Bimota DB5

Bimota DB5

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The Bimota DB5 E Desiderio offers a perfect combination of comfort and speed. The company says that it was especially developed “to provide the best platform for sports and general road use”.

As far as design is concerned, the Bimota DB5 E Desiderio has all it needs to be considered an attractive motorcycle. We especially like the tubular chrome-molibdenum steel frame finished in a tasty red paint, the angular fuel tank and the sporty headlights. Not to mention about the aerodynamic fairing and the lightweight OZ aluminium forged wheels.

At the heart of this agile beast lies a 90°L twin cylider, 4 strokes power-plant unit with a capacity of 1078cc. The fuel injected engine cranks out a maximum power of 98 hp at 8500 rpm and 10,5 kgm of torque at 5500 rpm which is more than enough to propel the bike to a maximum speed of 230 kmph.

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The DB5R stands as the best DB5 model and has all the features to back up this affirmation. DB5’s greatness consist in agility and easy handling features which for 2008 and with the adding of the “R” to the model’s name have been radically upgraded.

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