The BMW R7 is truly a one-of-a-kind motorcycle that was introduced as a concept in 1934, but never produced. It did, however, inspire the R17 and R5 models. It was built during the height of the Art Deco movement, which is apparent by its very precise design that adheres to the standard mathematical basis of the Art Deco style, and is truly a pleasing piece.

After its conception, the R7 slipped away and was thought to be lost until it was rediscovered in 2005 and fully restored. It bears all black body panels with white outlines. Its wire wheels are painted a deep black to match the rest of the body. The body was like no other bike at the time, boasting smooth lines and fenders that partially wrapped around the wheels. Covering the engine are pieces of formed sheet metal to aid its aerodynamic qualities. Even the exposed cylinder heads are formed into a more aerodynamic dome shape.

The R7 boasts an 800 cc boxer engine that Leonhard Ischinger designed for BMW. It boasts a forged, 1-piece crankshaft for extra strength, and 1-piece cylinders and cylinder heads. Since the camshaft was under the crankshaft, the cylinders were positioned higher, leading to more effective valve positioning and even more ground clearance than the typical bike of the era. Coming off of the engine are two chrome fish-fin exhaust pipes.

This bike boasts a 4-speed manual transmission. Instead of the traditional foot shifter, the 1934 R7 boasts a car-style gear shifter to the right of the fuel filler cap.

There is no price placed on this bike, as it is a one-of-a-kind example that has never been sold on the open market. We are sure it would fetch upwards of $1 million at auction. We’ll never know, as its original discoverers are still in ownership and show no desire to sell it.

Image Credit: BMW museum Munich and ElfeJoyeux via Wikipedia

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If beauty is what your eyes keep rolling after, you surely are familiar to American model Hope Dworaczyk and the BMW S1000RR superbike, but we’ve come to find that these two beauties recently collided.

Playboy magazine selected the 25-year-old Texan to be their ‘Playmate of the Year’ and handed her in a $100,000 check and the keys to 2010’s best superbike. With that kind of wheels and money, she can go riding around the world for a year with a few photo studio stops, of course. Here’s her first shot with the bike…we know, it hurts.

Last but most importantly, this is the first time in 45 years that the Playmate of the Year has been given a motorcycle instead of a car, meaning bikers are expecting even more such delights.

Source: MCN
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Remember the Yamaha monocycle concept and the Rollersphere ? This is kind of the same thing only that the rider isn’t protected by the elements like in the previously mentioned cases. What makes the Hornet, as it is called, special is the fact that it is the closest concept to a one-wheel superbike and this turned it into winner of the VACC competition.

Designed by Liam Ferguson, the Hornet single-wheeled concept superbike is powered by two in-wheel hydrogen fuel-cell six-phase Neodymium-Iron (Nd-Fe) electric motors developing a claimed 74 hp. Also considering its 388 lbs weight and that of the rider’s, the listed top speed is of 146 mph.

But this concept has its fair share of ingenuity too. For instance, it balances gyroscopically when parked thanks to two side-by-side small wheels and tilts forward to run on the central wheel when accelerated. Also, the bike features a series of computers that examine data such as attitude and rider input in order to always offer stability regardless of rider weight and vehicle momentum.

Although the basic working principle is like that of the Segway, we have to admit this is a much better scenario imagined as the single wheel (which is actually made out of two parallel wheels) allows for extreme slow speed maneuverability. Ok, so why would you list an unrealistic top speed in this case?

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Belarus isn’t precisely the destination of Hollywood stars passionate about riding, but it may very well be that soon as in a small shop, Yuri Shif Custom has created the DUster Streetfighter, a multiple award winning custom motorcycle.

Starting from a Ducati Monster engine and transmission, the Belarusian builder then fabricated the frame, bodywork and swingarm rear suspension and added a modified Showa fork only to obtain the bike’s unique stance. But as they say, it’s all in the details, so the all white finish with gold and Italian themes is, as strange as it might seem, this bike’s piece de resistance. To us, the clean profile of those big white wheels with custom perimeter brakes is just crazy.

The DUster holds the Best Streetfighter trophy from the latest Custombike show in Germany as well as the Best International Builder award, which it received at the Verona expo in Italy a couple of months back.

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At the 14th snow sculpture competition held in Selva di Val Gardena, Italy, visitors got the chance to see “The Doctor” doing what it knows best despite the freezing temperatures outside.

This Valentino Rossi snow sculpture was created by snow artist Samuel Perathoner and brought him first place as the theme was "International Sports Personalities". The best part is that second place went to the creator of another Rossi sculpture, Matthias Kostner, which really shows how much Italians love their MotoGP star.

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From a motorcycle that took third place in the metric class and fourth place in the freestyle class at the 2009 World Championship of Bike Building, you might expect at poor track performance, but that’s just not the way Stellan Egeland builds his custom bikes. After coming home from the World Championship, he took the Harrier to the race track and shred those tires into pieces. He also made sure that he gets everything “on tape” and created a video that shows how custom bike building shouldn’t go against custom bikes performance.

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Big Dog Motorcycles, the leading manufacturer of high-performance, high style motorcycles, won the 2009 V-Twin Bike of the Year award with their all-new Wolf model at the 9th annual V-Twin Expo, the industry’s largest trade show, held February 7-9 in Cincinnati.

Having also won the coveted prize last year with the 2008 Pitbull model, the award marks the second year in a row the company has received the industry’s high honors. Also, Big Dog Motorcycles won the V-Twin bike of the Year awards in 2005 with the Bulldog and in 2006 with the K-9 chopper.

Editors at Paisano Publications, a worldwide diversified media company offering a wide variety of motorcycle magazines, were impressed by Wolf’s distinct, striking seamless design ; drive side brake; radical 45-degree rake and 9½-long stance; exclusive tri-cam 121 c.i. engine; and amazing maneuverability and riding capabilities.

“It’s an honor to receive this very significant award from editors of such nationally-renowned magazines,” commented Sheldon Coleman, company founder and CEO, who accepted the award. “It speaks loudly about the bike’s benchmark styling along with its unmatched ride and handling.”

“And it also reflects the hard work and dedication of all those involved in creating this game-changing pro-street: Sales, marketing, engineering, purchasing, dealers, and suppliers. Their talents and efforts never been more evident than in this incredible new cruiser,” Coleman continued.

All that there is left to say is Congratulations and good luck next year!

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Yamaha’s Raptor 250 continues to earn individual and industry praise as one of the best new ATVs of 2008. The all new ATV has completely raised the bar for the entry-level class with superior design and performance. Press reviews of the machine have been overwhelmingly positive, the new Raptor 250 now shows up (and wins!) at national and regional racing series, and ATV Sport magazine has now named it the “Best Of Class” for 2008. Unlike other entry-level sport ATVs, which are typically (...)
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Wonderful times to own a Brutale 1078RR, especially if you live in Italy. It is all due to the fact that the monthly Motorcycling magazine assigned this MV Agusta model as THE bike to buy if you are attracted by the naked segment. It all happened in the wonderful and suggestive frame of Cortile of Rocchetta at Castello Sforzesco situated in Milan. And so the wonderful creation manages to win the first place for the eight of the many to follow occasions, beating the Ducati 696 and BMW R (...)

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