Aprilia RS

Aprilia RS

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This small sport bike was especially developed for those who are starting to learn the secrets of motorcycles. Unlike other bikes of its type the Aprilia RS 50 offers premium features in a relatively compact package. Needless to say that it was also built with comfort in mind so once on board, you are met by an ergonomically designed seat, a nonintrusive fuel tank and a sporty handlebar combined with a modern instrument display.

The motorcycle is propelled by a liquid cooled, single cylinder two stroke engine with a displacement of 49.9 cc. The engine sends its power to the rear wheel through a six speed transmission.

As far as brakes are concerned the Aprilia RS 50 is equipped with a 300 mm front disc grabbed by a radial caliper while out back there is a 180 mm stainless steel disc paired with a powerful two piston caliper.

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The 2012 version of the Aprilia RS 125 is powered by a single cylinder, two stroke, Rotax-Aprilia engine. Needless to say that the engine is fitted with all the modern technologies expected from a top manufacturer and is reliable to the core.

Among the technical features offered by the 124,8 cc unit, you’ll find a crankcase reed valve intake, liquid cooling, an anti-vibration balancer shaft and an automatic mixing system. The unit is also fitted with a catalytic converter and precision carburation which helps it meet the Euro 3 emission regulations.

The Aprilia’s RS 125 frame is made from cast aluminum alloy with cross ribbing reinforcement. Aprilia developed the RS 125’s frame using its experience in the GP 125 racing so you can expect to first class build quality. Despite its extremely light weight, this advanced structure achieves amazing tensional rigidity.

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Aprilia revealed the 2013 version of its RS 125 model. The bike features Aprilia’s latest technologies developed using the experience gained in GP racing.

As far as design goes, the Aprilia RS 125 is distinguished by its sharp lines which give a sporty and aggressive look. The sporty look of the bike is enhanced by the GP inspired tail and the crossed spoke wheels.

The Aprilia RS 125 is propelled by a single cylinder, two stroke engine which features crankcase reed valve intake, liquid cooling, an anti-vibration balancer shaft and an automatic mixing system. To make its engine as efficient as possible, Aprilia combined it with a catalytic converter and precision carburation. Thanks to these two features the engine is able to meet the Euro 3 emission standards.

The bike is also fitted with a set of dependable breaks – 320 mm front and 220 mm rear discs.

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50cc may not sound like a whole lot for an engine considering there are more powerful engines for bikes in the market, but there’s still a market for it. And as far as being one of the top dogs in the world of 50cc supersport motorcycles, the Aprilia RS 50 offers all the things you need in a bike of its size.

You might find it surprising that a bike like the RS 50 comes with lightweight wheels, radial calipers, an aluminum frame and swingarm, and an under-seat exhaust, but that’s what Aprilia has done with this bike. In the simplest of words, the RS 50 is a genuine sports motorcycle that comes packed with the sort of technology normally found only on a GP racer. Its eye-catching, racing lines and determined, aggressive shape tell you that the Aprilia RS 50 knows no compromise.

This 50 cc supersport is made to thrill and has all the performance needed to do so, thanks in part to a surprisingly powerful 50cc liquid cooled, single cylinder two stroke engine that offers the very latest design and technology, allowing it to deliver exceptional performance (6.25 kW at 10,000 rpm) for its size.

As far as style is concerned, the RS 50 draws inspiration from the flagship model of the Aprilia family, the RSV 1000 R , the very same twin that beat Japanese four cylinder racers to win the 2006 Master Bike trophy. Using the same technology used on the powerful RSV, Aprilia was able to build a 50cc bike that all other bikes in its segment fear the most.

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There is simply no way that the Aprilia RS125 could look better than with this gorgeous brunette girl alongside it. Why? Take a trip to Italy and you’ll see exactly this kind of babe either riding the bike or sitting at the back as passenger. The idea of combining these two beauties is just right and very realistic.

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In a world where 50cc two-wheeled vehicles are called mopeds, the Aprilia RS 50 manages to stand out as a supersport model with all the features that come with the category.

The two-stroke engine’s 8.4 horsepower would mean the difference between a stock and an aftermarket exhaust in the case of most liter bikes, but when you start thinking that Aprilia took the time to develop an aluminum frame and swingarm, light wheels and an RSV-inspired fairing for the RS 50, you know that they’re up to something big (and not necessarily in terms of engine displacement) here.

Although it might seem like it’s designed for pure fun, the smallest supersport bike from Italy is here to teach kids and teenagers the first steps in sports riding. And when the engine starts feeling week, an 80cc cylinder kit will keep riders on their first RS bike before even considering the RS 125 alternative.

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The dream machine of every single teenager that wishes either to get into motorcycle racing or simply have a lot of fun on a bike that is build to fulfill his needs has one name only: Aprilia RS 125.

This 125cc two-stroke sports Italian bike can be ordered at select U.S. Aprilia dealerships since last year for a manufacturer’s retail price of no more than $5,5K and the 2010 model year turns into a veritable Max Biaggi replica thanks to the cool new color scheme. So if you see one of these beauties being revved next to you at a traffic light, the guy sitting on it might very well be the same one that challenged you yesterday with the Civic.

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Aprilia has announced the launch of the RS125 , RS50 and SR50 special edition Max Biaggi replicas. The two entry-level bikes and the small displacement scooter get the same paint schemes as on the Max Biaggi racing motorcycle, while remaining mechanically the same.

The Italian manufacturer does mention that the bikes will hit dealerships later this year, but doesn’t announce the prices.

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For the second straight year, the Aprilia RS 125 was awarded the title of Bike of the Year. Among those who voted for the winner of the “125” category were almost 94,000 readers of twelve different European magazines, among them Italy’s In Moto that preferred the RS 125 to the Cagiva Mito and the Yamaha YZF-R 125, awarding it 27.6% of votes. For the RS 125, it was the umpteenth acknowledgement of an unparalleled career, in which it has cemented its technical and stylistic leadership in the (...)
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The new RS 50 is the first real supersport for the young generation, and the most advanced 50 cc motorcycle on the market. This is the machine that sets new standards in performance and technology.

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