BMW R 1200

BMW R 1200

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The BMW R1200RT is a pretty capable sport touring motorcycle. Though, BMW considered that it can still be improved even more so they went on and made a few modifications. Therefore the 2012 generation received a new boxer engine with much more torque and new DOHC cylinder heads. The bike has also a fresh cockpit, new shift units, new hydraulic reservoir and handlebar separately mounted and a new audio system.

Compared to the previous model, the new R1200RT is also slightly taller and wider, two attributes that improve the road stability and rider protection.

The BMW R1200RT is also featuring an ESA (Electronic Suspension Adjustment) with damping, spring base and now also spring rate adjustable at the touch of a button. Not to mention about the Integral ABS and hard-shell cases, all offered as standard equipment.

As far as styling goes, the new model received new fairing and a redesigned cockpit with visor and adjustable foot shift lever.

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The BMW R1200GS Adventure is a tough motorcycle which is ready to join its rider in the wildest on or off road adventures.

The motorcycle offers a wide range of features which help it tackle any mission with ease. For the starters, it comes with an aggressive design language that inspires confidence and agility. You also get top notch ergonomics thanks to the comfortable saddle and handlebar.

At the heart of the R1200GS Adventure lies an unstoppable DOHC engine, borrowed from the HP2 Sport. The R 1200 GS Adventure’s engine rewards you with a peak torque of 88 ft-lb available at 6000 rpm and a maximum power of 110 hp at 7750 rpm.

The 2013 model is also offered with an anniversary package which comprises a matt black/gold paint finish, high-quality model inscriptions and an exclusive brass plate on the clamp.

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The BMW R1200 R is one of the most practical models built by the German manufacturer. The motorcycle is not only practical, but is also pretty good looking and strong. What’s even better, it has received a set of upgrades for 2013 which help it stay among the top dogs.

The new facelift includes a few design changes, fresh instruments, a high-quality fork, double-butted aluminum handlebars, tasty cast wheels and a standard chrome muffler. As far as styling goes, the BMW R1200R will certainly stand out from the crowd thanks to its spoke wheels, the attractive paint job and the various chrome inserts.

The motorcycle is propelled by an air-cooled 2-cylinder twin engine which received a few tweaks to deliver more power. Thereby the engine’s output has been increased to 81 kW (110 bhp), while the maximum torque has also been raised to 119 Nm at 6,000 rpm.

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The BMW R1200 GS is already considered one of the coolest cross motorcycle in its class, but with the addition of a the special Triple Black version, the model became even cooler. Thanks to the Triple Black treatment the R 1200 GS Adventure Triple Black is without a doubt a true eye catcher.

The Triple Black model is finished in a tasty combination of sapphire black, granite grey and asphalt grey. Moreover, the seat of the R 1200 GS Adventure has a special and exclusive feature as it is available for the first time without the GS symbol.

The BMW R1200GS is powered by a flat twin (’Boxer’) 4-stroke engine, DOHC engine with a capacity of 1,170 cc. The engine is rated at 110 hp (81 kW) at 7,750 rpm and 89 ft-lb (120 Nm) of torque at 6,000 rpm.

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The second model to be displayed by BMW Motorrad at EICMA Show is R1200 R, in both standard and Classic versions. Both combine a modern sporty and accentuated classical motorcycle design, once again with considerably greater quality and driving dynamics for even more riding fun.

The new R 1200 R is powered by a 1170 cc engine that delivers 110 HP at 7750 rpm and a peak torque of 119 NM at 6000 rpm. The new bike will be offered in three exterior colors: mat metallic smoky gray, metallic light gray, or metallic red apple.

Both the R 1200 R and the R 1200 R Classic can be fitted optionally with electronic suspension adjustment ESA. This serves to vary the spring base and the suspension’s pressure and rebound stages at the rear wheel, and the suspension’s rebound stage at the front wheel – a system that has established itself as the solution for optimized road handling and comfort.

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As avid lovers of motorcycles, we have great expectations when it comes to our bike’s performance and design. We aim for a two-wheeled vehicle that can perform at its best, have outstanding features, and a mesmerizing appearance. These expectations in our bikes are what cause us to be grateful for BMW Motorrad who are here to produce the best motorcycles ever built. For several decades, Motorrad had been serving the motorcycle industry by producing highly-designed motorbikes thereby committing them to creating bikes that are near perfect.

This year, BMW Motorrad surprised the local market by launching their newest sportbike, the BMW R1200 GS. The R1200 GS is a versatile motorbike that can be treated as a touring-oriented naked motorcycle or a classic sport bike. The term ’GS’, as defined by BMW Motorrad, is an output of their bikes’ high-quality performance. According to Motorrad, The ’GS’ is not just able to handle everything, it is actually built to do so; it’s the result of independent tests worldwide. Their GS series of R1200 is a combination of easy handling, great touring features, off-road potential, and comfort for rider and pillion passenger.

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While it may be hard to believe that someone can lift the front end of a fully loaded BMW R1200GS and keep the bike steady for enough distance to call the achievement a wheelie, this video simply blows away all expectations.

It shows a very skilled rider performing a 3km wheelie during the 2.26 minutes video on the Beemer in South Africa. Looking at it, you’re not too far off if suspecting this guy can go like this forever and ever as long as there’s no traffic and the road is nice and straight.

It is things like this that spice up one’s journeys and we really like to see people taking bikes beyond what they thing the limits are.

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The first reaction that you tend to have when seeing this is best resumed by the title. What’s the point of riding a motorcycle if you have any sort of roof above your head? Apparently, the respective umbrella “doubles as a sunshade and a rotary type clothes line plus of course it’s handy to be able to use it when it’s raining!”

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Two replica BMW 1200GS Adventure motorcycles, one of Ewan McGregor and the other of Charley Boorman are waiting for their future customers in Manchester. By the number of fans that the Long Way Down TV series has, the bikes won’t gather dust for sure, but it is well worth mentioning these as THE internet find of the day.

The replicas stand out thanks to the same leopard and zebra patterns while traction control, ABS brakes and a tire pressure control system are standard and ready for those who feel like going on the Brit’s tire marks from John O’Groats to Cape Town.

The blue one is Ewan McGregor’s replica and features one-off features such as a dynamic comfort pack, heated grips and an onboard computer, just to mention a few. It will sell for the equivalent of $14,814, which is quite a bargain considering the story to which it relates.

The Charley Boorman replica features extra pannier fastenings, fog lights and an electronic suspension adjuster and it will sell for the equivalent of $16,000.

Quite frankly, I believe that these bikes should belong to a single owner or at least those who buy them separately to be good friends, just like the authors of the historic journey are. This way, the story will go on and the bikes won’t drift away one from the other.

The bikes are situated at 326 Chester Road, Old Trafford, Manchester and the dealership is called Williams Motorcycles. Better give it a ring at 0845 194 8669 for more information before heading there.

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When I first saw this picture I checked the calendar to see if today is by any chance Valentine’s Day and this is just the result of some guy desecrating his bike in order for his girl to forgive him for not spending as much time cuddling or something like that. But no!

There have actually been “rumors” (which I would have loved not to hear about)) that BMW is preparing a Barbie Edition and this is just a rendering of that because otherwise the world of those who actually go around the world will be turned upside down. Can you imagine that? How can anyone even picture such a horrible image?

Bye, Bye girls! And then she goes vrrrrooooomm. I feel like puking.

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