2014 Volvo XC90

For the longest time, we have been treated to Volvos that have the cutting edge design of a loaf of bread. It’s been one of the biggest knocks on the Swedish brand, and it appears that the company is determined to introduce a new generation of vehicles that will be a lot edgier than what we’re used to.

One of the next-generation models that’s expected to be introduced in the coming years is the Volvo XC90 crossover. Despite its popularity, the XC90 has been around the block for almost 10 years with very little changes being done on it. These design sketches of the future XC90 that the company recently released shows that Volvo may be serious in re-defining the way their vehicles look. The 2014 XC90 will sit atop the Scalable Platform Architecture (SPA), which is the platform for just about every new Volvo in the works. The XC90 is anticipated to be the first Volvo to use this platform and will also be one of the largest to use it.

We also know that the XC90 will have a 4-cylinder engine under its all-new hood, as will all vehicles using the SPA platform. Given the XC90’s size, its four-pot will likely include the direct injection system and turbocharger that Volvo says will be fitted on most SPA-based vehicles. The exact size of this new 4-cylinder engine is not quite known, but it’ll have to punch out at least 200 horsepower to make it competitive against the base level X3 Drive20i. There is also the possibly for a traditional and plug-in hybrid option.

The current XC90 is no slouch in the luxury department, but Volvo is expected to punch up the interior a little bit, while still offering 7-person seating capabilities. On this outside, we do have a few images to go off of, and they are rather extreme.

The body lines are nothing like you would expect to see on a Volvo, featuring a very high beltline and a wide lower grille. The upper grille is especially wide for a Volvo and the overall appearance of the car just looks sleeker than any Volvo on record. Then again, these are just concept drawings and rarely do these concept drawings really pin down the resulting model.

This is all we know about the upcoming 2014 Volvo XC90 for now, but we will continue to update this review as more information becomes available.

UPDATE 06/05/2012: This review has been updated with more details on the 2014 Volvo XC90!

Spy Shots

June, 5 2013 - First Mule Caught Testing

Volvo XC90
Volvo XC90
Volvo XC90

February 3, 2014 - First real XC90 out testing

Volvo XC90
Volvo XC90
Volvo XC90


The only this that makes this car look bad is the shape and edges. I think the internal concept is good. However, 2014 is way to far. They could make some major adjustments.

Honestly, it’s like a mobile home with ample interior space is soft and comfortable, camouflaged by its sleek and luxurious exterior.

This automotive is like a luxury caravan for the spacious interior and elegant exterior.

I love its wide cabin space. It isn’t the only nice thing about it though, the fashion that it sports is also oozing of luxury.

So different from other cars. The concept of design is awesome and the color fits with the shape of this model. It will surely be one of the most anticipated model of Volvo.

Great style and appeal! It’s so stylish and elegant. I like the big rims on it that enhances the looks of this car.

The exterior is fascinating. Well, it was impressively design to suit the taste of the market. The design of wheels are original. It looks perfectly with the body. This XC90 was superb.

I just noticed that the style and design of this future vehicle of Volvo are so different from their other cars, which is very refreshing! smiley Well, I only hope that they would use this time an impressive engine.

I love the angst on its front grille and headlight! Well, it truly looks very striking with that. Additionally, I’m really excited to see the full form of this vehicle. I hope it will happen soon!

It’s really a long wait for this Volvo XC90, and I am hoping that it is truly worth waiting for. Anyway, I love the initial outlook of this crossover, a real teaser! smiley

Obviously, it is a luxury vehicle! Well, I just only hope that when they have already revealed the final outlook of this car, it would still be impressive as well as on its initial picture. Anyway, I would surely wait for an update news about it.

This Volvo XC90 is truly a teaser on its initial picture! Well, I noticed that it looks like a futuristic vehicle, and I wondered if what are the latest technology that it can offer? Anyway, I will surely wait for an update news on it.

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