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German fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld has come up with some unique creations the past weekend at the Paris Fashion Show. This fully functional motorcycle fur helmet is mink-covered and actually part of the designer’s winter 2010 ready-to-wear collection.

"Now everyone is on scooters, even chic women, so we had to do the helmet," said Lagerfeld who is currently working for Chanel and Fendi.

The fur helmets are also fitted with an iPod connection so they follow the industry’s trend with great accuracy and yet in a unique way. I just wonder what people are going to thing when seeing these things in traffic.

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Before sharing our personal opinion on this bike, let’s see what the artist itself has to say about it: "Red Widow - Motor Fantasy. A Futuristic revolutionary motorcycle, conceptual motorcycle design. A concept bike, a hybrid between your classic motorbike and sci-fi motor vehicle."

Ok, that’s a nice idea to wake up in mind with and the name is appropriate too, but as much as we’d like to revolutionize this industry we shouldn’t forget the basics. For instance, the round tire profile should never be dismissed if we plan to lean the bike in order to take it fast around corners. Once we do that, it is very likely to scrap the knees so better use protective gear…though the virtual legs look good, don’t they?

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This mysterious looking motorcycle is the creation of German tuner Befaster and it not only attracts our attention with its unique look, but with an impressive power to weight ratio too: 1.88 horsepower for every kilo. This translates into a 170 hp engine, which, as the light weight, surely doesn’t come standard on the original Ducati bike.

The weight of the standard bike (186 kg) was reduced with 43 kg by installing a set of components made out of carbon fiber and titan instead of the original ones. Furthermore, the engine’s displacement was increased to 1.037 ccs, which explains the 170 hp.

Befaster actually plans to sell this motorcycle for €120.000. Is this hard to believe? Believe it!

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British motorcycle manufacturer Triumph upgrades their Speed Triple 1050 with a multitude of carbon fiber pieces and calls it a limited edition model. This exclusive naked motorcycle relies on the very same 1050cc inline-triple engine powering the standard Speed Triple with its 130 bhp while the Brembo brakes and Showa suspensions are also there.

The Speed Triple Carbon limited edition model additions are purely cosmetic so the only color matching the carbon fiber flyscreen, cowl, infill panels, heat shield and front fender was matt black. The handlebars have also been black painted and the mirrors were anodized.

Only 55 such bikes are available for the price of $11,800 so contacting your local dealer now would be an inspired move if you’re caught up by this unique model.

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L-R-G performed their “routine” on the 2009 Suzuki Gladius and, strangely, their goal wasn’t speed, but off-road performance. By modifying the swingarm, adding the Leo Vince exhaust, a pair of standard-spoked Excel wheels and RM-Z front end, complete with MX fender and mudguards, the small commuter was transformed into a veritable supermoto. The standard seat and license hanger have been stripped down in order to obtain a sleeker design.

The tricked-out Gladius gets a Green and White paint scheme while the brake calipers and transmission cover are gold painted, just like on last year’s L-R-G Suzuki Hayabusa.

While we’re so caught up by this bike, we can’t help wondering if Suzuki will start thinking about an entry-level alternative for the continuously growing supermoto market.

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A Portuguese carpenter named Carlos Alberto was thinking about popularizing his skills when he remembered about the old Vespa scooter forgotten in the garage. Hmmm, what would be the result of that? I guess the images speak for themselves.

All that is left for us to mention is that the engine, suspensions and wheels are still made out of metal. The rest is just poetry to our eyes.

Much better than any commercial, the scooter even got a new name – Vespa Daniela – as it is most likely dedicated to Carlos’s daughter.

Apparently, this isn’t our man’s first wooden two-wheeled creation as we also found a full-size motorcycle called Mota on its website.

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If you are looking for a better interpretation for “safe riding”, it is very likely that this armored Boss Hoss motorcycle qualifies for the perfect thing. Let’s say you’re pretty good at riding and the problem for you now isn’t keeping your butt on the bike, but protecting yourself and the machine from a weapon assault let’s say.

Hollywood stuntman and inventor Eddie Paul has designed the “Secret Weapon” which is basically a Boss Hoss motorcycle covered in thick metal body parts positioned at an angle for maximum deflection (just like on tanks) and featuring a Lexan bullet-proof windscreen. The thing even features two 7.62mm electrically driven rotating Gatling guns (replicas, of course).

The only question here is: If the bike on which you plan to ride, do stunts or show off looks like that, what does gearing up for riding imply?

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Damco rim lights were designed by Repeat Offenders sportbike club in order to add a custom touch to their bikes and now are available for sale all over the United States. The lights fit all Suzuki GSX-R and Katana models and require no drilling, neither removing the rims as mounting operations.

For the moment, they are available in three stand-out colors: Red, Blue and White. One kit includes enough lights to do front and rear rims and costs $195.00.

Note: 10% of every purchase goes to help families of fallen riders.

Watch their promotional video here or go to their website for more details.

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French company Orca Suzuki, also a KTM lessee, has just unveiled a new Red Bull Racing version of the KTM RC8 1190. This is the first blue edition ever made and it is packed with accessories from the KTM racing catalog as well as Rizoma.

The first thing that sets it apart from the normal bike is the Red Bull custom styling and that’s the main reason why people will buy it. The French company plans on selling it for 17.900€.

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