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Posted on is hiring an automotive journalist (paid position)

Love cars? Want to write about them? we are hiring!

We’re looking to hire a dedicated automotive journalist/editor/blogger to join team. If you’re good, we’ll pay you, usher you into the cult of automotive journalism, invite you along to auto shows, involve you in podcasting, maybe get you into a media vehicle or two and, of course, extract great writing about autos from you along the way. It’s all in a day’s work, and every moment is fun for the right person.

Interested? Keep reading.

A good candidate must exhibit:

  • A demonstrated passion for autos
  • Prolific knowledge of the auto industry
  • Ability to write with wit, concision and authority
  • Consistent schedule
  • Self motivation

We also require that you:

  • Possess a fast computer (laptops are best) and fast internet connection
  • Own a decent digital camera
  • Have the software and knowledge to create and manipulate photos
  • Are available to blog on an almost daily basis
  • Keep a valid drivers license

Here’s how to apply. Reply to this offer with the following information.

  • A subject line with your full name
  • Your full contact information including physical address, email, daytime/evening phone numbers, IM user IDs
  • Brief bio of yourself telling us why you’re the right person for the job
  • Three sample posts written in the style

We’ll only consider complete applications that come with no more than a resume attached to the email. We appreciate each and every person who considers joining our team.
Motorhead : Apply here .

We are still looking for volunteer to help

If you want to get published in our site and read by more than 100,000 uniques visitors daily. You can submit articles, computer rendering, pictures, or drawings to our team. We’ll do our best to feature it on the site.

Contact us now if you want to contribute.

This can be a terrific experience to put on your resume and showcase your real talent.

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