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So much for Volvos being safe, huh?

In what could possible be one of the brand’s most embarrassing moments in its history, Volvo’s attempted demonstration of their 2011 Volvo S60 sedan’s new ’Collision Warning with Auto Brake’ system goes horribly wrong when the car’s new system fails to work, causing the S60 to ram head-first into the back of a parked truck - in front of a stunned audience including members of the media.

According to Volvo, the system works in such a way that it "automatically brakes the car if there is an imminent risk of a collision with a moving or stationary vehicle. The system starts by alerting the driver and preparing the braking system for emergency braking. If the driver does not respond despite the warning, the brakes are applied automatically."

While previous tests of the system showed that it actually does work, Volvo - or at least that particular S60 sedan - chose a wrong time to mess up a demonstration that was supposed to reinforce the long-held notion that the Swedish car brand builds one of the safest cars in the world.

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If you asked people in-the-know as to which car brand spends the most time figuring out the safety standards of their vehicles, Volvo is right up there at the top of the list. Thanks in large part to the Swedish company’s famed Safety Centre, Volvo has been able to take advantage of the benefits of having one of the most advanced safety testing sites in the world.

So it’s fitting that Volvo is commemorating the 10th anniversary of the Safety Centre by releasing a video that goes into detail on the extensive tests done inside the facility. Sin Sin ce being inaugurated by King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden back in 2000, Volvo’s Safety Centre has done over 3,000 full-scale tests and has done so by using a number of highly-sophisticated instruments.

We can keep talking about it, but it would be better for all to just watch how Volvo does its safety tests inside their Safety Centre.

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Volvo announced today that the new five-cylinder 2-liter turbodiesel engine that launched in the new S60 luxury sedan will be available for the entire line-up for the 2011 model year.

For the Volvo S80, V70, XC70, and XC60 models, the new engine delivers a total of 163 HP and 400 Nm of torque. For the S80, V70, XC70, and XC60the engine can go up to 205 HP and 420 Nm of torque. For all models, the engine can be mated to either a six-speed automatic transmission or six-speed manual gearbox.

The C30, S40, V50 and C70 models will get two versions of the engine: one developing 177 hp and 400 Nm of torque and one developing 150 hp and 350 Nm of torque.

The great thing about this new engine is that it will provide better fuel economy and lower CO2 emissions. Isn’t that everyone’s goal nowadays? Just how much savings are we talking about. Hit the jump and check out the chart provided by Volvo.

Obscenely long name nothwithstanding, the Polestar Performance Volvo C30 Performance Concept Prototype is one tasty vehicle, not just because it’s been tuned up to appease the inner race car driver in all of us, but because the finished product is actually better than any of us expected given that it is, after all, a Volvo .

To make sure that we get to know the prototype racer to a tee, the folks from Volvo, together with their counterparts from Polestar Performance, have released a walk-through video of the souped-up C30. This video describes every painstaking detail of the Volvo courtesy of Derek Crabb, Volvo’s vice president of powertrain engineering and the executive director of motorsports engineering, and Christian Dahl, managing director of Polestar.

Needless to say, both men offer some pretty insightful takes on the car, most of which should give Volvo enthusiasts a taste of what it would feel like to sit behind the wheel of the tuned-up C30.

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Heico Sportiv specializes in tuning Volvo cars and has done so since 1997, so it isn;t surprising that they have unveiled a new customization program for the new Volvo C30 . The new kit is based on accentuating the car’s design and improving driving dynamics and performance although, in Yoda terms, exhaustive in components, it is not.

The new components are simple in number. They are made in reinforced polyurethane plastic and consist of a new rear skirt with exhaust system. The exhaust is made up of 120x74 mm diameter stainless steel end pipes that are matte-polished.

The tuner is also offering an individually calibrated combination of rear valence and exhaust system – including an additional muffler and unique sound guarantee from five cylinders for the high end engines T5/D5.

Compared to previous tuned up models of the Volvo C30 by Heico Sportiv, this one is a tad on the lazy side. Not much is done to the original automobile leaving an image of an unfinished model.

Press release after the jump.

Volvo and Polestar performance have teamed up for the past fifteen years and created some fine cars to race out on the track including the Volvo C30 that was last seen winning the Swedish Touring Car Championship, but it seems that these partners-in-crime have decided that it was time to go to the streets. Polestar Performance announced it will unveil the C30 Concept Prototype at the Gothenburg Motor show that will be held from April 22-25. With the Volvo C30 Polestar Concept Prototype, Polestar aimed to build further on the strong driving characteristics of the standard C30 and at the same time illustrate the link between the racing cars and the Polestar Performance products. The team tackled this assignment with a renewed excitement that one can only get from building a street car with a racing design that is not held up to specific racing regulations.

The C30 Polestar Performance Concept Prototype is powered by a 2.5-liter T5 engine featuring a larger intercooler and a KKK 26 turbocharger. The output has been raised to an impressive 405 HP and 510 NM of torque.

Press release after the jump.

Volvo ’s "How Naughty Do You Want It" campaign is kicking into high gear and the Swedish manufacturer is giving the people a chance to come up with ideas on the lengths Volvo will take to prove it’s "naughtiness".

As a brief teaser of what’s in line for the campaign, Volvo announced in this video that they will be doing something very "un-Volvo-like" in the coming weeks, which means that we’re probably going to see these guys finally come out of the their boxy shells and become a little more risque.

How risque do we think? Well, if they can put some walk behind the talk they’ve been dishing out, then we probably should expect something along the lines of using a Volvo S60 and doing something straight out of the Fast and the Furious.

Yep, ’Volvo’ and ’Fast and the Furious’ in the same sentence. Who would have thought, huh? Seems Volvo is trying to shed the "old people" clothing and try on some fresh, young threads.

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Volvo will enter the Swedish Touring Car Championship (STCC) with a C30 driven by Robert Dahlgren. He says the C30 STCC is the fastest Volvo he has ever driven.

The car is based on the facelift version of the C30, but with improved rear suspension, engine, and aerodynamics. "We’ve gone over every single aspect of the new car - front and rear suspension, engine and aerodynamics. We want to be absolutely sure of all the improvements, and also to confirm the reliability of all the new and revised components," says Christian Dahl, Team Manager for the Volvo Polestar team.

Volvo and Polestar have had success on the racetrack before. In 2009, they had the fastest times in all of the qualifying sessions and succeeded in winning half of the heats. This year, they have extended their testing program to secure victories for the 2010 STCC and have already clocked in 3000 kilometers of track testing.

Follow the jump for a video of the Volvo C30 STCC and the press release.

When you think about high-performance race cars, the name ‘Volvo’ doesn’t usually pop up in discussions. As one of the world’s most conservative car brands, Volvo doesn’t really elicit thoughts of race cars the same way Ferrari or Porsche does.

Yet despite not being considered a popular racing brand, Volvo is far from being a pushover when it comes to car racing. As a matter of fact, the brand’s Swedish Touring Car Team is a defending champ in its racing league.

That being said, Volvo and its racing partner ‘Polestar Performance’ have developed a new racing prototype that’s based on the Volvo C30 with a goal of building a car that boasts just about everything a true-blooded race car driver wants on their car including performance, reliability, and speed.

The prototype C30 comes with a 400-horsepower engine, an all-wheel drive system, and aerodynamic features that were taken from race car data that came from Polestar themselves.

Robert Dahlgren, Polestar’s race and development driver, was geeked up by the thought of seeing a C30 get the full racing treatment. “We love the Volvo C30 - it’s a great car with huge potential for development with its low weight and low centre of gravity,” he said. “It’s also a fantastic road car. But now we go much further by combining the road car with cutting edge racing technology."

For those of you that are intrigued by how this Volvo C30 racing prototype comes out, you won’t have to wait long because the car is scheduled to be unveiled at the Gothenburg Motor Show in a few weeks time (April 22).

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Geely Needs $1.4 Billion in Working Capital to Substantiate the Purchase of Volvo

After months of watching the back and forth bout between Ford and Geely, Ford has announced that they have entered into a definitive agreement with Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Company Limited. The agreement was reached at $1.8 billion (US) and will be paid with a note of $200 million (U.S.) and the remainder in cash. The purchase price includes Volvo cars and related assets (primarily intellectual property). Ford has said they will continue to operate Volvo Volvo cars in certain areas in order to ensure a smooth transition after the sale. Ford has also agreed to supply powertrains, stampings, engineering support, information technology, access to tooling for common components, and other selected services and supplies for differing periods of time. The deal is still anticipated to close in the third quarter of 2010.

“The Volvo team has done an exceptional job of restructuring its business and remaining focused on delivering its plan during the sale process,” said Lewis Booth, Ford’s chief financial officer. “With Ford’s continued investment in Volvo, it has launched its best-ever product range and remained true to its core values – safety, quality, environmental responsibility and modern Scandinavian design.

Follow the jump for the full story plus a press release.

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