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Until Volvo finally unveils the revised XC60 we’ll just have to deal with minor updates. The 2013 New York Auto Show brought just that to the current lineup in the form of a new XC60 R-Design that adds a renewed and sporty appearance, a dynamic driving-focused chassis and a powerful engine.

For the exterior, the new R-Design package adds a frameless Tech Matte Black grille with high-gloss black stripes, a silk metal diagonal and a refined R-Designed emblem. For the interior, the new XC60 R-Design gets new sports seats wrapped in a combination of black nubuck textile and perforated leather, and features an embroidered "R" logo.

The new R-Design models have been specially designed for "performance-minded individuals with a passion for exquisite details." Volvo also hopes that with its latest addition to the lineup will steal attention from customers currently driving other car makes today.

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Swedish automaker, Volvo , has introduced a new lineup of R-Design-badged models at the New York Auto Show.

One of them, the S60 R-Design, is a pleasant surprise.

Volvos don’t usually have the kind of presence that its European counterparts command in an auto show as big as New York. But it’s doing its part to ensure that people still remember that they have something to offer that can impress a lot of people.

The S60 R-Design carries its share of improved dynamics over the standard S60 model. Some you’ll notice right off the bat, others you’ll notice only after you take it out for a spin.

In any case, the entire program is certainly worth looking into, at least if you’re in the market for an affordable luxury car with some added components that can drive up its appeal.

In the end, the S60 R-Design is a step up from the standard S60, and at this point, that’s as good as anything when it comes to Volvo.

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Volvo XC90

The first-generation Volvo XC90 was unveiled back in 2003 and for many years it has been Volvo’s best-sold SUV. However, in the past few years things have changed and XC90 sales have dropped significantly. The reason is quite simple: the XC90 feels aged when compared to many of its competitors. Because of its lagging behind, Volvo has started to test the second-generation XC90 and today we have caught the first mule playing out in the snow in Northern Sweden.

You will likely notice that the mule looks basically identical to the current XC70 and that’s because it is almost identical. You have to remember that this is just a mule that Volvo uses to test technologies that will be used in the next XC90, like the SPA platform and probably one of the new VEA engines. Also, if you take a closer look at the photos, you will notice this mule is a lot wider than the current XC70. Additionally, the fuel cap has an odd placement directly above the right wheel — a clear indication that the wheelbase is significantly longer than in the current model. The rear doors also look to be nearly two inches longer than normal.

The second-gen XC90 will be built on a new, flexible platform that is developed independently by Volvo and bears the name “SPA” (Scalable Product Architecture). This change will make the next XC90 longer than the current generation and, of course, roomier on the inside.

Under the hood, the crossover will get a lineup of turbocharged four-cylinder engines combined with newly developed eight-gear automatic transmission. The current V-6 and V-8 engines will be dropped.

Expect the new XC90 to be launched sometime in 2015, so if you want the new model, you will have to wait for another two years.

Volvo unveiled the S60 Polestar Concept at the 2012 Los Angeles Auto Show and it caught everyone’s attention, thanks to its impressive 508-horsepower output and its announced top speed of more than 186 mph. So it’s no surprise that Jay Leno decided to review the concept.

In the latest episode of Jay Leno’s Garage, he had invited Hans Baathm, Managing Director at PoleStar Performance, who explains the idea and the technology behind the S60 Polestar Concept.

The S60 Polestar is powered by an inline six-cylinder engine that is tuned to deliver an un-Volvo-like 508 horsepower and 424 pound-feet of torque. With the extra 208 horsepower, the S60 Polestar will sprint from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.9 seconds and hit a top speed of 186 mph.

Watch the video to see if Jay Leno will take the S60 Polestar over the BMW M3.

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Volvo XC90

After weeping at the disappointing sales last year, Volvo ’s new CEO has confirmed at the Detroit Motor Show that they will announce nine new models in less than 12 months to grab lost market share in luxury vehicles.

Out of the nine, eight new cars are merely significant updates to the current lineup of Volvos and the ninth model is confirmed to be the successor to the Volvo XC90 .

Speculated to go on sale in the late 2014, the new XC90 (may have a different name later) will sit on a new "Scaleable Platform Architecture,” which is set to underpin bigger, more appointed vehicles in the future. So, people looking for SUV practicality you’re in luck, provided you have the patience to wait for a couple of years for additional models to roll out.

Volvo is also looking to develop a new architecture for their smaller vehicles - 40 series and 50 series - with their new parents, Geely, since they’re currently relying on Ford’s architecture and are planning to cut ties with Ford soon.

We’ll post more information and details as it rolls in.

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It was the subject of some teaser images before it made its debut at the Sao Paulo Auto Show, but now that Volvo has revealed the V60 Racing race car, we finally got a good look at what all the fuss was about.

Designed and built as a racing-tuned version of the V60 wagon, the V60 Racing certainly looks the part of a full-fledged race car, thanks to a throwback paint scheme that resembles the old Volvo 850 station wagon from the British Touring Car Championship back in the mid 90’s.

But make no mistake, Volvo built the V60 Racing to be an actual race car, not to just look like one. Proof of that lies in the interior where the Swedish automaker installed a number of racing components, including bucket seats, aluminum race pedals, a sports steering wheel, and strut bars.

On top of that, the V60 Racing Wagon actually carries a popping 2.0-liter, four-cylinder TS engine that produces 250 horsepower and is mated to a six-speed dual-clutch transmission. Add a new set of 18" wheels wrapped in Michelin Pilot Sport 2 tires and this V60 Racing Wagon is certainly ready for some racing action.

The BMW X1 may need to watch out! With only a few days before its official debut at the Paris Auto Show, Volvo has unveiled the first official details on the new V40 Cross Country - a small crossover based on the new V40 that also offers off-road capabilities.

The new Cross Country model is about 40 mm higher than the standard V40 and will be distinguished by a new front end with a dark, contrasting bumper, honeycomb mesh grille, and upright DRL-lights. The back of the crossover will feature a contrasting rear bumper with an integrated skid plate. The model’s look is completed by a new set of 19" light alloy wheels.

As far as power, the V40 Cross Country will be offered in two different petrol versions: T5 and T4. The T5 is powered by either a 2.5 liter five-cylinder engine that delivers a total of 254 HP or a 2.0 liter five-cylinder engine with 213 HP, along with a six-speed automatic gearbox. The T4 will be offered with either a 1.6 liter GTDi delivering 180 HP or a 2.0 liter engine with 180 HP, which can be mated to either an automatic six-speed Powershift transmission or a six-speed manual gearbox. Clients who prefer to go the diesel route will have a choice of a five-cylinder 2.0-liter D4 turbodiesel engine with 177 HP or a 2.0-liter D3 engine producing 150 hp.

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The new generation Volvo V40 was officially unveiled back in March at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show, so it seems fitting that a more powerful version of the hatchback will be unleashed at another major auto show in the same year. The new V40 R-Design model will make its presence known when it rolls onto the Paris Auto Show at the end of September.

The V40 R-Design will be launched in a very cool Rebel Blue and promises to deliver an intense, agile driving experience thanks to its impressive high-performance T5 petrol turbo with 254 HP. When compared to a standard V40, the new R-Design version will be distinguished by a silk-metal framed high-gloss grille, an ironstone diffuser, silk-metal finished details, and twin exhaust tailpipes.

The V40 R-Design was built on a special chassis developed in cooperation with Volvo ’s Polestar Black R team. This chassis can be ordered in a standard "Dynamic" version which adds a rigid body and a low center of gravity or an optional "Sport" version if the customer wants to lower the ride height by 10 mm.

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The Volvo C30 debuted for the 2008 model year and gave Volvo buyers something that they have craved for years – a sporty model. In its base format, the C30 pumps out a stout 227 horsepower from its 2.5-liter inline 5-cylinder engine. Though it was relatively powerful, Volvo felt it needed a little bit more by developing a Polestar version of this hot hatchback.

We first caught a glimpse of the C30 Polestar concept way back in 2010 and we expected to see a production model shortly after, but it never happened. This 2010 concept boasted a 450-horsepower, turbocharged 2.5-liter engine, leaving the sky as the limit with the production model.

Finally, after two years of development, Volvo has announced that it will release a limited number of production C30 Polestars to the public. Along with this announcement comes a press release showing off its features and, more importantly, its specifications.

The question hanging over the head of this new arrival in big bold letters is “Can it live up to the hype?” We definitely do not expect 450 ponies from this 3-door Polestar hatchback, but it still has some pretty big shoes to fill.

UPDATE 10/30/12: The Volvo C30 Polestar Edition was spotted at the 2012 SEMA Auto Show! It definitely caught us by surprise, we’ll tell you that. But seeing it there has convinced us that this sports car deserves to be in the company of all those sick machines.

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Volvo XC40

Volvo is expanding its lineup this year with the addition of the new XC40, a new compact crossover built on the V40 architecture. This higher-riding V40 will be making its debut at the 2012 Paris Auto Show in September, but a couple of months is still too long for us to wait, so we decided that a clear look at the upcoming Volvo XC40 was in order. Enter our rendering specialists.

We’ve already mentioned the fact that the "new" XC40 will be built on the V40 platform, but it seems as though everything will be borrowed from the V40, minus the higher ride and the features needed to prepare the XC40 for off-road use. Under the hood, the XC40 will continue borrowing from the V40. There will be a turbocharged 1.6-liter petrol engine and a 2.0 liter engine with power ranging from 150 to 240 HP. Diesel fans will get a 155 HP engine. The top versions will be offered with an all-wheel-drive system.

The "brand new" XC40 is being built as a competitor to the Audi Q3 and the BMW X1 . Of course, we’ll have to wait until the Paris Auto Show to determine whether it can actually be considered competition.

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