Aprilia Atlantic

Aprilia Atlantic

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When it comes to style, Aprilia is certainly one of the most talented motorcycle manufacturers the world has seen. The Atlantic 300 is another beautiful creation of the Italian manufacturer and its unique appearance combines practicality with sportiness in a tasty package.

But, exterior beauty is only the first part of the equation. The second one is even more interesting as the Aprilia Atlantic 300 hides a lot of modern technologies under its sporty skin.

The scooter is powered by a horizontal single-cylinder 4S 4V engine with a displacement of 278 cc. The engine cranks out 22.4 hp at 7500 rpm and 23.8 Nm of torque at 5750 rpm and is paired with an automatic CV transmission.

You also get a comfortable riding position, a well tuned chassis and a innovative suspension system which allows you to fully exploit the engine power.

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The Aprilia Atlantic 300 offers a perfect mix between the comfort of a maxi scooter and the agility of a medium one. Despite its relativelly compact dimensions, the Aprilia Atlantic 300 is pretty practical thanks to its generous loading capacity and the spacious helmet compartment. Additionally an optional 47 or 35-litres top box can be easily assembled onto the luggage carrier.

The scooter sits on a pair of nice 13” rims with wide tubeless tires, which feature an integral braking system with front 240 mm and rear 190 mm discs.

At the heart of the Aprilia Atlantic 300 lies a horizontal single-cylinder 4S 4V engine with a displacement of 278.3 cc. The scooter is built on a steel frame with twin cradle and is equipped with a front hydraulic telescopic fork and a rear twin action hydraulic shock absorber, with adjustable spring preload.

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With cities becoming more and more crowded, people start heading towards motorcycle showrooms and discover that a scooter would be more appropriate for their commuting needs. A good example is the Atlantic 250/125 which, no matter the cylinder capacity choose, it offers excellent comfort and efficient aerodynamics while still remaining incredible easy to ride.

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Performance, comfort, spaciousness, and load carrying capacity are the main features of the sportiest maxi scooter around. The Atlantic Sprint is even respectful of the environment and is homologated to Euro 3 standard. Now, with the addition of a new 400cc engine, the Atlantic range is even more complete.

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