BMW R-series

BMW R-series

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BMW has issued a recall of 122,000 motorcycles worldwide because of pipe problems to the front braking system. The affected models are K 1200 GT and R 1200 GS manufactured between August 2006 and May 2009.

The respective models were first recalled over the same issue two years ago, but the solution found then – bringing in new brake houses – didn’t prove as reliable as expected. Apparently, as a result of vibrations, the brakes could leak but BMW reports that there should be no problems as long as the fluid level in the front brake reservoir is the right one. More after the jump.

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1976 BMW R90/6 café racer made the easy way

The original BMW R90/6 was a very reliable touring motorcycle and many of those maintained properly still ride strong today, so a 1976 model year should be a bargain. But taking a look at the bike you suddenly realize that this is no mean machine to make your neighbor jealous with. The quickest solution to make such bikes visually attractive again (and the neighbor finally jealous) is by turning them into café racers.

Rob Snow from Salt Lake City, Utah did so with his 1976 BMW R90/6 and with approximately $450 he turned the old Goldwing competitor into a veritable café racer that simply cannot be ignored. Looking at the before and after pictures, it’s kind of hard to believe that the radical change was achieved with only a new tailsection, seat and taillight as well as handlebar and mirrors. Obviously, the huge fairing had to go and it is now replaced by a much cooler bikini-style one and the new black paintjob does help a lot too. More photos after the jump.

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BMW plans on keeping their 2010 R 1200 GS and R 1200 GS Adventure on the class favorites position by bringing in a DOHC engine that is capable of 110hp and 88lb-ft of torque, just like on the R 1200 RT model. Now capable to rev 500rpm more than the previous generation power unit, the flat-twin is claimed to offer plenty more acceleration and pulling power in a refined manner. This should raise the stakes and have BMW say “mission accomplished,” but not before the new Ducati Multistrada 1200 and the future Yamaha Super Tenere make their moves.

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The BMW R 1200 RT is new for 2010 and apart from the prettier face, the German tourer can now brag about being powered by a DOHC engine, which puts down 110hp and 88lb-ft of torque while revving no more than 8,000 rpm. This means the bike has two of the necessary premises to be a wonderful touring, but comfort completes the triangle.

Although features such as the second generation updated Electronic Suspension Adjustment system (ESA II), a generous fairing and windscreen as well as an audio system with MP3, iPod or USB sticks position the 2010 BMW R 1200 RT on the touring side of “sport-touring,” the new motorcycle has plenty of potency to compete with sportier motorcycles such as the Triumph Sprint ST 1050 and Moto Guzzi Norge 1200.

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Nowadays, in order to bring a motorcycle industry icon back in the attention of public you might just go ahead and restore the thing to its former glory, but people often also have their very own interpretations regarding to how that wallpaper should look like and they go ahead with the respective changes. So is this case in which the BMW R65/7 gets a BMW R80 engine, the source of 55 hp, instead of the original much smaller and less potent powerplant. WM’s megatron mufflers are present and so is the heat wrap on them.

While the stock fork, swingarm and rims are retained, only that these lasts are now wrapped in Firestone Deluxe Champion rubber, the whole difference is created by the parts made in house. These would be the rearframe, seat and fenders as well as the handlebar, levers, grips and lights. This thing also features Gazi Gas rear shocks for enhanced comfort, but in the end it is nothing more than a rider’s bare necessity in order to connect itself to the open road. The WM custom paint helps at identifying this BMW as being tricked out by WrenchMonkees, the Copenhagen-based custom builder.

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Yep, I checked it again, the title it correct. Graham Merrick is a motorcycle enthusiast who together with his robot passenger will set off from John O’Groats on Tuesday 11th August 2009 10:00am and arrive at Cape Cornwall Golf & Country Club on Saturday 15th August. The plan is to raise funds so that Graham can take part in Enduro Africa.

Wrong Way Round: from John O'Groats to Cape Cornwall with a ROBOT on the back

Run by Global Enduro, Enduro Africa is an event that provides transport in the form of a motorcycle, which enables medical personnel to reach outlying areas and provide urgent medical care and aid to otherwise unreachable regions.

If he manages to raise the £5,000, Graham will travel to South Africa on 2nd October and ride a donated motorcycle for eight days and approximately 1000 km though rough and rugged terrain along South Africa’s “Eastern Wild Coast”.

Any contribution can make a difference, so you’re invited to visit the dedicated website, find out more about the challenging events and about Graham’s riding experience and even make a donation. So far, the website managed to raise £1,717.50.

Posted on by Maxx Biker 1 has just released three video episodes explaining the BMW Motorrad history.

See how BMW first started by producing airplanes and then turned to motorcycles, selling the first ever R32 model five years before starting to design automobiles.

The Bavarian company proved adaptable in the critic period following the Second World War and very innovative afterwards. This lead the Germans towards great profit numbers in the propitious 1960s period, when some of their iconic models were born (mostly R series).

Enduro models from the 1970s were an instant success and that was carried on in Dakar racing as well. BMW then oriented towards high-performing and innovative street models (the K series) while carrying on with the Enduro segment as well.

See the three videos after the break.

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Panda Moto is a French Tuner that was inspired by last year’s Milan Show BMW hit, the Lo Rider , and decided to have its own approach towards the idea and yet remain faithful to the German brand. So it took a standard BMW R1200R and chopped up the rear end in order to achieve the radical look while bringing in a pair of lightweight, standard spoked wheels and Ohlins suspensions to support those. The steering geometry was altered to improve handling and a handcrafted exhaust is sure to make a screamer out of this beauty.

The Panda Moto R1200R weighs 217 kg, making for a pretty heavy piece of two-wheeled machinery. But, with prices ranging between 18,000 - 24,000 euros, weight is this bike’s last problem.

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Getting as fast as possible to the scene of a fire can sometimes prove as challenging as extinguishing the actual fire. That is when a Firexpress BMW R1200RT comes in handy simply because of the extremely reduced dimensions, compared to those of the fire brigade trucks.

Capable of carrying a modest (also compared to the big trucks) 13.2 gallons of water or foam, the system works by dispersing that quantity in microdroplets and so continues spraying for more than two minutes. The low-speed stream reaches as much as 15 feet while, fully loaded, the bike manages to achieve a top speed of 90 mph.

Several such BMWs are currently in use in Greece and the system is widely spread in the rest of Europe and in Asia, where it fits various big motorcycles and ATVs.

See a demonstration video after the break.

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