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The “Troubled Waters”, as it was named, is a custom creation of Phoenix Trike Works and the result of a lady’s order. The future owner lives in Palm Spring, CA and what better place to come up with such an outrageous creation. Why outrageous? Well, check out the title! It is powered by a 2 liter Porsche 911 boxer-6 engine!

Slightly retuned in order to perform and sound as a trike motor, the unit was mated to a five-speed transmission and hooked up with a unique exhaust that has never previously seen its way onto a Porsche engine. But everything has a start. As well as the hand built headers, carburetor stacks, leather seats, air brushed paint featuring images of many sharks, air ride, polished billet stainless steel forks, handlebars, rear A-arms and many other pieces that have never been associated with the Porsche name before. Also being fitted with a 23 diameter front wheel with matching, one of a kind custom cut 20” diameter 18 inch wide in the rear, our lady won’t have any troubles at all standing out under the California sun.

Experience is all that counts when building trikes and the team at Phoenix Trike Works has plenty of it. Willis Wilcken has been building three wheelers ever since the mid-sixties and after his son Joseph was born he co-opted it in the family business. This gives Phoenix Trike Works an old and new feel which reflects on their products, leaving people open-mouthed.

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Enzyme is an innovative design company with headquarters in France. Their idea on futuristic motorcycle design is gathered under the name ICARE. The machine looks like a Bat Mobile frankly, but it seems to have made quite a big impression at Zaha Hadid’s Chanel Mobile Art pavilion.

Sculpted in the air tunnel, the aggressive and aerodynamic shape makes the rider the completing part of an oval looking thing, but what sustains those looks is the 1800 cc six-cylinder engine provided by Honda.

This is definitely something I would love being seen on in the near future so let’s hope that the French will go on with the concept!

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Practically a dressed-up motorbike in a jet fighter’s clothing, this is one of the most appreciated approach towards a cockpit looking bike. MonoTracer is its name and it is as nice to meet you as you are, only that this is a “you can look, but you can’t touch” situation. Why? Well, have you checked up its price tag? It says $82,350! That’s enough for me to make a heart attack!

I mean, what’s it got that other bikes don’t? A top speed of 250 km/h…normal thing, 0 to 100 in 5.7 seconds…easiest thing for other bikes also, a cabin…not to be seen in any parking lot! Ok, but is it made out of platinum? Not sure. It does protect you from the wind and rain, and from curious looks, but in the same time it looks a little hard to handle and it makes me wonder how will I go in reverse if I suddenly go nuts, robe a bank and buy the damn thing?

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When your kid is tired from riding that rubbish old motorcycle and begs you for a motor powered two-wheeled vehicle, preferably nicer than the one ridden by the neighbor’s child, this is what you come up to.

Using imagination and everything you’ve learned by watching the OCC guys in action, you’ll strip down the old fashioned bike, custom design and build a frame on which the 5 horsepower engine would find its place and, in order to remind him what he left behind, attach the bike’s front wheel to the also custom made forks.

Innovation sets you a step away from being a bike builder

Don’t lose a lot of time designing an impressive exhaust system (it won’t fit on the small bike, anyway), but make sure that you have it custom pained. In this case, Orange was the color of choice with blue flames.

Christmas is long away and the weather is perfect for riding so you won’t have any reason of keeping the thing away from the enthusiastic small rider. After all, it reaches more than 50 mph so it is a real blast, definitely better than what the neighbor has.

Fitted with pull levers for gas and brake, it is the easiest thing to ride, something you’ve wished to have when you were a small child with a thing or two in mind.

Innovation sets you a step away from being a bike builder
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It is by now clear that the best commuting solution features two wheels as they are economic and occupy less space in today’s crowded cities, but we often find ourselves wondering what the future reserves for the continuously developing motorcycle market.

Vincent Nero is the latest visionary project and it was designed by two students!

An answer to our questions came in the form of the Vincent Nero, a concept bike implementing features of early-days motorcycles which are refreshed and propelled into the future. For instance, there is the mid-size V-Twin engine – configuration that has been around ever since pioneers found out how to properly air-cool their constantly-heating engines, the spoked wheels and the Harley-type exhaust. The upright riding position is ideal for this kind of motorcycle and this also brings the massive, high tank and the imposing, futuristic forks.

Vincent Nero is the latest visionary project and it was designed by two students!

Designed by students Ian Galvin and Craig Mackiew, the Vincent Nero opens up the gates to a new motorcycling era, especially now that gas prices are going nuts.
The Vincent Nero is designed both as a naked concept bike and a half-faired one so let’s just hope we’ll soon be put in the situation of choosing among the two.

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Industrial designers and motorcycles; futuristic approach

Most motorcycle designs are collaborative projects, involving several people and functions. This means that most design style becomes, dare I say it, ’bland’. Everyone needs to agree on the look of the motorcycle, and as the saying goes, “you can’t please everyone all of the time”.

Most motorcycles that have that very special look were designed by small teams, often just one designer. That’s what makes the bike unique, since it’s the individual’s taste that has been added to the bike.

So if you let a single individual design a motorcycle from the ground up, and if that person is a talented industrial designer, the resulting motorcycle can be out of this world, literally!

Englishman, Dan Bailey, is such a talented designer. He took a Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle and used the image of the alien from the movie Alien

and created this master piece:

Industrial designers and motorcycles; futuristic approach

You’ve got to admit, it does look like the creature from the movie. The whole motorcycle is extremely streamlined and futuristic looking. The bike is called “Indian” Speed-racer and is meant for (future) races. The hub-less wheels are impressive to say the least.

The whole concept is very pleasing, and could very well be the way motorcycles look in the nearby future, but one question remains in my mind: how do you sit on the bike? Or more, where do you sit?

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Why would anybody do that? Well, the Mv Agusta F4 RR 312 is beautiful and triumphant, indeed the most quality build series motorcycle in the world and in order to celebrate that the maker decided to be a little more eccentric this time so the idea materialized into what you can see in the pictures. Entirely covered in 24 karate gold, the Italian bike can literally be considered a jewel.

Having the dimensions of 80 x 80 - which means a total of 5 meters - the gold sheet was applied by hand and I guess we can say that this is THE bike that looks like moving even at a standstill.

Expensive and laborious work was put into the F4 RR 312 and the refined project came to live thanks to the collaboration with Aurum which provided the precious metal for the even more precious bike.

As you can suppose, the art work was done in Italy, country which also gets all the recognition for this wonder.

Source: MvAgusta
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Valentino Rossi will sustain the Italian National football team at the European Championship by racing a bike that was custom painted in the colors and style of the team’s shirts. The racing pilot’s suit has undergone the same transformation, as well as the number 46.

The bike was unveiled today and will be racing this weekend as on Monday Italy plays with Holland.

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When you are part of the Non-Object team and think about doing something out of the ordinary, the first thing that comes in your mind is to brake the rules or more to forget completely about any rule whatsoever. In this case, obviously, we are talking about design features which take the Nucleus concept bike back in the Stone Age. Even though a truck would perform better than it in the air tunnel, this block of concrete is powered by an electric engine and is equipped with a hydraulic (...)
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Ducati dealers from coast to coast will be celebrating the 2008 Ducati Apparel Collection with fashion shows and displays on April 25-26. Ducati Apparel Collection fashion shows were introduced in 2006 and have since become highly anticipated events at dealerships, motorcycle races and other venues across the nation. The night of Friday, April 25 will kick things off in style with fashion shows from Southern California to Toronto. Fashion shows and Ducati fashion displays will continue (...)
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