Volvo XC70

Volvo XC70

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The Volvo XC70 is almost completely fresh following a thorough interior revamp for 2013 and a subtle exterior nip/tuck for 2014. The latest luxury crossover wagon from the safety experts gets a macho new grill design with giant honeycomb pattern, LED fog lights, an LED running light blade in each headlight, a freshened LED taillight design and additional matte-finish silver trims all around.

The look is far more current and allows Volvo to keep up sales momentum even as the traditional wagon body style is in retreat from the best-selling XC60 SUV and upcoming XC90 replacement.

The XC70’s boxy profile is part of the lasting charm that gives Volvo wagons such huge cabin space and cargo area capacity. This latest model finally addresses the main critiques of post-Ford Volvo : few meaningful updates to keep the line fresh and competitive.

The latest XC70 fights perception that it might be slow and pack dated cabin infotainment solutions. For 2014, this five-passenger crossover gets ultramodern TFT instruments, a new touchscreen HDD nav solution called Sensus Connected Touch, quicker automatic transmissions and a Polestar engine upgrade on the official options list.

With the last two enhancements, this stops being just an ultra-plush and luxurious family car and starts fighting back with real performance credibility – acceleration to 60 mph for the top engine falls from about 6.9 seconds down to just 6 seconds flat.
The XC70 is a niche choice but an exceptional vehicle in a segment flooded with floppy crossovers. How does it compare with the Subaru Outback and the new A4-based Audi allroad ?

Updated 8/5/2013: Volvo has just unveiled all of the pricing details for the 2014 XC70. The crossover starts at a base price of $34,500 and peaks out at just over $46k. See all of the details after the jump.

Click past the jump for the full review of the 2014 Volvo XC70 with exclusive images of the new LED fog and running light designs.

The Volvo XC70 is another installment in Volvo’s history of offering alternative cars. In the 60s, the PV 444 was the alternative to the straight lined cars from Detroit; the 700 series of the 80s and 90s was the alternative to the yuppie BMWs; and now the XC70 is the alternative to a SUV.

Although 2008 is only the second model year for the XC70, the concept has been around for almost a decade more as the Volvo Cross Country. The original Cross Country took Volvo’s reputation for safety and built an off-road image (thanks to Swedish winters) that is now enjoyed by our XC70 as well as its big brother, the XC90 SUV.

We’re just wondering is the Swedish manufacturer enlarging their line-up with a new concept, the XC70 pick-up? Well, most probably not, but this Volvo pickup trucks was caught parked in front of the Volvo Museum in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Volvo XC70 pick-up

Actually the XC70 pick-up is the work of a Swedish coachbuilder called "Dalbo Fordonsteknik". Well, we just hope we will see something like this from Volvo in the near future. We kind of like it! Don’t you?

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Volvo unveiled in New York the turbocharged XC70 T6 for 2009. The new version will go on sale in the fall of 2008. Pricing will be announced at a later date.

Volvo XC70 T6

The XC70 T6 is powered by a 3.0-liter turbocharged six-cylinder engine that puts out 281 hp and 295 lb.-ft. of torque. Mated to the engine is a six-speed "Geartronic" automatic transmission that enables the driver to shift manually when desired. Every XC70 model comes standard with All-Wheel Drive with Instant TractionTM to ensure the best possible road grip in all situations. Electronic Hill Descent Control (HDC) uses the vehicle’s brakes and engine torque to crawl in bottom gear on steep downhill slopes.

Press release after the jump.

Volvo’s Scandinavian heritage and industry-leading test framework create the foundations for the world’s safest winter properties. Customers should be able to rely on Volvo everywhere. Irrespective of climate and road conditions. That is why Volvo’s cars are tested under the most extreme conditions found on this planet. In Arizona’s blisteringly hot desert and in the biting cold of the Arctic north.

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