950 Super Enduro R

950 Super Enduro R

Posted on by Maxx Biker 0

KTM’s well established pecking order sees the 950 Super Enduro R positioned right next to the 990 Adventure models . That’s a good clue of what the bike is capable of but wait to hear about the bulletproof chassis and high performing engine before starting being amazed of what the Austrian’s could deliver. Although similar in performance, the Super Enduro R is a whole other blast compared to the Adventures simply because it was created for hardcore off-road riding while the headlight and mirrors ensure it is street legal too.

Posted on by Anthony Kodack 1

The KTM 950 Super Enduro R is the ideal bike for all those who want to tackle absolutely everything. During chassis tests it dismisses the roughest abuse. Over and over the WP absorber components plunge into action just in time.

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