BMW R 1200

BMW R 1200

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If you like wild adventures on two wheels then you’ll certainly like the new BMW R 1200 GS Adventure. This tasty adventurer is based on the R1200 GS and is propelled by a 1170 cc, air/liquid-cooled boxer engine. The unit delivers a maximum output of 92 kW (125 hp) at 7,750 rpm and 92 lb-ft of torque at 6500 rpm. All this power is kept under control by a as the six-speed gearbox that is integrated into the engine housing togheter with the wet clutch.

Compared to the standard model, the Adventure version comes with a set of key modifications which make it tougher and more capable to deal with harsh conditions.

Among the modifications you’ll find a larger fuel tank that has a capacity of 7.9 gallons, a 0.8 inch longer spring travel, a larger seat and a slightly modified engine.

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The BMW R 1200 R has received a series of modifications for 2014 and according to BMW’s press release it is no longer available in Sapphire black metallic and Magnesium beige metallic.

Apart from the color modifications, the 2014 model year has also received a few style improvements, new circular instruments, a new higher-quality fork, the new double-butted aluminum handlebars, beautiful new cast wheels and a chrome exhaust manifold. Other features that are worthy of being mentioned include ABS, ASC, tire pressure monitoring, ESA (Electronic Suspension Adjustment), case holders and a windshield.

At the heart of the 2014 BMW R 1200 R lies a DOHC flat-twin engine that features two overhead camshafts and four radially arranged valves. The engine’s output is rated at 81 kW (110 bhp), while the maximum torque is no less than 119 Nm at 6,000 rpm.

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BMW has launched a tasty special edition of its R1200R roadster. Unfortunately there aren’t any modifications in the technical department, so most of the changes aimed the bike’s appearance.

The new model is called the “DarkWhite” and features a unique, minimalist paint job that despite its simplicity helps it stand out from the crowd.

The classy paint scheme used for the R1200R “DarkWhite” gives the entire bike a pretty sophisticated appearance without taming its aggressive character.

We especially like how BMW designers have found the perfect balance between light and dark colors. The high impact contrast between the bodywork, drivetrain and wheels proves us once more that you don’t need to go over the top with color combinations to obtain a special appearance.

The frame received an asphalt grey finish, while the swingarm, rear axle housing and triangular wishbone were left in matt black. The black anodised fork tubes and the sports windshield add the finishing touch.

The BMW R1200R “DarkWhite” will be available from 1st October with a price of €13,000.

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Wunderlich is one of the most trusted aftermarket parts manufacturers for BMW motorcycles. The company has earned a pretty good reputation among BMW’s riders and there is no wonder why as its products are reliable, practical and easy to mount on the stock models.

The latest product designed by the German company is a tasty windscreen named the Ergo Marathon. The new windscreen has a modern design and was especially developed for the BMW R1200GS. The company promises that its special windscreen will improve the motorcycle’s aerodynamic abilities and the rider’s comfort during long journeys. There is also available an additional support bracket which eliminates the vibrations produced while riding on tough terrains.

The Ergo Marathon windscreen is made of petrol-resistant Lexan plastic and is offered in two versions - clear or smoke-tinted. Needless to say, that the Ergo Marathon windscreen can be mounted very easy on the bike and doesn’t require any modification whatsoever.

The Wunderlich Ergo Marathon for the BMW 1200GS is offered with a MSRP of $309.

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Touratech is already known for its wide range of aftermarket accessories, so its new products comes as no surprise. We are talking about its new Zega Pro Aluminium Panniers that were especially developed for the 2013 BMW R1200GS.

Needless to say that the panniers were designed with practicality in mind and come together with model specific racks so they can be easily installed on the motorcycle.

The Zega Pro Aluminium Panniers are made of 1.5mm thick aluminium sheets with a reinforced structure, and are offered in three volumes namely 21, 38 and 45 liters. You can also choose from three colors including bare aluminium, anodized black or anodized silver.

The panniers were carefully designed to withstand the toughest punishments and are the perfect solution if you want to some extra storage place. Thanks to their tough construction they can be used both on- and off-road.

The Touratech Shows Zega Pro Aluminium Panniers offered for the 2013 BMW R1200GS are priced between $1342 - $1538.

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It is not an easy decision when it comes to making the purchase of an aftermarket exhaust. The smartest solution is to make a complete research before you make your final decision or to go the easiest way and choose a model that was especially developed for your bike.

If you are a BMW R1200GS rider, LeoVince USA makes your job easier, with its new LV One slip-on exhaust which is especially developed for the 2013 R1200GS and R1200GS Adventure. The exhaust promises to significantly improve the motorcycles performances by improving the medium to high end power performances.

As the R1200GS models were designed for tough and long journeys, the new Leo Vince exhaust was especially developed to suit a bike that is ridden at full throttle. It is also worthy of being mentioned that the exhaust is available with both stainless steel ($479) and carbon fiber canister ($579) options.

Compared to the stock exhaust, the LV One is slightly lighter and also comes with a removable EVO II sound insert that gives you the possibility to adjust the tone and lowers the dB levels.

The LV One slip-on exhaust comes with a two year warranty with registration and repack suggested at 30,000 mile intervals.

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Together with the standard BMW R 1200 GS the German manufacturer is now offering the R 1200 GS Touring Edition which comes with a series of special features that make it the perfect Touring motorcycle.

The BMW R 1200 GS TE is a tough bike designed for tough riders and its versatility, reliability and performances make it one of the most wanted motorcycles in the segment.

Among the most important features offered by the BMW R 1200 GS TE you’ll find Enduro Automatic Stability Control (ASC), hand guards, ABS, cruise control, heated handlebar grips, chrome exhaust and tyre pressure control.

At the heart of the BMW R 1200 GS TE is an air/liquid-cooled, four stroke flat twin, 1170 cc engine which delivers a maximum output of 92 kW (125 bhp) at 7,750 rpm and 125 Nm at 6,500 rpm.

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The BMW RT is around for 30 years now and this 2 cylinder model still continues to reward its riders with first class performances. During its long life span the model has received constant upgrades and today is packed with the latest technologies.

The motorcycle offers excellent wind and weather protection, optimum ergonomics and features a top-class chassis fitted with unique optional extras such as ASC and ESA II (Electronic Suspension Adjustment). The bike sports a new audio system available as an optional extra, with the innovative operating concept Multi-Controller carrying out virtually all commands from a single unit.

At the heart of the BMW R 1200 RT lies a modern air/oil-cooled flat twin (’Boxer’) 4-stroke engine, which puts out a maximum torque of 88 ft-lb at 6000 rpm and 110 hp.

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The BMW R1200GS has a long history behind it as is around for almost 32 years. The German manufacturer decided to improve it even more for 2013 and the new version is the most capable R2100GS of all times.

The 2013 BMW R1200GS is powered by a new opposed twin engine which delivers a maximum output of 125 hp. The engine has received a set of improvements such as a new wet clutch with antihopping feature, electromotive throttle actuator and optional “riding modes”. BMW says that its new R1200 GS offers a top speed of over 200 km/h.

The engine is mounted on a strong frame which is combined with a set of sporty suspensions which are able to adjust automatically to various terrains and load conditions.

The 2013 model is also offered with new body panels, cooling system, wheels and a unique LED headlamp.

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The BMW R1200R is known as the world’s first motorcycle equipped with "Automatic Stability Control". Since then, the model’s reputation has become better and better and today stays among the top dogs in its segment.

The BMW R1200R offers a perfect combination between classic and modern, and its unique design helps it get noticed every time is passes down the street.

But everybody knows that the design is only an exterior shell and what’s more important is what lies underneath it. Perhaps it goes without saying that the BMW R1200R is packed with all the modern features expected from a top manufacturer.

For the starters, it sports a strong 1200 cc engine which cranks out 110 hp and 88 lb.ft of torque. Secondly, the engine is combined with a set of capable brakes which include ABS. Then there is the strong frame, the sporty suspension and the various electronic systems which work together to maximize performance and safety.

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