend to change quickly, as now Volkswagen has decided to display a concept car bearing just the Alltrack name at the 2012 New York Auto Show.

At this point, the Alltrack is strictly considered to be a concept, but it wouldn’t be completely outlandish to see it hit the market here soon, especially given the fact that VW no longer offers a wagon model in the U.S. The closest to a wagon that VW offers is the Tiguan , a crossover SUV, and the Routan , a minivan.

The Alltrack is reported to arrive with a 2.0-liter turbo-diesel engine that cranks out a respectable 140 horsepower and 236 pound-feet of torque. Along with the TDI engine, the Alltrack will feature a six-speed, dual clutch automatic transmission and 4Motion AWD.

The Jetta Alltrack is a really good looking car, for a station wagon that is. The question that really arises is can a traditional station wagon not named “Volvo,” roam the streets of America anymore? Lately automakers are starting to move back into the wagon market, but most are “sport wagons,” including: Acura TSX Sport Wagon , Audi A3 Wagon , Cadillac CTS-V Wagon , and so on. Its most likely competition would be the BMW 3-Series Wagon and the upcoming Volvo V40 .

The determining factor will be the response it gets at the auto show. If potential buyers start clamoring for it, you can expect VW to release it almost as quickly as they can produce them. We will continue to provide details on this potential new model, as VW releases them. One thing is for sure, we can all appreciate VW spelling “Track” the right way. Not “Trac,” “Trak,” “Trax,” or any other odd variation.

Seemingly every car has a stigma attached to it. Some make their driver look like he has a big ego, some are classified for country folk, and some cars even get tagged with a specific gender. Yup, how many guys do you see driving a Miata ? Not too many, unless you happen to know me – hey, it’s a Mazdaspeed MX-5 , leave me alone. The Volkswagen New Beetle was another car that got stuck with the “chick’s car” label, and rightfully so. C’mon, there is a flower vase in the dashboard…

In 2012, VW redesigned the beetle, giving it a lower profile and elongated hood, which makes it look stouter, flower vase and all. On top of the more “manly” look, VW also targeted men in particular in 2012 Beetle ads. The two ads that stick out most are the “Slap five” and “Thanks for flying Volkswagen,” both of which are directly aimed at men – the former more than the latter. I guess fist bumping and high-fiving random dudes and one pretty woman makes the Beetle manly. Hmm…

Regardless of my opinion on it, this campaign worked. Since September 2011, 49% of all 2012 Beetle buyers were men. That’s nearly one-third more than last year. Apparently, Volkswagen knows a thing or two about how men’s brains work and aren’t afraid to blatantly go after what it wants. One mind trick VW pulled over men’s eyes was to focus mostly on the turbocharged models, tugging away at our weakest point, raw power. I wonder what people would think of me if I decided to trade my Miata for a Beetle.

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CFC StylingStation, based in Neuss, Germany, has once again offered a tuning package for the Volkswagen Golf VI GTI . The once vinyl body specialists branched out in 2010 and tried their tuning skills on the 2010 Volkswagen Golf GTI , and now they’ve outdone themselves with the 2012 Volkswagen Golf GTI package. They call the finished product the Leitgolf. For 22,900 Euro, or about $30,000 USD, CFC StylingStation will not only upgrade the performance, but will also totally change the look of your 2012 Golf GTI.

After adding a Kerscher front bumper and widening the fenders by 2.5 cm, CFC gets to their area of expertise and wraps the body with matte grey vinyl. The Leitgolf’s roof gets high gloss carbon fiber vinyl, while the emblems, passenger’s side front fender, fuel door, and the inner part of the front bumper grille get covered with an awesome looking comic book style collage that CFC calls "Sticker Bombing." Vinyl lettering on the rear passenger glass simply reads "I Love Haters." CFC then adds a carbon fiber kit that includes a front lip spoiler, side sills, mirror caps, rear diffuser, and an engine cover.

Hit the jump for more details on the Volkswagen Golf VI GTI "Leitgolf" by CFC StylingStation.

When Volkswagen unveiled the Cross Coupe Concept at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show , little did we know that it had a twin brother in the form of the Cross Coupe TDI Plug-In Hybrid Concept.

The latter will be making its world debut at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show , where it will showcase a completely different powertrain from the first concept we saw in Tokyo last November.

Aesthetically, the two car’s look like mirror images from each other with the only exception being the two-tone red and silver color scheme of the Cross Coupe TDI Plug-In Hybrid Concept. What distinguishes this model from its Tokyo counterpart lies in its mechanical specifications. Whereas the Cross Coupe came with a plug-in petrol-electric hybrid system - three power sources! - the Geneva-bound Cross Coupe TDI Plug-In Hybrid is powered by two electric motors and a more frugal turbodiesel four-cylinder unit with direct injection.

Those two electric motors are situated on opposite ends of the vehicle and together with the four-cylinder engine, the powertrain is capable of producing 301 horsepower with a top speed of 137 mph. Those numbers are an improvement from the Cross Coupe’s 262-horsepower output and 125-mph top speed.

There’s a good chance that Volkswagen is still keeping more information on the Cross Coupe TDI Plug-In Hybrid Concept close to its chest. In the event where that’s the case, expect more details to be released when the crossover makes its world debut at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show.

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MR Car Design, in collaboration with BTS-Racing, has released a new aftermarket tuning package for the Volkswagen Golf V R32 , which was produced from 2005 to 2008. The package starts with a R32 HPG turbo kit and a 3-inch sport exhaust system with valve control. After performance tuning, the Golf ’s 3.2L engine makes a whopping 458 horsepower and 405 lb.-ft. of torque. That’s an amazing increase of over 210 horsepower and over 165 lb.-ft. of torque. To handle all that extra power, the tuning companies reinforced the DSG transmission.

The tuning doesn’t stop there. With the package, The Golf V also receives a KW Clubsport suspension kit, H&R stabilizers, and a Stoptech brake package. All the old bushings are replaced with Superpro bushings. The matte blue VW MR Car Design used to highlight their performance parts got fitted with 19-inch OZ Ultraleggera HLT matte alloy wheels wrapped in 225/35/ZR19 high performance tires.

Top speed and acceleration times have not yet been released. Check out the photos and leave a comment to let us know what you think of this souped up Volkswagen .

Source: Fancy Tuning

Of the four special edition Volkswagen Up! models that are headed to the 2012 Geneva Motor Show , it can be argued that the least glamorous of the four is the Volkswagen Cargo Up!.

In building the Cargo Up!, Volkswagen intended it to be a "delivery van" of sorts. As such, it’s got plenty of rear space - 1,400 liters worth - it has front and rear underbody protection, side sill trim panels, and just like the rest of its brethren, there’s a roof railing that we imagine will carry all those pizza deliveries.

Inside, the Cargo Up! is pretty bare with the driver seat and the cockpit the only that’s left from the standard Cross Up!. In place of everything that was removed, the Cargo Up! has a flat cargo floor both on the passenger’s side and in the boot. There’s also a fastening system for tools and shipping crates, standard storage bins in the centre console, doors and rear side trim, and a dash pad that’s been painted in ‘Tornado Red’, providing a color contrast to the black metallic color ‘Nano’ trim on the loading areas and black artificial leather with neoprene on the seats.

To ensure safety, the Cargo Up! comes with baggage protection just behind the driver with a safety mesh beside the seat as well as lashing points on the floor and in the side walls.

For those that enjoy the winter outdoors, Volkswagen has prepared a special edition Up! concept vehicle, which you’ll be able to see in all its pristine glory at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show.

This sparkling white and blue Up! is called the Winter Up! and is based on the four-door Cross Up! Concept Volkswagen first presented at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show . As its name suggests, the Winter Up! is designed specifically for winter purposes, no more evident in the fact that it has a snowboard carrier on the roof rails. Aesthetically, the Winter Up! is painted in a two-tone paint finish, Pure White and Malibu Blue, with the former being used on the body surface while the latter getting used on the bumpers, door mirror housings, and on the seams that runs parallel to the side windows.

Since it’s a model that has been built for a specific weather condition, the Winter Up! comes with ESP with differential locks to tackle all the with road conditions. It also has underbody protection on the front and rear, and the aforementioned roof rail-mounted holder that can stow up to four snowboards or six skis.

The Volkswagen Up! is shaping up to be a cool and fun ride and the German automaker is bringing it to a whole new level by introducing four new special edition concepts of their quirky hatchback at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show .

One of these models is the X Up!, which is being touted as the "globetrotter" of the bunch. What sets the X Up! apart from the three other Up! models headed to Geneva is that it’s been designed with a burned "Orange Metallic" finish complemented by an anthracite accents on the bumpers and roof box. Chrome was also used in this particular model, particularly as the surrounds of the search and fog headlights. The X Up! also has a roof box, which on its own, also has two powerful searchlights that have been attached on the base support of the roof railing.

Inside, the X Up! also sports two-tone door inserts, specially designed door entry sills, a special gear shift grip, and a slew of hand-knit Up! logos that characterizes the model’s individuality.

Just like the Winter Up!, the X Up! is based on the four-door Cross Up! , which we first saw at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show.

In the event you go to the 2012 Geneva Motor Show and you see a number of special edition Volkswagen Up! models in attendance, you shouldn’t be surprised.

That’s just how Volkswagen rolls.

One of the concepts, the Swiss Up!, was designed to pay tribute to the host city and its country and comes dressed to the party sporting an exterior that’s painted in red and white, or in case you didn’t know, the two colors that comprise the Swiss flag.

The interior of the Swiss Up! sports the same two-tone color scheme while also finished in a ’ceramique’ trim color. In addition, the seats of the car have also been dressed in the same ceramique finish while the seat surfaces and grab handles in the roof liner are all upholstered in brown Alcantara. The interior also has a narrow leather band that runs laterally across the center panels of the front seat backrests with each leather band sporting a holder for a pocket knife.

Finally, the dashboard of the Swiss Up! was painted in a white, silk-like ‘porcelain paint’ adorns the dashboard with decorative bezels on the round air vents painted in Tornado Red.

Is it any at all possible that a van could have a higher top speed than most sports cars you see around the streets these days?

Normally, a question like that would be treated with such ridicule that it’s not even sane to ask something like it. But when you’re dealing with a German tuner like MTM , then things like this become not only possible, but real in every sense of the word.

In addition to the modified Q3 MTM is bringing to the 2012 Geneva Motor Show , they’ve also prepared a heavily tuned Volkswagen T5. Despite being classified as a van, the MTM-tuned T5 doesn’t perform like one.

All that is due to a ridiculously modified 2.5-liter inline-five engine that is able to crank out an impressive 470 horsepower at 6,900rpm and 461 lb/ft of peak torque at 4,100rpm. Thanks to the upgrades, the T5 is now capable of hitting a maximum top speed of 174 mph. Pretty crazy, right?

Apart from the performance modifications, the T5 also gets the benefit of new components added in by MTM, including the same three-tone vinyl wrap that honors the colors of the German national flag. MTM also fitted in a new set of 20" Bimoto rims wrapped in Michelin Supersport tires.

About the only thing that made us cringe with this program is the astronomical cost of one. According to MTM, their program for the Volkswagen T5 will cost €160,000 or about to US$215,000 based on current exchange rates.

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