2012 Volvo C70 Inscription

The 2011 SEMA Auto Show is over so now it’s time to focus on the next motor show of the month: the 2011 Los Angeles Auto Show starting November 16th. Just a few days ago, Subaru announced the BRZ STI Concept’s scheduled appearance in California, and now Volvo has announced a special edition C70 . Called the C70 Inscription, this new edition will be offered worldwide and will be limited to 2,000 units a year.

The new C70 Inscription will be offered in only three exterior colors: Black Stone (Solid), Black Sapphire (Metallic), and Ice White (Solid). It will be distinguished by 18-inch wheels painted in black with polished spokes and outer perimeter, a high-gloss paint on the grille, and LED Daytime Running Lights.

For the interior, the model will add an exclusive leather-covered dashboard with contrasting stitching and Sovereign Hide upholstery in Off Black or Calcite with the same contrasting stitching as on dashboard, handbrake lever, and carpets. A sporty feeling will be added with a new set of aluminum pedals, a steering wheel and gear shift knob with aluminum inlays. Because this is a special edition, it will also feature "Inscription" logos on the front headrests, carpets, and handbrake lever.

UPDATE 12/15/11: Volvo has officially released the pricing details for the C70 Inscription package. If you’re interested in getting one, you’re going to need to shell out $3,900 for the opportunity to have one put into your C70. Add that to the $40,450 cost of the car itself and you’re looking at a price of around $44,350.


Luxurious and extravagant. Your date would be so unforgettable with this car. The glossy black color adds more beauty to this car. $44,350 is really worthy for it.

This car is so luxurious. I love the glossy black paint and the bluish glow of the head lamps. The wheels are just right to match the overall appearance.

The black paint looks good with this Inscription. It was totally awesome. I hope to see more footage of the dashboard and the whole interior—including the seats.

This car is extravagant and really eye-catchy. I’m looking forward to seeing such great car like this one.

Volvo C70 Inscription is very classy and elegant. It comes with a new look and unique exterior design. This is the best convertible for all kinds of customer because it’s very stylish yet comfortable.

This one is already awesome on its platform and even with its cool sleek black body paint. I just do only hope that it has an impressive engine as well. It also looks so attractive and very appealing on that.

Wow! What a classy car! I love the looks of it on that! This Inscription with a price of $44,350 is somehow worthy for it. On the other hand, the color of this vehicle is suited for it. But what about its engine performance?

It is already awesome on its platform and even with its cool sleek black body paint. Its LED headlights also seem very striking. Well, I just only hope that it has an impressive engine as well.

Inscription is really awesome! It looks so exclusive and glamorous that surely car lovers would truly dream to have! I just only hope that Volvo used this time an impressive and boosts engine on it.

I love the simplicity of this Inscription, but I noticed that it looks so attractive and very appealing about that. However, I am hoping that it would also have an impressive engine output.

I love the design of its wheels, so cool! Well, if only they also add some pictures of its interior! smiley Anyway, I must say that it is already very striking looking fabulous with its sleek body paint.

I wonder if this Inscription could also offer and an impressive and comfortable interior? Well, I am hoping either that they add some latest technology on it, and that they already reinforce the engine of it.

Inscription is looking so fabulous on its aesthetic design and with its cool wheels that painted with black and had an outer perimeter! smiley Well, I just only hope that it had also an impressive engine.

It maybe looks so elegant and attractive on its exterior detailing and style, but I am hoping that it also had a striking interior feature and even a nice speed performance.

I love the exclusivity that this C70 can offer, and I noticed that its side rim is looking so fabulous on it. Well, just like them, I am also hoping that it can offer a nice engine specification.

It’s so sad to hear that it would be limited for 2,000 units only. smiley Anyway, the high-gloss paint on its grill is truly very striking on it, but how about its engine specification?

The exterior color option of this Volvo C70 is really great on it, and its LED headlamps of this one is absolutely look so cool on it. However, I am thinking if it had a powerful engine either.

I love the sporty interior of this convertible, most specifically the leather-covered dashboard that they add to it. smiley Anyway, this one is really looking so awesome on its aesthetic design.

Volvo C70 is looks so elegant and awesome on its platform and even with its cool sleek black body paint. Its LED headlights is also seem very striking. Well, I just only hope that it has an impressive engine as well.

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