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Since hitting the World Wide Web in 1995 — the years of 56 kbps — has brought you news and reviews on the latest and greatest of everything with wheels. We love cars, but we also bring you a steady dose of motorcycle, boat, truck, commercial vehicle and even bicycle news. Our team of high-octane enthusiasts are hard at work to bring you all the latest, so bookmark and check back often.

Philippe Daix

Topspeed founder, Philippe Daix is a motorhead at heart but also a computer geek. More often behind his keyboard than on the road, you can still catch him on the auto show floor, harassing engineers to understand what lies beneath the pretty body work. And if you were wondering about the accent, yes it’s French Monsieur.


Simona graduated from the Faculty of Computer Science in 2005, and landed a position with Top Speed in 2006. Since joining the team, she has come to realize that few things evoke as much joy as cruising down a twisty mountainside in the newest sports car.
With cars being a relatively new addition to Simona’s list of favorite things, she learns something new with each model as she passes the information on to you.

Justin Cupler

Justin Cupler is the editor in chief of these pages, and he’s been a member of the team since 2012. Justin’s love for cars started back when he was just five years old, helping his dad work on his 1957 Chevy Bell Air and then his 1966 Chevelle SS. Justin’s love for car’s became a career when he began working on cars in the mid-2000s, then he moved into repair shop management shortly after.

After growing tired of fixing other peoples’ car problems, Justin earned a certificate in radio and television broadcasting, and dove into the world of talk radio and television. Following a short stint in radio, he then moved into the print journalism, and began writing for various automotive sites, including Cars Direct, Internet Auto Guides, Ebay Motors, and many more.

Justin loves his family first, but second in line is his 2004 Mazdaspeed MX-5 that he aiming to crest the 300-horsepower mark with. It’s a little rough right now, but we call that "character."

Kirby Garlitos

Kirby’s fascination with cars began when he first laid eyes on his first Micro Machine. At that time, he thought they were the coolest toys in the world, narrowly edging out those Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action figures. Over time, his love for cars evolved to Matchbox cars and Burago models, then finally, it all became a reality when he bought his first ride — a 1998 Honda City — back in 2002.

His tastes and preferences on cars has changed over time, but his passion remains (as does his love for TMNT). Writing about his passions for Top Speed has been the closest thing to a dream job this side of being a Ferrari test driver.

Mark McNabb

Mark McNabb is one of those eccentric people who, for whatever reason, cannot stop thinking about mechanical modes of transportation, especially the automobile. With dirty hands and a background in automotive journalism, Mark is excited to join in providing the latest news and most interesting reviews to this corner of the internet.

Cyril Demortier

Prowling the auto shows with his expensive gadgets, Cyril is always on the hunt for the best shot, still or moving.

Christian Moe

Christian Moe is unique and entertaining.

With life goals that include becoming a race car driver, a rockstar and an astronaut, he is never sitting still. He chooses to dream big and never settle for anything but the best.

A good set of eyes will find his name across the internet on sites such as Autobytel, Road and Track Online and even Fox News.

Christian is excited to be a part of the TopSpeed team and hopes to bring a sense of adventure, fun and excitement to the site with his work.

When not writing or driving, he can likely be found scuba diving or engaging in questionably dangerous carpentry work.

Pratyush Rout

19 year old who has a thing for cars and drawing them.

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