Anyone who rides a motorcycle knows that it is always safest to wear a full set of leathers – jacket, gloves, pants and boots – when you ride. Believe it or not, leathers actually can be the only thing protecting your skin from nasty road burn, and can even save your life in some severe cases. Well, some people tend to forget, or just feel silly wearing them – myself included – and we need a little reminding that everything is better in leather.

Well, with England getting ready for national Ride to Work Day on June 18th, local TV stations are running ads reminding bikers of safety, including the importance of leather. Instead of giving us a graphic video about the dangers of road rash, one commercial goes exactly the opposite ways by using a double entendre to burn the need for leather in our minds.

The opening scene is bad enough, using key phrases like “doing it,” “leather,” and “wearing protection” at various points. Only to find out that [ha ha] we’re talking about motorcycle leathers protecting you while you “do it” [ride a motorcycle]. Well, at least somewhat… The last scene takes the entendre the other direction, and… Well, you’ll just have to watch the above video to find out.

Go ahead and have a few LOLs on us!

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Believe it or not, Ducati has launched a Diesel Monster 1100 EVO . Trust us though, it’s not what you think. When we say Diesel, we’re speaking of the Italian clothing brand that sponsors the Ducati Team in MotoGP and has also launched a Ducati apparel collection so that riders can look fashionable on their new bike.

The 2012 Ducati Monster 1100 Evo was launched alongside the apparel collection on March 15, 2012 at the Diesel store in Soho, New York City. Ducati calls the bike "urban military chic." The exclusive ’Diesel Brave Green matte’ paint on the tank and rear fairing delivers a rugged military vehicle feel, especially while set against the black that covers almost every other part. To pay homage to the bike’s racing heritage, the shock and the Brembo calipers are painted yellow. Expect this bike to set you back a cool $13,795.

Leave a comment below and let us know what you think of the 2012 Ducati Monster Diesel 1100 EVO.

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We recently made a post about the Alpinestars Tech Air Race motorcycle suit that features airbags as an extra protection system and while that is a viable solution for riders that plan on keeping the action mostly on the track and definitely using superbikes, this late airbag jacket that Brembo has created appears to be much more appropriate for daily use by commuters and mainly by those who also want to retain a fashionable and stylish note apart from the extra safety.

Called the Brembo Life Jacket, this very special motorcycle/scooter clothing item features an airbag system that deploys in just 80 milliseconds when the rider is suddenly separated from his/her machine. The immediate response is thanks to a new activator developed with Helite and Sabelt. These lasts are responsible for the inertial reel connection cable that is attached to the motorcycle that triggers the airbag.

Brembo's new airbag jacket can be a life saver [w/video]

Designed to protect the torso, chest, back and neck, the Life Jacket remains inflated for 60 seconds before slowly regaining its original size. Using Oxford nylon and Teflon fabric, this type of safety jacket is very light and comes in three models for men and two for women. Colors available are white, black, blue, red, silver gray and sand mélange. Hit the jump to see the demonstration video.

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Alpinestars have today presented their Tech Air Race motorcycle suit, which was specifically designed and built to enhance the rider’s survival chances in case of a crash. In other words, the leather suit has airbags.

The safety gear manufacturer somehow managed to integrate the system into the Electronic Airbag Protection Suit and have it controlled through a high-tech electronic brain and we hear the process was a long and complicated one, but the breakthrough was worth the while.

The suit constantly monitors the rider’s movements and will only arm if the rider is moving and the engine is running. It offers five levels of programming and even works on electric bikes, so it seems Alpinestars thought at everything.

In the unhappy event of a crash, the safety system’s response is crucial, so the electronic brain determines the imminence of a crash in about 8 milliseconds, the airbags fully inflate in 50 milliseconds and they stay like that for 5 seconds before starting to deflate, process which takes 25 seconds.

Once used, the system can be rearmed in less than 60 seconds using two separate cylinders with a cold charge of nitrogen. The extra protection system will increase the price of the standard suit with about $2,500 when it is expected to hit production in June 2011. Also, the system will be adapted on all kinds of riding gear, from racing to off-road.

It all sounds good in theory, but nothing compares to actually seeing the airbag system being deployed on a rider, so hit the jump for a video showing just that.

Source: autoblog
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The ck Calvin Klein Spring 2010 campaign ads have just been launched and we’re surprised to see the fashion brand introducing their own idea of a biker look with the help of stylist Karl Temper and photographer Craig McDean.

The brand’s fifth campaign approaches minimalistic styles that have long characterized CK, but the “gear” is rather girly, so I guess that’s why we’re seeing the custom-made bike giving the tone of the action in the pics.

Source: trendhunter
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As a result of Puma’s collaboration with Ducati, their Motorsport Spring Collection 2010 video ad shows a few Ducati motorcycles, which attracted our attention in the first place. Then we just have to admit that an Italian logo can make almost any shoe look better, not that we don’t like Pumas or anything. Video is attached after the jump.

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With all the ‘Black Friday’ frenzy coming down on us, we offer you a way to profit of the busiest retail shopping day of the year without being brought in the state of killing the guy ‘shopping’ next to you. Remember our post about, the new website that Pro Italia and Ducati have recently launched? Well, they were kind enough to offer a special 10% off coupon code to Top Speed readers. The code – topspeed – is good from Nov 27-Nov 30. Happy shopping you all and don’t forget to mention us when making your order.

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Say you have a Ducatisti in the house and don’t really know what to buy him/her for Christmas. Things are now made much easier for you with this new website that Pro Italia and Ducati have launched – Offering performance parts and accessories, protective gear and casual Ducati clothing, the site is like Santa’s bag of goodies for each and every fan of the Italian brand.

Press release is attached after the jump.

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