Zenvo ST1

Zenvo ST1

There is the rare occasion that TopGear UK manages to grab my attention and keep me entertained, and its review of the Zenvo ST1 happened to be one of those times. No, it is not because Jeremy Clarkson was just so witty that I couldn’t turn away. No, it was more like the Zenvo was such a train wreck that I couldn’t drag myself away.

The ST1 is a 1,106-horsepower, £800,000 beast that looks to have all of the goods — on paper that is. To hit this monster output, it uses a 7.0-liter V-8 that is both supercharged and turbocharged, which is rather impressive I must say. However, when TopGear got its hands on one of these supercars , the whole thing went downhill almost immediately.

It started well by Jeremy finding that it was a blur in a straight line, and was capable of hitting a insane 230-plus mph. This is the last of the good things, as from there Jeremy found that the car was literally undrivable in "Race" or "Sport" mode and he must have spun it out a dozen times. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the ST1’s rear brakes then failed and the clutch wasn’t far behind. So, back to Denmark the car goes.

In act II, the ST1 arrived with a new clutch and rear brakes, but before the guys can really take a crack at it, the cooling fan fails and the car does its best Fisker Karma impersonation. Back to Denmark it goes for more repairs...

In act III the ST1 returns yet again, and looks to be in perfect working order. So, the Stig finally gets his crack at it on the TopGear track. Well, the ST1 lays down a crap-tastic 1:29.9, which is one second slower than the Ford Focus ST, folks...

According to Zenvo, the roads were not suitable for driving the ST1 and that is why it turned in such a time, but for my money, it had better beat a Focus in the rain.

Check out the video above to see the full video of TopGear testing the Zenvo ST1.

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GTA Spano

We’re rounding off our Best of 2011 lists with one that is near and dear to our hearts. This list is all about top speed and top speed only, those who have it and one who hopes to achieve it.

Of course, speed hopes are nothing new. The battle for the fastest car in the world has been ongoing since the sports and super cars first made their appearance and more than likely, it will never end. These past couple years have been a game of one-upmanship between SSC and Bugatti with both succeeding in one way or another. But who tops the list for 2011?

Before getting into that, we think it is important to note that we only incorporated vehicles that were sold in 2011. For example, the Koenigsegg CCX may have a top speed of 240 mph, but that production ended in 2010, which takes the supercar out of the running for this list in particular. Don’t worry, though, Koenigsegg is still well-represented.

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Going through all of the glorious supercars of 2011 was no easy task, especially since it felt like every random country of the world was developing their own supercar. Each vehicle we came across deserved to have their time to shine on the list for best supercar of 2011, but as time went on, it was clear which ones stood out above all of the rest.

A couple of the supercars on the list shouldn’t surprise anyone, especially since they were created by one of the top supercar makers in the world. Then there are the relative newbies to the group that have received enough recognition to warrant praise from the average car enthusiast, but the final vehicle would probably not be recognized by many and its home country may actually cause ridicule to ensue. The end result, however, was enough to give it a spot on our list.

Hit the jump to check out which of the supercar bad boys made it to the top of our list for Supercar of the Year.

The Zenvo ST-1 , a Danish supercar of Bugatti Veyron proportions, is getting ready to make its US debut and to give it the proper introduction to the American market, Zenvo founders Jesper Jensen and Troels Vollertsen turned to a man that’s considered one of the foremost authorities on automobiles in the US: Jay Leno.

The ST-1 recently made an appearance on Jay Leno’s Garage, marking the first time the comedian/auto enthusiast has come face-to-face with the Danish supercar.

Just a refresher: the ST-1 is powered by a 7.0-liter V8 engine that produces 1,100 horsepower, enough juice, in fact, to challenge the almighty Bugatti Veyron Super Sport . All that power translates to break-neck speed, too, as the ST-1 is capable of hitting 233 mph without even breaking a sweat.

Only 15 of these models will be built, with the US only getting three of them. We’re pretty sure that Leno will end up with one of them, especially after he seemed to blush every time he mentioned the ’ST-1’ name.

In case you have $1 million lying around your house, you can be one of only three people in this country that can boast of owning a Zenvo ST-1. Go and watch the episode of Jay Leno’s Garage and maybe he can convince you to fork over that cash.

Denmark’s Zenvo ST1 is not the most popular or most well-known supercar of the lot, but make no mistake, the people over at Zenvo are hell-bent on changing that perception.

The Danish supercar maker is getting ready to roll out three special edition ST1 models for the North American market, called the ’ST1 50S’. Despite the ultra limited number of this model, Zenvo has made sure that they’re worth every penny prospective customers will have to shell out for the chance to own one of these three hypercars.

Aesthetic changes done to the car are limited, but they still stand out from the rest of the supercars running roughshod over America’s highways these days. The ST1 50S comes in three different colors - Intense Red, Crystal White, and Mediterranean Blue - with a powertrain that has been improved from the standard ST1 model. The part about the engine is pretty huge considering that the ’base’ model already has a 7.0-liter supercharged V8 engine that produces 1,104 horsepower and 1,050 lb/ft of torque.

If there’s any improvement on those eye-popping numbers, then how much more powerful is the ST1 50S?

UPDATE 11/07/2011: The Zenvo ST1 50S will finally arrive in the USA this month. The bad news is that it will be limited to only three units and will cost a whopping $1.8 million. Of course, that will also include a Swiss watch that alone costs $49,000. The car will be sold via U.S. distributor Emporio Motor Group.

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Christmas is less than a month away, and the holiday shopping season is officially in full swing. Now that everybody’s busy trying to figure out what gift to give whom, we’re going to provide a suggestion for anybody who’s into high-powered supercars.

If you happen to have a pretty generous loved one when it comes time for holiday gift-giving, might we suggest that you drop this person a line or two and ask for, you know, a Zenvo ST1 supercar. No, we’re not talking about die-cast toys here; we’re talking about the real deal. This is a car that’s powered by a 7.0-liter V8 engine that produces 1,104 horsepower and 1,055 lb/ft of torque. That very same car can go north to 60 in just three seconds with a top speed of 233 mph.

The only caveat – and it is a pretty significant one – is that the car has a price tag of…$1.17 million. If you don’t recall that is just a tad bit more expensive than the original price of $1.125 million , but that is the downside to trying to scoop up a car that only had 15 examples built.

Too bad, really, especially when you take into account that this particular ST1, which is being sold in Germany, only has around 90 kilometers on its odometer.

Denmark may not be particularly famous for building cars, but Zenvo , the Danish automaker, is planning on changing that perception.

If first impressions are any indication, then the company’s first offering, the ST1 , will undoubtedly put the company on the map. Powered by a 7.0-liter supercharged V8 that produces 1104 horsepower – that’s about 103 more ponies than the fabled Bugatti Veyron – the ST1 is about as badass as a supercar can get.

The good news for us is that the car is coming to the US. The bad news is that Zenvo will only be making 15 units of the ST1 per year. The even more depressing news is that the company has released the price tag of the supercar.

And if there’s anything beneath depressing news, then it’s what the price tag says: according to Red Sea, the US distributor for the supercar, the ST1 will come with a $1.125 million price tag.

And we thought we could ask Santa to get us one this Christmas.

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Who would have imagined that such a car would come from such a non-car place. Denmark might be a fantastic country to live in, with its low crime rates and very uncorrupt government, but nobody could have dreamed of them making a supercar, let alone a machine with 1104 horsepower.

That power number puts the newZenvo ST1 in the same ranks as the Bugatti Veyron and the Koenigsegg CCXR . Amazingly, many have still not heard of this brilliant machine. The concept has been around for a decade and it finally got the green light for production in 2005. In those five years, not many news stories have been published around the ST1. Somebody needs to hire a new marketing team.

Creating that massive amount of power is a 7.0-liter supercharged V8 that will put out 103 more horsepower than the Veyron and 1,050 pound-feet of torque. The top speed is limited to 233 miles per hour and it’ll hit 60mph in just three seconds. Only fifteen ST1 examples will be made for the wealthy people that can afford to pay the $1.125 million price tag.

UPDATE 10/20/2010: This article has been updated with the US bound ST1.

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