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We know that stunt man often apply artificial buffs rather than paint on their previously asphalt polished motorcycles, but we also have a hunch that this is not the case as this dressed up Yamaha R1 features the original mirrors, headlights, etc, leaving us wondering: why would anybody do that?

Well…there is more than one possibility. For example, this can be an interesting super sized mechanical friend for your Dalmatian dog or a hard thing to ride on when willing to get the heard into the fold. But, without a doubt, it is intriguing so I’ll let your imagination come up with more possibilities.

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Back to the grind of searching in the massive archives of the Google Patent Search, we stumbled upon this little item: a postal envelope in the shape of a motorcycle.

Scott Master filed the claim last year, and was awarded the patent last June.

The idea is interesting to say the least, but several problems spring to mind. First of all, there’s not much space to put something in the envelope. Something like a letter, unless the envelope is enormous.

Secondly, when the envelope hits the sorting stations of the Postal system, it’s going to loose parts of the bike, all the edges will probably get torn off.

And last, but not least, will the Postal system accept it?

But, it’s interesting. Would I use it? Maybe... would you?

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Motorcycle artist Roland Sands has recently spent some time with the Yamaha R1 studying it and finding cooler parts and technologies to implement on the already mind blowing performing motorcycle.

The result is this one-off Kenny Roberts style colored “Performance Machine”, as it says on the rear end, which stands out thanks to the longer swingarm, custom wheels and exhaust (that must sound crazy).

Now don’t get me wrong, I love the design, but I don’t know how the bike performs while braking as, for example, in order to have the front wheel stand out a brake disc was removed. Also the rider would have troubles seeing anything in those nice small mirrors.

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If there was a top of the most aerodynamic motorcycles in the world, this would definitely be among the firsts. I like to call it the closest thing to a space shuttle, but the most appropriate place for it to be properly exploited on is probably the Bonneville Salt Flats, not the space.

Notice how the bike is built around the rider and even though it seems packed with fiber, the helmet is the one connecting the windscreen with the fairing, leaving us with two suspicions on our hands: either that guy is claustrophobic or they wanted to minimize weight and did a pretty bad job.

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A motorcycle enthusiast creates the T3 motorcycle, a machine which’s source of inspiration is the famous Jaguar logo of the even more famous British car manufacturer.

As you can see in the pictures, the bike is a representation of the cattish in attack position, just like you would see on classic Jaguars, only that hundreds of times bigger.

The engine is positioned way back so that this modern work of art could be best pointed out and the headlight is positioned on the left side of the rider for the same reason.

A V-twin, the motor was elected from a wide variety because it is the one that can reproduce best a jaguar’s purr. Wheels come straight off a Japanese sport bike, only that this one has a chopper-like seat and sports-like riding position. This makes me question its comfort level, but does anybody care about that? This is the T3, the first Jaguar motorcycle ever made. Place of birth: a Jaguar fan’s and motorcycle enthusiast garage.

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Strange motorcycles are the salt and pepper of this industry so a compilation of these rule-braking machines are the very best thing for each one of you. Either you’re into skulls or into complete comfort when riding your bike/trike/armchair, this is the clip to see if looking for some

Never managing to disappoint, these homemade machines find their way in people’s minds and stay there until sharing them with friends. Let’s see how many you can confine.

Amazing Motorcycles That You Must See To Believe - The best home videos are here

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Exposed at an international exhibition in Seattle, this gold plated chopper has raised more than a few eyebrows and the gold has nothing to do with that. The amazing part is the $500,000 price tag for which it can be yours. I sure know I can’t have it (it’s a the Naomi Campbell of motorcycles), but if you’re an eccentric millionaire and plan on buying it, be sure to leave a comment to this post or even send us a few pics from the first ride on it. Good luck with that! Make sure you don’t scratch the “paint”!

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Most of us have seen or heard about outrageous motorcycles that are built to stand out from the crowd or measure as much as the entire crowd put together, but we’ve never wondered if they can actually be ridden on legal roads at least with the minimum safety precautions.

It seems that somebody has not only considered this aspect, but also came with a solution to it. By its name, the Gunbus motorcycle is the latest creation of Mr. Clemens F. Leonhardt. Also, this is the first world’s biggest motorcycle expected to go into production so imagine how would be to ride one of these things.

Quite a bang, I’m telling you! With a 410-cubic-inch, air-cooled, pushrod V-Twin the Gunbus stays true to its name: shoots like a gun, drives like a bus.

What we’re still waiting to see is the sidecar which is being designed for it, but we’re sure it is going to be another world braking record. Hey, at least you can take the kids with you and know that they’re safer that on a regular bike with sidecar.

But until, the sidecar arrives (or the kids) check out this blonde girl!

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Triumph has its own special way of celebrating its entry in the World Supersport Championship as Together with the Scuderia SC Team, it has created the Garry McCoy World Supersport replica of the Daytona 675.

The bike not only celebrates the first year for Triumph racing in the World Supersport Championship, but also the Triumph-SC partnership so the new approach towards this bike had to be a little different. In fact, they’ve made it look like a racing bike with headlights, two seats and mirrors, something that puts Triumph on the map.

Because we are talking about a street bike, the Garry McCoy replica was kept “pretty much” the same. I am here referring to the tuning cylinder head and gas flowing, camshaft inlet and valve kit. Though it is improper said the same as he power commander Dynojet increases performance and Termignoni full titanium race system deals with the extra power, making the bike sound as good as it looks. It still had to remain stable through the corners so the FG Gubellini was the perfect solution for the question mark appearing in the minds of Triumph engineers.

Of course, it had to feature the Garry McCoy replica paintwork and Triumph SC decal kit and there have also been added carbon parts such as the front and rear mudguards and frame protections.

So if you were considering on buying a Triumph Daytona 675, you can now have the tuned-up and special painted version for 14,000 euros. Isn’t that great? But what if you already have a Daytona and wish to upgrade it like this? No problem at all as the kit can also be sold separately for 3,500 Euros, but you’ll have to deal with the mounting in this case.

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During the years, we’ve kept you informed on everything that was new, outrageous and about everything that broke the rules and now we’ve come across this video which, through its slides, brings those bikes back to your memory and others more. So enjoy!

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