BMW K-Series

BMW K-Series

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With quite a few occasions, we happened to see various sportsbikes that resembled different cats, but to our surprise this is a motorcycle wrapped in fur and it is anything but light, agile and very fast. It couldn’t have possibly been any of those attributes simply because this BMW K1 K1 200LT is supposed to look like a cow. If we must be mean, we would say the standard bike does a very good job in that concern, but it seems that the owner of this particular one lend a very helpful hand.

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Posted on by Maxx Biker 1 has just released three video episodes explaining the BMW Motorrad history.

See how BMW first started by producing airplanes and then turned to motorcycles, selling the first ever R32 model five years before starting to design automobiles.

The Bavarian company proved adaptable in the critic period following the Second World War and very innovative afterwards. This lead the Germans towards great profit numbers in the propitious 1960s period, when some of their iconic models were born (mostly R series).

Enduro models from the 1970s were an instant success and that was carried on in Dakar racing as well. BMW then oriented towards high-performing and innovative street models (the K series) while carrying on with the Enduro segment as well.

See the three videos after the break.

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BMW is enjoying the benefits of their latest veritable touring bike, the K 1300 GT, which features electrically-adjustable windscreen as well as heated seat and handles as standard options. Although benefiting of an engine that produces 160 hp, the top speed is limited to 124 mph, so the new BMW would still have a hard time dethroning the Kawasaki Concours 1400 . Still, it makes for one hell of a contender.

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The 2009 BMW K 1300 R is a massive and very well individualized German naked which retains goodies such as the Duolever front suspension and single-sided rear swingarm with shaft included from its fully-faired sibling, the K 1300 S . The engine is the same, all-new 1293 cc, four-cylinder inline managing an outstanding 173 hp. This much amount of power together with the bike’s 217 kg dry weight position the new Beemer up against the Suzuki B-King , something that isn’t quite often seen.

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Last year’s Intermot show in Germany saw BMW unveiling the 2009 K 1300 S, a bike that carries on the fame of the innovative K series by retaining the Duolever front suspension and single-sided swingarm with integrated shaft.

The new model makes a big impression on the industry’s scene not as much due to its 228 kg and 1293 cc inline-four engine that is capable of 175 hp, but more due to the optional quick shifter and the new ESA 2 (Electronic Suspension Adjustment) system.

Overall, the design hasn’t been changed except the slightly redesigned side fairings and black finished front air scoops. For 2009, the BMW K 1300 S is available in a range of new colors.

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