Aprilia Dorsoduro

Aprilia Dorsoduro

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The Aprilia Dorsoduro 750 is one of the most wanted motorcycles in its segment. This agile mechanical beast was designed with high performances in mind, therefore it boosts a 749,9cc, V90, four stroke, longitudinal 90° v twin, liquid cooled engine with four valves per cylinder and a ride-by-wire system. The engine cranks out a maximum power of 67.3 KW (92 HP) at 8750 Rpm and 8.4 Kgm (82 Nm) of torque at 4500 Rpm.

The Aprilia Dorsoduro 750 is built on Aprilia’s mixed trellis and aluminum frame which assures great ride and handling capabilities.

Other features worthy of being mentioned include four piston radial calipers, wave discs, a hydraulic wet clutch, adjustable front and rear suspension, optional ABS, Tri-Map ride-by-wire engine management and a Matrix instrument display with on-board computer.

The Aprilia Dorsoduro 750 is priced at $10,299.

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Packed with a new engine and equipped with a series of modern technologies, the Aprilia Dorsoduro 1200 ABS has all it needs to reward its rider with a thrilling ride.

The engine cranks out an impressive 130 hp at 8700 rpm and the company says that every internal element of the bike has been designed to optimize power delivery and make full use of the engine’s power. Among the features offered by the engine you’ll find Ride by Wire, electronic throttle management system and liquid cooling.

For more versatility the bike features a triple mapping system which includes Rain, Touring and Sport modes. Thereby the system allows you to adjust to various road conditions.

The front wheel is kept in check by a front 43 mm Sachs upside-down fork with shell-cast calliper brackets, adjustable spring preload and hydraulic compression and rebound damping. On the other hand, the rear wheel is combined with a side-mounted Sachs gas shock absorber which features adjustable spring preload and hydraulic compression and rebound damping.

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Rugged, sporty, yet pretty stylish the Aprilia Dorsoduro 750 offers a perfect combination of power, agility and pure technology. The 2012 Aprilia Dorsoduro 750 was built using light but strong materials and plastic body panels have been reduced to a minimum.

Compared to the previous model the 2102 Aprilia’s 750 cc 90° V twin engine has received a few upgrades. As a result the electronic and mechanical content of this V twin engine sets new standards in its segment. The engine incorporates a long list of advanced technology which includes liquid cooling, Tri-Map engine management and ride-by-wire throttle control, four valves per cylinder, double overhead cam valve timing, electronic fuel injection with two throttle bodies and hydraulically operated wet clutch. The engine’s output is rated at 67.3 kW (92 HP) at 8750 rpm and 8.4 kgm (82 Nm) of torque at 4500 rpm.

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Packed with a strong twin cylinder engine the 2012 Aprilia DORSODURO 750 FACTORY is able to reward its rider with a tasty mix of adrenaline and enthusiasm every time it’s unleashed on the road. With a maximum power of 92 HP and 82 Nm of torque the engine has enough grunt to make your breath stop for a few seconds from the instant you step in the gas.

The unit was conceived to respect the highest standards in its class thereby it features a longitudinal 90°V architecture, is liquid cooled and has double overhead camshafts with mixed gear/chain valve timing and four valves per cylinder.

The engine’s power is sent to the rear wheels by means of a six speed gearbox which is paired with a Hydraulic Clutch. It’s also worthy of being mentioned that the clutch is self-adjusting, meaning that it needs no maintenance.

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With a long list of technical and esthetic upgrades, the 2013 Aprilia Dorsoduro is finally prepared to go head to head with the best bikes in its class including the BMW R1200GS.

At the heart of the bike lies a two cylinder unit which cranks out a maximum power of 130 hp. The engine is placed in a lightweight chassis which is carefully forged to offer superior driving dynamics.

Other technical highlights include radial Brembo callipers, hydraulic clutch, Ride by Wire with 3 different engine maps and the Matrix instrument panel with on board computer. Moreover, the Dorsoduro is also available with ABS and Aprilia Traction Control (ATC).

Also new for the 2013 model, are the fresh three split spoke wheel rims which are 2.3 kg lighter than the old 5 spoke model. Because the new rims decreased the total weight, it was possible to fully revamp the shock absorbers and suspension which are now tuned for more agility and reduce the overall height of the bike’s centre of gravity.

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The Aprilia Dorsoduro 750 ABS received a new engine for 2013. The new generation has also received other few upgrades which make it more agile and pleasurable.

The 2013 Aprilia Dorsoduro 750 is fitted with a 750 cc 90° V-twin engine which delivers a maximum power of 92 hp at 8750 rpm and 82 Nm of torque at 4500 rpm. The engine is mounted on Aprilia’s unique mixed trellis and aluminium frame which gives it superior handling abilities.

The front breaks consist of advanced 4-piston radial calipers which bite 320 mm floating wave discs offering a short stopping time. For extra safety, the bike is also fitted with a sophisticated 2 channel Continental ABS system. Both front and rear systems features metal braided braking pipes, borrowed from the aeronautic sector. Thanks to this advanced technology, the pressure fluctuations of conventional pipes are eliminated, maximizing the breaking efficiency.

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There have been rumors stating that since the unsuccessful launch of Aprilia ’s naked bike, the Shiver , the company just wasn’t capable of releasing new motorcycles that would boom in the market. But now, after four years of silence, Aprilia is introducing a new Dorsoduro Motorbike. The 2011 Aprilia Dorsoduro 1200 is said to be stronger than the previous Dorsoduro released years ago. This fascinating new motorbike can now be added to the Italian manufacturer’s collection when it is introduced at the EICMA show in Milan this year. It will be joining the previous Dorsoduro 750 and the Dorsoduro Factory 750 models.

The first ever official image of the Dorsoduro 1200 was recently released, and although it did not give us a good enough grasp of the features the bike will have, it did provide us with a little information. In the photos you can see that the bike’s ABS system was completely redesigned and the description attached to the image noted that the Dorsoduro will have a 1200cc 90-degree V-Twin engine. The bike’s new engine will perform at a higher compression to allow for increased displacement, so expect some robust power coming from the ride-by-wire platform. Aprilia claims that the new motorbike will have a power output of 130 hp at 8700 rpm and 84.8 ft-lb. of torque at 7200 rpm. This new engine feature is considered to be a strong point in leading over the other top bikes in the market today.

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In 2010, the Aprilia Dorsoduro family got bigger with the introduction of the all-new Aprilia Dorsoduro 750 Factory. Derived from the standard model , the Factory gets all the premium components that Aprilia could think of – meaning fully-adjustable Sachs suspension, Brembo brakes, a gel seat and carbon fiber fairings, just to mention a few.

There’s no word on US availability yet, but considering its €9,990 tag price in Europe as well as the standard model’s $9,599 MSRP in the US, don’t expect it to be cheap.

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Italian manufacturers are great when it comes to supermoto rides and Aprilia is definitely an uncontestable competitor for the best possible place on the podium and on the market.

Using the same successful recipe used when creating the SXVs , they went ahead of the competition and built the Dorsoduro 750, a middleweight that is claimed to bring a new kind of excitement on the streets and on the track.

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Aprilia plays with the 2010 Dorsoduro Factory and we’ve just got our hands on the leaked pictures showing that. While the standard version is very aggressive already, just like the Italians like their bikes to look, the Factory adds carbon fiber parts and a black frame, achieving an overall much more aggressive result.

In what the engine is concerned, this remains the 749.9cc twin developing 92 hp at 8,750 rpm and 60lb/ft at 4,500 rpm. While these numbers are more than decent for a midsized super motard, the engine also works closely together with the “Ride by Wire” system, which is available in three modes: sport, touring and rain.

The suspension equipment now translates into a Sachs kit, which is adjustable to as much as 45mm, while the braking system maintains the same 320mm discs and now works with four-piston Brembo calipers. The sad part is that ABS doesn’t find its place in this equation, like in the case of the standard version.

Expect the Dorsoduro Factory to gather quite a crowd at Aprilia’s EICMA stand this year.

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