BMW Motorrad Days

BMW Motorrad Days

German automaker BMW is one of the most diverse brands in the industry, having branched itself out past its cars division into other ventures, particularly motorcycles .

At the company’s recent Motorrad Innovation Day 2011, the German brand unveiled their latest two-wheeled concept machine, the electric drive E-Scooter.

Featuring a design that lends itself to the lack of a main frame, the E-Scooter comes with an aluminum battery casing that is connected to the steering head support, the rear frame, and the left-hand mounted single swing arm, which is directly hinged to a horizontally installed shock absorber. The charging device of the E-Scooter comes with a charge cable that allows the bike’s battery to be recharged in a painless manner - any household power socket will suffice.

The electric drivetrain of the E-Scooter allows it to reduce its range by somewhere around 10 - 20 percent depending on the bike’s profile.

The E-Scooter’s performance numbers have yet to be announced, but BMW is pegging the bike to produce an output that ’s right around the range of maxi scooters that are currently powered by a 600-cc combustion engine with a driving range of well over 60 miles.

For a scooter that boasts of an electric drivetrain, that’s a mighty impressive number given that it compares favorably to its fuel counterparts.

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On July 4-6 it will once again be the time of year when motorcycle fans from all over the world come together to party. BMW Motorrad looks forward to welcoming many riders and friends of all motorcycle brands, particularly after last year’s BMW Motorrad Days attracted more than 34,000 visitors to Garmisch-Partenkirchen. What is there for this year’s visitors to look forward to? The show: Defending title holder of the Indoor Streetbike Freestyle World Championships, Chris Pfeiffer, will (...)
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The biggest BMW Motorrad party in the world is set to take place once more at the Hausberg in Garmisch- Partenkirchen on July 4-6, set against the wonderfully scenic backdrop of the Zugspitze. The joint planning and organisation by BMW Motorrad and the tourist office of Garmisch-Partenkirchen is already running at overdrive. The BMW Motorrad Days organisation team will once again be providing a colourful programme for all – not just fans of the brand – to enjoy. For a kick off, all of the (...)

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