Westfield Sport Turbo

Westfield Sport Turbo

  The Westfield Sport Turbo debuted in 2010 and received mixed results due to the poor quality of its materials. It's powered by a 1.6-liter Ecoboost turbocharged engine that produces 225 horsepower with a pretty efficient 30mpg fuel consumption. Cost for this vehicle is just under $40,000.

For all the qualities that make the Westfield Sport Turbo a worthy rival to the Ariel Atom, there are an equal number of head-scratching details about the car that would make you want to stay away from it with a ten-foot pole.

Fifth Gear’s Jason Plato found this out first hand when he was handed the little sports car for a test drive around a racetrack. A touch between classic looks and modern technology, the Westfield Sports Turbo is a perfect example of a vehicle that’s more appealing from a distance than it is up close, sort of like a hot girl you see from the coffee shop across the street, but as you get closer and closer, the hotness fades into relative mediocrity. That’s what the Westfield Sport Turbo is in a nutshell.

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Source: Westfield

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