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Wald International

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The challenge for every tuner is to improve on the production model without ruining the original design. That is what tuning company Wald International did with the Nissan GT-R. Their Black Bison appearance package makes the Nissan look more aggressive with making it look gaudy. The kit comes with a complete body kit that includes a front bumper, side skirts, fender flares for the rear arches, a new rear diffuser and a new spoiler. There are also fresh wheels to go along with the abundance of carbon fiber.

The add-ons come in either dry or wet carbon fiber. For those who are interested to know the difference, wet carbon is the glossy material most are familiar with, while dry carbon fiber is the dull gray material used in race cars and spaceships.

The price difference between that two is in excess of $14,000, as wet carbon is priced at $11,620 and dry carbon at $26,410. There is no mention of power upgrades in the Wald package, but with 480 horsepower from the factory the appearance can stand to play catch up to the performance.

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Bentley owners usually sit on two very opposite sides of the rich people spectrum. They are conservative people who want to keep a low profile but still ride in luxury, or recording artists (or wannabes) who are out to show the whole world how wealthy they can appear. This kit is for the latter.

Bentley Continental GT Sports Line Black Bison by Wald

The Black Bisson Edition of the Continental GT by Wald takes the graceful lines of the Bentley and bolts on some attention. The edges of the body kit are rounded off with louvered styling elements. There is also a front bumper spoiler, side skirts, rear bumper spoiler, trunk spoiler and roof spoiler. Other parts offered are a suspension height reduction kit and D.T.M sports muffler exhaust system. Price tag for the body kit alone is 1,522,500 Yen (about $16,000).

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Last week we saw theLexus IS-F by Ventross and we liked it, but what about the new kit from the well-known Japanese tuner, Wald International?

Lexus IS-F by Wald International

The tuning house unveiled today its new body kit for the Japanese sports sedan consisting in a redesigned front bumper, a new set of side skirts, a carbon-fiber trunk lid and a new rear bumper with integrated air diffuser. The kit also includes a new set of black wheels with high performance tires.

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Already one of the fastest production cars on the streets, the Nissan GT-R (a.k.a. Godzilla) seems like the perfect car. Still there are many tuners that want to improve the car by offering a body kit for it. After Zele and Amuse , another major tuning company focused on the GT-R, Wald International. Known as one of the biggest Japanese tuners, Wald offered us a preview of their future body kit for the Nissan GT-R.

Nissan GT-R by Wald International

The new kit consists in a re-designed front bumper and a new custom-made nose cover, new aerodynamic side sills for better stability, expanded fenders on the rear, a new rear wing and a new rear air diffuser. Also a new set of 22” alloy wheels painted in black were added for better stability.

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Wald International, the Japanese tuner specializing in high-end cars unveiled another masterpiece: the BMW E90 3-Series Sports Line. The new package includes a new front bumper with integrated fog lights featuring Angel Eye technology from BMW, new side sills with integrated air vents at the end, a rear trunk spoiler and a redesigned rear bumper featuring an air diffuser with integrated 4-pipe exhaust system. Price of the kit, $9,880 plus tax.

BMW E90 3-Series Sports Line by Wald International

Unfortunately the engine remained the same, but if you want to add power to your BMW, you can choose Hamann or AC Schnitzer .

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After the unveiling of the W204 Black Bison based on the Mercedes C-Class , Wald international revealed a new masterpiece: its customized Bmw M5 . Although the M5 body kit is sporty enough this didn’t stop Wald International to improve the aerodynamics of the vehicle.

BMW M5 Sports Line by Wald International

Their new kit includes a new front lip spoiler with carbon fiber insertions, new side skirts, a carbon fiber lip spoiler and a re-designed rear bumper with integrated air diffuser and exhaust system. Unfortunately no prices were revealed yet, but stay tuned!

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After the debut in the “Sex and the city” movie, the baby SUV from Mercedes, called the GLK got the attention of the Japanese tuning specialist, Wald international.

Mercedes GLK by Wald International

The Mercedes GLK features a new body kit consisting in a new front spoiler, re-designed side sills, new roof spoiler and rear bumper featuring new rear air diffuser and integrated exhaust system. Also special alloy wheels were added. More info when the official details will be revealed!

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One of the most powerful and exclusive cars on earth, the Continental GT will receive a new restyling kit from the well known tuning house, Wald International. They are “guilty” with quite some styling and performance kits for almost every major luxury car brand on the market.

Bentley Continental GT Black Bison Edition by Wald International

The new kit touched by Wald gives a more aggressive look to the Continental GT by adding larger and more angular front intakes with separate brake ducts and a lower splitter. A slightly wider side-sill is added to the rear side skirts which features Wald’s signature, shark-gill extractor vents behind the rear wheels. Aside from the spoiler at the back of the car, the kit builds on the Continental GT’s basic look, adding aggressive styling to match the powerful engine under the hood. The new kit will be launched later this year.

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Nothing is impossible! This looks like the slogan for the Japanese tuning specialist, Wald International. In order to unveil the new set of 21 inch wheels from the Mahora series, the tuning company installed them on its customized Mercedes CL . With the new set of wheels installed the Wald International Mercedes CL becomes a dream car for all the drivers..

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