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Swedish automaker Volvo has never been one to promote performance over style. Actually, they have never been one for flashiness either. What the company takes seriously, though, is automotive safety. On this end, few can question their standing as one of the world’s safest cars.

But every so often, Volvo goes a different route - ’naughty’, as they once called it. This time, though, they’ve decided to give one of their models - the C30 - a more up-scale treatment.

Called the "Black Design" edition, this limited run C30 only has 600 units and is only available in Italy. It’s got enough exterior upgrades to drive up the car’s overall design, which if we’re honest, is actually one of the nicer ones in its class.

But before people start drooling over what appears to be plenty of carbon fiber used on the Black Design, you guys need to know that the material isn’t exactly carbon fiber.

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In October 2011, four race competing teams under the Volvo flag will embark on an eight-month-long adventure traveling around the world in some of the world’s most treacherous seas. With such a dramatic event about to take place, it’s no wonder Volvo is seizing the opportunity to offer a special edition Ocean Race Edition for four of its models: V60 , V70 , XC60 , and XC70 .

According to Lennart Stegland, President of the Special Vehicles division at Volvo Cars: "The cars in the Volvo Ocean Race Edition reflect all the values that our customers look for when they choose a car: an active lifestyle, adventure and passion, without compromising safety and environmental care."

"There are many features that in a very subtle way make you think about boats and sailing. The aluminum decor is designed in such a way that the pattern looks like a yacht harbour full of sailing boat masts. The stitching on the upholstery traces its roots to sail-making. The aluminum detailing on the mats resembles clews. And the design of the unique wheels has been inspired by the movement of the ocean’s wave."

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Volvo has officially unveiled its next hybrid vehicle for the mass market at the Geneva Motor Show. The Volvo V60 Plug-in Hybrid will introduce several new technological innovations that Volvo Car has been developing. Devel Devel opment of the V60 Hybrid has taken place at the same time as the full electric C30 model and with production of that ready to begin, the V60 is not far behind.

This new model will be capable of driving 32 miles on full electric power and produce only 49g/km of carbon dioxide emissions. This car features a unique system of a diesel engine powering the car in some situations and the electric motor kicking in for others. Multiple driving modes can be selected by the driver depending of he would rather use full electric power or the two in conjunction – this differs from many hybrids because the car will usually make the decision when to use electric power. In order to develop these technologies quickly and efficiently Volvo formed a partnership with the Swedish energy supplier Vattenfall in 2007 and has been working on plug in technology ever since.

"In order to get true car enthusiasts to think green, you have to offer them the opportunity to drive with low carbon dioxide emissions without taking away the adrenaline rush that promotes genuine driving pleasure. The V60 Plug-inHybrid has all the traditional properties of a genuine sports wagon. What we’ve done is to spice it up with spearhead technology," says Stefan Jacoby.

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Fresh off of the 2011 North American International Auto Show, the next major auto event is ready to kick off in a little over a week’s time at the Windy City in Chicago. From February 9th-20th, the Chicago Auto Show will be the center of the automotive universe - in the US, at least - and is expected to draw a sizable number of manufacturers from all over the world.

Here at Topspeed, we make sure that you’re on top of everything as it pertains to these type of shows and just like Detroit, we’re here to give you a low-down on what cars to expect at the Chicago Auto Show.

We’ve compiled a list of cars that are scheduled to make their production debuts in Chicago, and to give you a better idea of what models to expect, we have the full low-down on all attending brands and the respective models that they’re expected to unveil next week.

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Volvo is offering its American customers a cheaper entry level model for the S60 line-up. It’s called the T5 and is priced at only $30,795, which is $450 less than the previous base model and $7,000 more affordable compared to the initial top version.

This new version will be powered by a turbocharged 2.5-liter 5-cylinder engine that delivers a total of 250HP and 266 lb-ft of torque and is mated to a six speed automatic transmission. It comes equipped with memory, power folding rear head restraints, front and rear sport seats, a leather steering wheel with metal inlays, dual-zone air conditioning, an infotainment and 8-speaker sound system, Bluetooth hands-free phone interface, T-Tec textile upholstery, and 17-inch alloys.

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Who would’ve thought that the auto manufacturer that is widely considered to be the safest in the world is now coming under siege with numerous recalls, threatening to put a black eye on what is supposed to be a spotless safety reputation.

It was only a month ago when it was reported that Volvo issued a safety recall of a number of their models over what appeared to be problems directly attributed to improperly manufactured airbags .

As it turns out, that may not be the only problem the Swedish brand is facing these days.

The automaker has issued another safety recall of 7,420 cars with a defective front passenger seat power system. According to federal officials, the problem lies in the front seat rail’s detection system, which, apparently, was manufactured improperly, causing it to move the seat further that intended thereby increasing the risk of injury in the event a crash occurs.

The Volvo models affected from the recall includes 2009-2010MY units of the S40 sedan, V50 , and S60 , as well as 2010-2011MY units of the XC60 crossover. Volvo has likewise issued a statement saying that their dealers will inspect the problem and fix whatever needs fixing at no cost the customer.

For more information on this latest Volvo recall, you contact the automaker at 1-800-458-1552.

About a month ago, we reported on a safety recall being done by Volvo over an improperly manufactured airbag system covering a certain number of Volvo models, including the 2010-2011 models of the S80 and XC70 as well as 2011 models of the V70 and the XC60 .

Unfortunately for Volvo, another model seems to be experiencing the same problem after the National Highway Safety Traffic Administration reported that 58 units of the 2010 Volvo XC60 are all suffering from the same problem.

Just to remind you, the recall is being done due to a problem with the driver’s airbag “clock spring wiring connector for the supplemental restraint system”. The problem causes the airbag to improperly deploy should a crash occur, risking more injury to driver’s involved in the crash.

So if any of you are driving a 2010 Volvo XC60, it’s highly advisable that you contact your local dealers and have them inspect the car for the potentially dangerous problem. In the event that it needs to get them fixed, you should have your dealers fix it as soon as possible.

Despite our fascination for fast cars and exotics, one thing still holds true for us: safety always comes first.

Volvo has entered the Los Angeles Design Challenge with the Air Motion design concept, except it’s only a scale model that will probably never see the light of production’s day. We’d give Volvo a hard time, but Maybach seemed to only bring sketches of their eRikscha so we’ll let Volvo slide.

The Volvo Air Motion’s shape is designed like a clamshell made out of ultra light carbon fiber. The goal for this vehicle is minimizing weight and complexity, while maximizing driving enjoyment. Fit under the inner workings of the car are compressed air motors that replace a heavy internal combustion engine and cool down under load instead of heating up. The lack of need for a heavy cooling system adds to the lightness of this concept, as do modifications to the chassis, interior, and suspension.

The Volvo Air Motion concept is powered by air turbines that float 1,000ft in the air and harness the power of the wind to convert it to electricity. This electricity provides the compression.

All in all, however, this is just another beautiful and unique concept that will never see the light of day. We hope all of the automakers that have presented the unique concepts have very deep filing cabinets that will keep these concepts safe until they are ready to flow on our streets.

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The Volvo XC60 enters the 2011 model year with no major changes on either the exterior or the interior. What it does get is a new Pedestrian Detection with a full auto brake safety system and a new infotainment system, similar to the one found in the S60 .

The new Pedestrian Detection with full auto brake safety system works together to ensure that no pedestrian will get hurt due to unfortunate incident. The system uses radar and camera technology to watch for pedestrians at the front of the car. The system will alert the driver who can then act accordingly by either braking or steering clear of the pedestrian. If the driver is distracted in any way and does not brake or steer away then the auto brake system will stop the vehicle right before the vehicle hits the pedestrian.

The Volvo XC60 will come powered with a choice of a four-cylinder direct-injected 1.6-liter and a 2-liter GTDi engine.

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When you have a Volvo V60 that you’re looking to have tuned-up by an aftermarket tuning company, the first place you need to go to is Heico Sportiv . As the authorities in modified Volvos - they recently did one for the S60 luxury sedan - the auto tuning house has provided an array of packages for a number of Volvo models throughout the years. With the new 2011 Volvo V60 wagon, Heico Sportiv isn’t about to let up.

Scheduled to debut at the Essen Motor Show, Heico Sportiv gave the V60 an interior and exterior facelift that has effectively turned the V60 from plain and simple to sexy and aggressive-looking. Who would’ve thought that was possible with Volvos?

Heico Sportiv improved the V60 wagon’s exterior by introducing front spoilers made from flexible polyurethane plastic and mounted on the original bumpers, ensuring that the latest pedestrian protection guidelines are met. The same material can also be found in the rear skirt enfolding the left and right oval end-pipes of the quad outlet exhaust system. If you’re not satisfied with this, the tuning firm is also offering matching carbon or alternative stainless steel inlays and a dual-pipe exhaust variant that’s arranged in a ‘left-right’ arrangement.

The interior of the V60 gets high-grade leather on the car’s dashboard, door trims, and center console that’s complimented by aluminum add-ons on the pedal set, gear shit knob, and the footrest. Finishing off the package for the Volvo V60 is the inclusion of sport springs and a set of 18-20” VOLUTION sport wheels.

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Source: Heico Sportiv

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